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One percent matters

Scientists proved: distinctions between men and women need to be considered at statement of the diagnosis and treatment. Whether doctors are ready to it?

in the July afternoon Lidiya Mitrofanova, 60 - summer the pensioner from the city of Alexandrov, felt nausea. Having decided that got poisoned, it accepted a smekta, but it became better for it not. In several hours the headache joined nausea, and in the evening the woman fainted. It became clear later that it is a stroke. But in hospital made to the pensioner the correct diagnosis not at once. Time was missed, and Mitrofanova had heavy injuries of a brain.

Similar cases at all not a rarity. Alexey Borisovich Danilov, the associate professor of nervous diseases of Faculty of postgraduate professional education of the Moscow medical academy of I. M. Sechenov, notes that at women the stroke can be shown differently, than at men. Its symptoms - nausea, breast pains, difficulty of breath, a hiccups - doctors sometimes write off for other diseases and appoint inadequate treatment.

of Research was shown: genetic material at men and women coincides for 99 percent. However even one percent defining distinctions between floors has huge value, so far as concerns statement of the diagnosis and purpose of treatment.

- men have more index of body weight, it is more than the size of internals, less relative amount of fat, - professor Arkady Lvovich Vertkin, the head of the department of clinical pharmacology of the Moscow state physician - stomatologic university explains. - But the main thing that distinguishes the man from the woman, are sex hormones, and first of all testosterone.

It means that the same diseases can be shown and proceed at men and women differently.

- Moreover, men and women differently treat the health, - notes d - r Danilov. - Women visit the doctor more often, men postpone visit to policlinic until becomes absolutely unbearable. Men are traumatized more often, become participants of road accident and other accidents, are more inclined to suicide.

at the beginning of 1990 - x years scientists of the whole world began to pay more attention to floor problems in medicine. And the real boom of researches in this area began about ten years ago when thanks to broad introduction to practice of a nuclear magnetic resonance distinctions in a structure of a brain of the man and woman were found.

Nevertheless in medical practice conclusions of scientists did not find for

broad application yet. And not only women, but also men suffer from it.

So, professor Evgeny Lvovich Nasonov, the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the director of scientific research institute of rheumatology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, notes that osteoporosis which usually is considered as the pathology characteristic of women after approach of a menopause, quite often occurs also at men. However not enough attention is paid to its prevention at men.

One more illness which is considered “female“ - nervous anorexia, pathology at which the person refuses food to correspond nobody beauty ideal.“ Certainly, among women this disease meets more often, - says d - r Danilov. - However nervous anorexia also men have. However, at them this violation is shown differently: such men are anxious not only the weight, but also expressiveness of muscle bulk“.


to you it is painful? Do not pretend to be!

It is considered h2 that unlike men at women higher pain threshold. Actually everything is not so simple.

of the Man and the woman differently endure pain, and the mechanism of knocking over of pains at them differs too. If something hurts men, they increase arterial pressure. At women at pains heart rate increases, but pressure remains at the same level and can even fall.

Some types of pains of the woman transfer

worse. So, men react to heat and pressure of the woman more sharply, than. But men are much more sensitive to other pains, and the anesthetizing preparations act on them not so effectively.

of the Man complain of pain less often. Therefore even at more modest clinical manifestations they can suffer in the same degree, as women with pronounced symptoms.

Different recipes

Around the world the majority of clinical tests of medicines is carried out by

on young men. Inclusion in group of the examined women always complicates research because at women the hormonal background constantly changes.

A meanwhile the same preparations can yield different results at men and women. So, the large-scale research conducted in the USA revealed that the aspirin which is considered as an effective remedy of prevention of a heart attack only slightly reduces its risk at women of middle age, at the same time aspirin significantly reduces at them risk of a stroke.

Told fairly and in relation to statina. Believed that statina reduce probability of development warmly - vascular diseases at all patients irrespective of a floor. But data of the last researches demonstrate that statina do not reduce risk of a lethal outcome at the women who are not suffering warmly - vascular diseases.

Antidepressant zoloft is usually applied by

at treatment of depressions, including a post-traumatic stressful syndrome (PTSS). However it is established what zoloft does not make almost any impact on men with PTSS though it is very effective for women.



Is warm - vascular diseases remain the main reason for death of both men, and women in the developed countries. But if in the last decades mortality from warmly - vascular diseases among men steadily decreased, then at women, on the contrary, growth of incidence and coronary heart disease mortality and complications of a hypertension is observed.

As is explained by professor Vertkin, “in the last thirty - forty years considered coronary heart disease as a “man`s“ illness. Included in clinical trials mainly men. However the data received in researches on men cannot be transferred to women automatically. Heart rate at women on average on eight - ten blows is more, than at men. Duration of a warm cycle at them varies depending on a phase of a menstrual cycle. The size of heart and thickness of a myocardium of the woman is less, than at the man“.

These physiological features the fact that women more often than men die soon after heart operation can speak. The cardiologist Eve Svan from University hospital of the Swedish city of Lincheping observing 184 women with heart diseases came to such conclusion. To a half of them coronary shunting or angioplasty was made, the others were treated in the conservative way. A year later eight women who underwent operation died. In the group receiving conservative treatment only one lethal outcome was recorded.

At men the main symptoms of a myocardial infarction are the pressing breast pain giving to the left hand, and sharp diarrhea. Women have absolutely other symptomatology: severe short wind, weakness, cold sweat and dizziness.

From where the melancholy undertakes?

statistically, the risk of development of a depression during life makes 20 - 26% at women and 8 - 12% - at men. However it is worth to remember that men are inclined to hide the depression: since the childhood inspire in them that men do not cry.

the Depression is differently shown by

at men and women. Women complain of drowsiness, the increased appetite, alarm. Men a symptom of a depression can have an abuse of alcohol, inexplicable fits of anger.


- proved connection of many mental violations with changes of a hormonal background at women, - says d - r Danilov. - And here the role of cyclic hormonal fluctuations at men is studied insufficiently. At the same time it is known that at men the level of sex hormones changes each fifteen minutes. These fluctuations depend on many factors, including sociocultural. So, if the man worries from - for failures at work, it can lead to decrease in testosterone level at it and to development of a syndrome of “the angry male“ who is characterized by irritability, uneasiness and a depression.

important not only in time to distinguish a depression at the man, but also to appoint the correct treatment. Many antidepressants cause side effects, including sexual violations which in turn strengthen a depression, especially at men.

there Will pass time before men and women are treated differently. For now if consultation of the doctor is necessary for you, be not too lazy and find the good expert with whom you will be able to discuss everything that disturbs you. Only then you will be able to count that you will be helped really.

of the Illness man`s and female.
Heart attack and stroke. Men suffer from warmly more often - vascular diseases, but at women the risk of a lethal outcome is higher. As a rule, at women these diseases develop at later age.
Cancer. Lung cancer, kidneys, a bladder and a pancreas men are ill more often; the cancer of a thyroid gland is more typical for women.
Depression. At women is twice more often.
Migraine. Men have migraines three times more rare.
Osteoporosis and syndrome of the angry intestines. meet at women More often.
Rheumatoid arthritis. Men suffer from it in two - three times less than women.
of Volchank and fibromialgiya. By nine times meets at women more often.
according to National institutes of health care of the USA