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The developing games Yo! now and in Russia

In Russia, on average, children carry out gi staying at home from 3 to 6 hours a day. What are they engaged this time in? You, probably, know on own experience that, unfortunately, children spend the most part of time sitting in front of the TV, without realizing the needs of nature in the movement and game at all. Though all parents know well that such games are very important for strengthening of health of children, their all-round mental, physical and social development, and also stimulations of informative and creative activity.

Recently experts in the field of early development even more often note that the Russian children are engaged in active physical exercises or games twice smaller, than it is necessary for their age group. The reasons for this purpose there is a set: and our load at work, and playgrounds of inadequate quality and danger about which we should not forget.

Sport of the house, independent training?

“Elastics, bouncers and tag in the apartment are traumatic“, - tell you, - and and it is not necessary to speak about tennis, soccer, it is simply impossible!“

It was impossible for


Quite recently for the aid to parents and on pleasure to kids in Russia under the slogan “Develop, Playing!“ there were long-awaited interactive developing Yo systems! gi. And now even playing houses one, children will be able to spend time actively, with advantage for own health, intellectual and emotional development, and they definitely should not miss!

What is game systems - Yo! gi?

is a complex of the video developing games developed in common with experts in the field of early development of children and based on use of the modern Motion and MoVi &trade technologies;. Researches showed that outdoor games of Yo! gi exert positive impact on formation of a number of the main skills necessary for children aged from 3 - x years for their further harmonious growth and development. In Western Europe similar games enjoy several years wide popularity, having proved the practical value for formation of the creative person of the child. Now an opportunity to play similar games appeared also at the Russian kids.

In Russia the interactive developing Yo systems! gi are presented by several products: Q3 SPORT, KidiCam Sport Challenge, KidiCam Creative Kid, Digi Candy.

of Yo! gi Q3 SPORT

the Wireless set-top box developing physical shape, a sensorika, reaction motility and concentration of attention. Control of game is exercised on the unique Motion technology: Q3 SPORT defines position of your hands and a body in space, and you play sports by means of wireless radio - the joystick with G - a senser, using it as a tennis racket, a golf club, a rod etc. Game in Q3 SPORT is available to the three-year-old child and is interesting to the adult. You will be pleased by the colourful three-dimensional graphics of games created by gifted artists especially for children.

Q3 SPORT Contains 5 entertaining interactive sports: tennis, bowling, fishing, dances, golf, and just as bonus - 30 arcadian games for fans of traditional game consoles.

of Yo! gi KidiCam the Creative Kid

the Interactive developing system with the video camera photographing the child and fixing the movements of the controller created in the form of a magic wand. Playing the Creative Kid, your kid, having plunged into the entertaining world of paints and fantastic heroes, develops the imagination. Five games on a cartridge the Creative Kid develop creative thinking, perception of colors and art taste of the child.

of Yo! gi Digi Candy

your child does not want to study

? Then the games Digi Candy are that it is necessary for you, with them training will stop being boring and will turn into entertaining game. The unique portable training system is “school“ in a pocket of your kid. Game develops thinking, memory, attention, imagination, small motility, and also trains in the letter, reading and the account.

of Yo! gi KidiCam Sport Challenge

the Interactive system allowing to be engaged in various sports without leaving the house, improving physical shape of your child. The video camera fixes position of a body of the kid, and the special interactive wireless rug allows to play active games on only 2 meters of space even together. At the same time children fully develop muscles of all body and coordination of movements, speed of reaction and motility.

It is especially pleasant to

that prices for products of Yo! gi is rather low that makes these unique games available to most of parents. It is especially important in a present hard time when it is necessary to save constantly.

we Hope that in the near future in Russia also other production of Yo will appear! gi, and our children will be able “to develop playing“, realizing a main objective of creators of these remarkable games.

Development of the main skills with the interactive Yo systems! gi

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of Qz SPORT of Sport Challenge of Digi Candy the Creative Kid
physical shape X X
of a sensorik X
reaction X X X
motility X X
concentration of attention X X
Orientation in space X
motive coordination X X
creative thinking X X
vospriyany colors X X
esthetic perception X
imagination X
thinking X X
memory X
small motility < / td> X
of Emotion X X X X

All developing Yo systems! gi underwent careful testing and safety meet all international standards. All games are transferred to Russian, created for children of 3 years.