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Art to carry bracelets of

fashion History, perhaps, does not remember such period when women would neglect bracelets. In the countries of the East they were considered as obligatory attributes in an arsenal of seduction of any beauty. In Ancient Hellas and in Russia gold and silver bracelets emphasized belonging to notable estate, a high position in society.

the Word “bracelet“ came to jeweler use from French: bracelet means “wrist“. Archeologists claim that for the first time people began to carry bracelets during paleolith era: they did ring-shaped jewelry for wrists of tusks of mammoths. Among museum pieces of the period of the Stone Age the bracelets made of large stones of the most bizzare shapes come across. In them bored through openings and connected thongs from skin. In a bronze age began to carry bracelets from metal.

Since then the whimsical fashion subjected bracelets to the most sophisticated experiments. Requirements to their decor, size and design changed.“ Brasletny“ etiquette still demanded to carry these accessories on the right hand, unlike a watch. Fashionable tendencies of the last years blessed bracelets on “free floating“, they are considered pertinent even on both hands at once.


Designers developed several “basic“ models of bracelets, at each of which the advantages and shortcomings.

Round bracelets

This form did not lose the relevance since the most ancient times up to now. In medieval Russia they were called still hoops and carried as welfare symbols. Notable women bought to themselves bracelets from gold and silver, the townswoman - from glass, the peasant - from copper.

the Modern fashion allows to carry round bracelets both on one, and on several pieces, and on both hands at once. The seeming massiveness of such brasletny ensembles with interest pays off ease of accessories. The classical round bracelet usually becomes in the form of a one-piece ring. Also hinged options when two halves of a circle on the one hand are fastened with the hinge meet, and connect to another the lock.

Bracelets in the form of not closed ring

It is considered p that such bracelet - achievement of the Inca civilization. It has no fastener therefore it is easy to use: it is easily put on and also easily acts. It can be squeezed by the wrist size. The lack of bracelets of not closed form is that they are often deformed and do not possess due wear resistance.

“Tennis“ bracelets

Somehow time in the heat of a duel on court the tennis-player Chris Evert dropped a round bracelet with diamonds: it slid off her hand and fell in a grass. The case was the cause for jewelers to invent a so-called tennis bracelet - thin, round, inlaid with small jewels (most often - diamonds or sapphires), and with additional fasteners. Many owners of “tennis“ bracelets carry them, without removing as wedding rings.

Bracelets - chains

the Variation in the form of a site of a chain is characteristic

of the bracelets made of precious metals - gold, silver, platinum. Bracelets in the form of a chain meet the engraved plate attached to it. The fashion on them was dictated by army customs of the XX century. Initially on the plate engraved personal data of the soldier on a case of his death or other emergency situation. Subsequently there was popular a tendency to remove the name of darling, aphorisms, symbols important for the owner of a bracelet on a plate.

Wattled bracelets

Canons of jeweler craft order to spin bracelets from narrow metal strips, it is rather even reminding a wire. As a result the graceful, openwork invoice turns out. Technology of weaving of bracelets also fans perfectly mastered a hand - a meyd. Only instead of gold and silver they use beads, bugles, natural materials, skin, textiles, various plastic accessories.

Gliderny bracelets

are meant by

By gliderny bracelets the products made of a set of links which are called glider. They unite among themselves either in the hinged way, or elastic and elastic springs. On the most expensive models of gliderny bracelets each link becomes covered by an art engraving or is decorated by inserts from jewels. Glinderny bracelets sometimes represent originally “otkutyurny“ things as each jeweler company respecting itself tries to develop the company methods of connection and processing of links.

With what and how to carry a bracelet

to Owners of thin wrists was lucky

: they will suit both thin, and massive bracelets. In the first case it is possible to apply for elegance, in the second - to place emphasis on grace and fragility of the hands.

the Hand of the average sizes - too a quite good reason for experiments with various volumes and forms.

On a wide wrist only the bracelets of the impressive sizes capable to draw attention to a hand are pertinent


Bracelets choose

according to clothes style. Such materials as a tree, an ivory, natural stones are well combined with ethno - motives.


magnificent evening dresses will approach gold bracelets with the diamonds fixed on the case in one level with its surface. On solemn events it is possible to appear with the bracelet from platinum, white or yellow gold inlaid with any jewels.

the Official style the technician demands traditional materials and jeweler. There is often enough that the hand was decorated by hours - a bracelet in the case from precious metals.

With summer dresses are usually carried by inexpensive plastic, leather, wooden or bone bracelets. It is possible to put on them on several one hand in the most intricate combinations at once.

That stars


Bracelets - a favourite accessory of celebrities. Beyonce Knowles, for example, takes special liking for “wild“ stones and carries a malachite bracelet with not facetted diamond from Simmons Jewelry Company. Helly Berri very much loves plastic and wooden bracelets and changes them every day.

the Last Emmie award ceremony turned directly - into parade of bracelets: Blake Lively sported refined diamond ornament from Lorraine Schwartz, Leyston Meyster - a wide bracelet from yellow gold with diamond inserts from Cathy Waterman, at Deborah Messing was a bracelet too from Lorraine Schwartz on which production the carat of yellow diamonds was required more than hundred. Press photographers depicted Tina Fey with a diamond “tennis“ bracelet from Fred Leighton.

A the most expensive bracelet in the world happened to be tried on Miss Universe once - 2005 to Natalya Glebova. Ornament to which his creators named Ishi twined the beauty`s hand from a brush to a shoulder. Jeweler trend Suashish Diamonds Ltd showed the masterpiece at the international exhibition in Mumbai in 2005. The bracelet was made of kilogram of gold and ten thousand diamonds. Experts estimated it at one million dollars.