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Energy crisis of

To the invention of electricity and the other benefits of a civilization a popular introduction “Who gets up early, God gives that“ (provided that and to sleep this someone goes to bed early) was not just peculiar recipe for health and welfare - it was the normal way of life.

But now much should work late hours, and the remained time wants to be used for communication with a family, friends... And the next morning it is necessary to get up early and at the same time somehow to contrive to look collected and vigorous. From where to take forces, especially if your day to a limit is saturated and condensed with work, numerous contacts and family affairs? It is possible to try to encourage itself by means of candies and numerous cups of coffee. But if you have to go and get up early to bed late, long-playing power recharge is necessary. And sweets and caffeine give only short surges in energy.

our experts picked up the most effective, scientifically proved ways which will help you to remain at peak of a form even if you are tired so that you cannot concentrate.


Right after awakening move apart curtains. The sunlight is a powerful natural signal which will help “to start“ a daily cycle and to cheer up even if you did not manage to sleep properly. Morning light makes active special cells of a retina of eyes which transfer impulses in a brain and “wind“ your internal clocks.

are especially sensitive

of an Eye to light irritants at the time of awakening from a dream, scientists claim. So to receive a light charge - here that you have to make first of all since morning. Of course, the optimal variant - to walk on the sun in the fresh air early in the morning, but it is not always possible, and even the small dose of sunshine from a window can be quite good alternative.

16 women who within a month kept records took part In researches of the Japanese experts - noted changes in the state. As a result they were convinced that they half an hour, carried out on the sun (even if you are not on the beach, and at the opened window), give a cheerfulness charge for all day.

the Breakfast has to include proteinaceous products - they load with energy. Empty toasts or grain small loafs cannot fill your power stocks. Protein which will give sense of fulness, inflow of forces is necessary for you and will slow down digestion of glucose from carbohydrate products. Thereby sharp differences of level of sugar in blood which are responsible for feeling of fatigue and irritability are neutralized. But proteinaceous products are not a synonym of fat bacon, sausages or fried eggs at all. The excellent breakfast rich with protein, cellulose and useful fats is a porridge or wholegrain flakes on skim milk. The following option of a useful and healthy breakfast - an omelet with vegetables on olive oil and a piece of whole-grain bread. At last, skim cheese contains full-fledged milk protein. And it will not seem such fresh if to mix it with fruit or berries and to add several spoons of sour cream.


Drink more water. At a lack of liquid there is a feeling of slackness, it becomes more difficult to concentrate, the head can ache. Water - our main energy drink, and the most important body - a brain, and that it could function normally, is necessary for it plentiful moisture.

the Brain operates distribution of water on all organism. At dehydration he resorts to tactics of “crisis management“, regulating water distribution so that it is received only by the most important bodies on which work human life depends. The others receive water in the minimum quantity or do not receive in general. Besides, water absorbs and brings the fulfilled elements out of an organism, clearing it.

Construct clever coffee strategy. Many to cheer up, drink too many coffee. The best way to overcome awful day drowsiness is to drink 50 ml of coffee (approximately of 6 - 8 drinks) in an hour with morning in the forenoon. Caffeine blocks adenosine, the chemical immersing a brain in hibernation during the day. If you drink coffee only in the morning and very small doses, then it will maintain your activity then when you most of all need it. But it is in the afternoon better to pass from coffee to other drinks:

Drink green and/or white tea. Green tea (and white, yellow and red teas are its versions) possesses even stronger toning action, than coffee. It is received from the same leaves, as black, but before twisting it is not enough of them and carefully steam that there was no oxidation. This process not only paints tea in black color, but also neutralizes action L - a teanin, substances which possess unique property: on the one hand, weakens and suppresses stress hormone level, with another, - invigorates and stirs up cerebration. That is it is possible to call effect of green tea “rasslablyayushche - invigorating“.

If you feel by

weakness, desire to take a nap and hardly induce yourselves something to do, drink 1 - 2 cups of leaf green tea, alternating them to small doses of coffee. On supervision of the British scientists, people who combine caffeine with L - teaniny feel fatigue during the day less and much quicker solve complex problems.

