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From difficulties it is not necessary to leave, they should be overcome! Honor

at each mummy, especially after first labor, there are problems with feeding. And I did not become an exception.

me problems began

U in maternity hospital. My daughter was born with “alfalfa butterfly“ from - for a Rhesus factor - the conflict. And doctors told me at once that it will be possible to nurse my baby not earlier, than through of 4 - 5 days. And milk at me arrived already to 2 - y day after the delivery.


Ya it began to be decanted. It turned out at me badly. I very much worried, seeing as bring to my neigbours in chamber kids. And my baby was fed from a small bottle meanwhile. It was very heavy to see all this and to be at the same time absolutely helpless.

these ill-fated 4 days Soon flew by, and to me for the first time allowed to feed my girl. I was in the seventh heaven! But, unfortunately, problems on it did not end.

I also did not notice

After an extract from maternity hospital how I in nipples had cracks. I fed the daughter with tears. Helped out a milk pump. I began to feed the daughter from a small bottle with the milk. But then I understood that it was a big mistake.

Soon breasts healed, by the way, with it I was helped by cocoa butter. But here I understood that the bottle became lovelier than my Nastyushe, than my breast which she flatly refused to accept. What was to do to me? I cleaned far away all small bottles and a milk pump too. And on each daughter`s whim I gave it the breast. It was necessary to do it each of 15 - 30 minutes, and not only in the afternoon, but also at night. The daughter literally lodged on my hands. To me it was very heavy. I did not get enough sleep, I was hurt by a back, hands, but I suffered everything and did not give up. I knew that if we do not overcome this difficult period, then the milk can be gone. And no mix will bring so much benefit. I had to leave the affairs and to completely devote myself to the baby.

as a result of my efforts the daughter actively began to put on weight, and sometimes there is even more norm! I looked at its chubby ruddy cheeks and could not rejoice to the happiness!

Now Nastyushe 1 years and 3 months. We still eat a mother`s milk. Of course, already much more rare!

Dear mummies! If you faced similar problems, it is not necessary to lower hands and to grab mix! And furthermore for a small bottle. If there is not enough milk, try to finish feeding from a spoon. It is necessary to collect all the forces and not to recede. And definitely not to sob in a pillow. Will not help, it is checked personally by me. You should not leave from difficulties, they need to be overcome! And in it, first of all, the most important assistants - your babies will be always glad to come to the rescue of you!