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Life gifts - our dreams

Commitment and persistence helped to tear off teeth a tidbit. Everything was excellent: the young husband, the student of journalism faculty of MSU, his intelligent family from the art environment, and then appeared also the daughter born at home and who is brought up on all canons of modern techniques. In one day everything, got by scandals and tears, disappeared, as if and was not. The daughter died, incurable diseases came to a family of the husband, the husband offered divorce...

I here broken, devastated I went, hobbling on a life furrow, not hoping for anything good. And exactly here I was waited by my first gift - the remarkable young man. Only now, having lost the closest in life and having met native heart, I understood that the most important gifts are people who are granted to us by wise Life. I was as the child to whom presented a gift - dream. And this time I did everything possible that was to my “gift“ with me well. In four years my narrowed achieved my second dream - I became pregnant and gave birth to our girl, and we began to live a full-fledged family. Unless it is not one more gift of Life? I just led and pleased with this life my soulmate, I demanded nothing and tried to obtain nothing. I learned to dream and to patiently wait for implementation of my desires, every day, proving to both itself and others that I am worthy my gifts. It is surprising that if my desires are wise and useful, all of them come true. And here I am pregnant again!

A if my gifts - all this my darling, then what gifts, I can make to all of them? Everything is very simple: it is necessary to learn their secret dreams and to help to carry out them.

that for the three-year-old child the best gift? Of course, fairy tale! It is only necessary to spend a little time on the Internet. To prepare a requisite and suits. And to whistle for all aboard - we go to round-the-world travel!!! by

Gifts for the husband it is heavier to p to choose, for it the most important gift - time. Time is necessary to resemble seminars on processing of photos to participate in projects on yoga etc. Nothing, here toxicosis releases the reins of government any more and the daughter we help me with everything, so just right to present to our daddy the next present - dream!

the Aged mother can offer

a joint trip to Saint Matronushka, there people on 5 - 8 stand hours in a queue. We will present to the inconsolable girlfriend who nearly lost the husband telephone conversation of night. And for the morning we will send it with the courier a basket of its favourite flowers - orchids.

Being adjusted by

on the person, on his momentary state, it is possible to feel very precisely what will make it happy that will return in the childhood or will support by a steel shoulder of the friend. Touching options of gifts in the head, you hold in heart of the person, and the necessary gift will be lit by all flowers of a rainbow, will start singing bird`s modulations and will pulse an accurate rhythm of heart. Then be enough this idea and do everything possible that to realize it. Sometimes the gift itself speaks: “I for your girlfriend Ania, buy me, nothing if I lie down on the shelf of half-year“. In that case too it is necessary to hear the intuition and by all means to get a present.

the Gift is a sensitive attention and warm love of our hearts. With a small shred of creativity and observation, each of us is capable of a sincere and valuable surprise - an invisible, but notable touch of soul. Dream, achieve dream of others and be happy!