Water - our main energy drink, first of all needs it a brain.
If you try to force a brain and a body to act with

vigorously, feeling at the same time slackness and drowsiness it is like to force itself to run with a cigarette in a mouth - you will just choke and will fall in exhaustion. For recharge it is necessary to pick up reasonably both snack, and drinks. For example, sweet aerated water or juice if you decide to drink a glass for cheerfulness, will only increase drowsiness and weakness, will cause desire to take a nap.

the Optimum choice - fresh fruit: apple, orange, banana or handful of grapes. Better in combination with some proteinaceous product - low-fat cheese, cottage cheese or yogurt.

Such having a snack which will support the normal level of sugar in blood can be arranged to

few times till a lunch.

lunch Time

of Any pizza! It belongs also to hamburgers - cheeseburgers with fat processed cheese, to French fries, chicken a grill, etc.

High-calorie and fat dishes which offer us fast food institutions as they showed numerous researches, lead to the fact that after food there is one desire - to have a sleep. Besides after such lunches reaction and speed of thinking are slowed down. Fat starts emission of digestive hormone which provokes recession of brain activity and causes so-called after-dinner drowsiness.

In order that you were loaded with energy, your lunch or a lunch has to contain wholegrain products, vegetables and fruit, and also a low-fat protein. It can be the baked or boiled breast of chicken or a turkey, a green salad, bean soup, a slice of whole-grain bread or steam crackling small loafs, fruit for a dessert.

Walk. Quiet 20 - minute walk after a lunch in the nearest park or the square will help you to keep activity and cheerfulness. The movements on air load us with energy, professor Patrick About “Connor from the Psychological center of University of Georgia claims. 200 office employees suffering from an adynamy took part in the program of regular moderate physical activities developed by it a few years ago. According to the recommendation of professor all of them 3 - 5 once a week made foot walks at fast speed on 20 - 30 minutes in the middle of the working day and not later than 2 hours to a dream. In a month of 90% of participants of experiment declared that felt much better, a half noted that it became much easier for them to work and solve complex problems, and at a third the dream improved. The matter is that the movements in the fresh air increase dopamine level - substance which gives forces and urges on a brain.

Use any opportunity to doze in the afternoon. If circumstances allow, have a sleep 20 - 30 minutes in the middle of the day. Specialists of NASA investigated physical indicators of the pilots flying on a long distance. If they were given an opportunity in the afternoon 30 - 40 minutes to lie down, having relaxed, then their activity and concentration increased many times in comparison with those who such opportunity were deprived. But the main thing that the day dream was short, - then you will get up had a rest and refreshed and will be able to keep cheerfulness until the end of day.

Wash in the afternoon. To cheer up after a day dream or in general to bring itself round in the middle of the working day if you feel that forces abandon you, simple washing by cool water will help. If you are afraid to spoil a make-up, then wash up hands and shake from them several drops to yourself on a neck behind. It really will refresh you and will give to cheerfulness.

Massage to yourself hands and the head. According to some experts, the effect of massage of the head on influence can be compared to a cup of coffee. If you are waited by urgent hard work or the forthcoming evening will demand from you tension of forces, make to yourself acupressure of the head. Finger-tips massage the top, a nape and back part of a neck. Then, hands: squeeze palms and take so of 1 - 2 minute, then massage a hollow between big and index fingers. In traditional Chinese medicine it is considered that acupressure helps to strengthen circulation of energy in all body.


Let all labor-consuming household chores will wait for

till tomorrow. You remember, “who gets up early...“? If you want to begin new day actively and with pleasure, go to bed a bit earlier. Then you will be able to make much more and to be tired less. Of course, it will not be possible to extinguish the deficiency of a dream which collected for long months for one night, but you will be able to repay this debt to the health parts. Lay down all for an hour before usual, and you will be able to prolong a slow phase of a dream which allows a brain to be disconnected and to an organism properly to have a rest and be restored.