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Design of short nails: the union of beauty and a practicality of

in recent years the nail industry around the world reached unknown level. It is possible to increase nails and to decorate them in the ways unprecedented earlier: a molding, volume design, surprising pictures, nothing inferior to original ingenious creations of recognized painters. But all this is provided, as a rule, for long nails as they are a fertile cloth for manifestation of the imagination and their owner, and the manicurist. Only women will not cease to carry short nails which it is much more convenient in life, but it does not mean that they have to remain boring and sad.

If you prefer to carry short nails, then you should be very careful in their ornament. For short nails the accurate rules of design which are dangerous for breaking are provided. If you do not begin to follow simple general recommendations, then your short nails, of course, will not lose the convenience to you, but will be capable to spoil strongly your image and even visually to make hands unattractive.

the Correct brevity

it is important to p to watch that your short nails had the correct length. If you have not really graceful hands and slender fingers and the more so - quite wide nails, then it is not necessary to cut off them too shortly, leaving seen a finger-tip from outer side of a palm. Short nails need to be held in that form which will allow your hands to look harmoniously. Design of nails in this case - one more way to keep this visual harmony.

For short nails certain taboos in design which should be considered are. In - the first, too large details which completely risk to close themselves a nail are contraindicated. It concerns also decorative elements which on a nail fasten, and enough extensive details of drawing, for example, one big flower. In - the second to go also into other extremes, covering all perimeter of a nail with small drawing - it will muffledly look. It is not necessary to use more than three flowers in order to avoid obvious effect of diversity and a dissonance. Such way of decoration of nails actual today as an acrylic molding is also not suitable for short nails which badly suffer volume design.

the Short way to beauty

the “Correct“ design has to be suitable

for short nails, including, and to their form. Generally of course, our nails gravitate to a certain form by the nature, but, nevertheless, if you want to try a certain type of ornament, it, perhaps, should be reconsidered. Oval, rather oblong nail plate, well assumes flower drawing, light, romantic registration whereas nails direct on a tip, close to a square, suffer juicy color of a varnish, more dark registration, laconic, reserved design, graphic drawing.

the French chords

the Classical French manicure lives both on long, and on short nails. Fortunately, there is a set of variations of a service jacket which assumes use not of a white tip with almost transparent stressful zone, and the most various ways to note both a tip, and all nail.

the Most obvious version of a service jacket. Color of a varnish for a basis can be chosen any. It will become in the fine way to show the commitment to traditions and own identity.

Color abstraction

can Also ornament nails graphic drawing, accurate abstraction or to prefer smoothness and fluidity of lines which as a result form an overall picture. It is better not to risk with diverse flowers, and to choose different tone of flowers of one family which will look very harmoniously with black and white impregnations.

the Blossoming romanticism If you want to give


feminity and a romantic note to the image by manicure, then it is possible to decorate very accurately nails with flowers. Be attentive: for drawing on short nails it is better to choose light tone of a varnish as a cloth. Drawing, for example, a thin branch, a flower, has to settle down sideways a nail plate and to be very thin. At the same time you should not twist too lines, to complicate a pattern, otherwise you risk to receive tasteless coarse manicure.

If nails are extended with

, come for pulp of a finger and have the rounded-off form, then it is possible to displace drawing on a tip. But also in the first and in the second case, so far as concerns drawing against, they should not close completely nail plate, otherwise the effect of similar design on short nails will come to naught again.

Should not “clog“ short nails with pastes, stones and spangles, however, at big desire to use them, it is better to make them an integral part of drawing in radical part of a nail.