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Probably, you are surprised when you learn that it is not enough specialized New Year`s resources in the Russian Network. The goods are this seasonal, and to support such website during the whole year when there nobody goes, only the enthusiast or the real Father Frost will agree, perhaps, (or both that, and another at once). Therefore those rare New Year`s portals which already several years live especially please, blossom and do not thaw on spring.

Ya I do not mean the websites created “by a holiday“, and then turning into a mistake 404. In principle, now almost all projects decorated themselves with snowflakes, fir-trees and a snowball on logos. Especially like to put on the Little Red Riding Hood some small letter. Probably, consider what is beautiful. However, not about them the speech.

One of my favourite New Year`s websites about which I write already not for the first time is “A New Year`s bench - a meeting 200kh years“ (number of year changes, as versions of programs).

Registration of the website not God knows what avantazhny, I would even tell - movetonny, but content nice. (Russian language, as I you love!) . I like sincerity of intonations of the author, his enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The website consists of three sections: a holiday for adults, for children and for all. However, the last section is a payment for a hosting and is devoted to New Year`s rounds. (The project is supported by the tourist website). I will tell about two first.

the Holiday for adults is better than

the quote with references to all sections Here:
the Short instruction of a meeting of New year

generally, at full scale - from cards before drunk games and a stolovercheniye.

offers to write

In the section “Holiday for Children“ the letter to Father Frost. Letters get on the page in style of the guest book. When I came there, there was only one “a letter to the grandfather“:

As the teacher of Russian I will notice

that the mistake “spetsialny“ against all others gives the Test Girl away. Well, children are not mistaken so. So foreigners and the technical intellectuals are mistaken. Oh, I sorry, distracted.

in this section the good page devoted to games and also scenarios for New Year`s representations, including and house is.

the Name of the website “How to meet New Year 2002 in St. Petersburg“ , perhaps, will frighten off those who are going to hold this event in other city. However on the website besides especially local information (the poster of night clubs, the menu of restaurants and bars) there are materials capable to interest all.

In - the first, it is “The astrological forecast for 2002“, traditional for the websites of similar orientation. Predictions are washed quite away (for the whole year everything is), but to read all the same interestingly. You can unpack and read guests at a table. For certain it will be interesting to all.

In - the second, on the website the good section of New Year`s cards is. By the way, here I found very lovely pre-revolutionary “open letters“ as they were called then.


the Only shortcoming - the preliminary image (preview) of a card such small that it is almost impossible to make out something, and it is possible to look at the full image only having filled a form. There is such paradox. I had to repeat several times bureaucratic procedure of filling of the questionnaire, to swear with the official (“The way of the notification of the addressee of receiving a card is not visible!“ - to go crazy, trouble what) before I selected the suitable image.

Other materials - councils in what to meet (a last year`s reprint, only 2001 corrected for 2002) what to give, the New Year`s menu, the TV program, holiday history.

the New Year`s page on Newwoman. ru contains a lot of interesting information. There are ready texts of congratulations and toasts here (here what I do not love, so I do not love, excuse. I not in sense, congratulations, and in sense that ready, somehow it... not sincerely, perhaps). However, it is possible to use as a pig. Though all the same - all this is similar to a wedding with custom the host.

the Section “Gifts“ will tell that to give to darling or darling, the child and itself (if heart itself does not prompt).

you will find

On this page scenarios and games, very useful “Review of all New Year trees in Moscow“ and very ridiculous “A competition of Christmas stories in the Onlife magazine. ru“.

In the culinary section - certainly, recipes. Pleasant and useful section “Registration of the New Year`s House, Table and Holiday“.

Surely look with

at the section on New Year`s hairdresses and clothes, and for fans of esoterics and mysticism “nevestushka“ prepared fortune-telling and predictions.


Yes, by the way, me liked the section “Visual New Year`s Imaginations“. These are just beautiful pictures of table layout. To someone they will throw fresh idea for decoration of a real table, and still they can be used as wall-paper for a table virtual. So cheerfully it turns out...

the New Year`s page on the website the Parental House .

to All the destiny of Christmas tree decorations is familiar to

. At the end of December remember them, get from dusty mezzanines (carefully! the father costs on a stool!) clean, care, cherish, decorate with them a fir-tree, show all and rejoice. But comes fatal on January 14 (sometimes later), toys turn again, stack (was about to tell - archive) and sadly clean far away. Any more they are necessary to nobody. Already every year.

Destiny of Christmas tree decorations to me was reminded by this New Year`s page. Not the first time it is got, updated, corrected and make to it references from where it is only possible.

are traditional

of the Toy - gifts, jewelry, recipes, toasts, well you all know that usually hang up on such fir-trees - pages.


this year added three new “toys“:

  • new horoscope;
  • by
  • at numerous requests of workers added a toy of “Means from a hangover“ (probably became painful);
  • section “How to Play Friends“. It, probably, too means from a hangover.

generally, slightly renewed page pleases us again. Not all, however, renewed: in news from Father Frost there is such phrase:“ known Tayms - the square in New - York promises to become one of the largest platforms on a meeting of New 2001“. It is necessary to be more carefully.


to me liked the section “What You Should Not Give for New Year“:

  • According to polls of the woman is not loved when they give them:
    • Sets of cheap soap
    • the Cheap perfume
    • Costume jewelry (it often does not approach to one of toilets)
    • Lipstick (it is very difficult to pick up a right tone)
    • Tights
    • of the Jacket of the wild sizes
    • of the Frying pan, a cup.
  • of the Man was not like to be received as a gift:
    • Socks
    • Handkerchiefs
    • Underwear
    • Strongly smelling cologne and aftershave lotion
    • the Tie (it is difficult to pick up in tone)
    • of the Cuff link (them do not carry long ago, but continue to give)
    • Flowers.
    Children will be upset with
  • if to present to them:
    • Clothes (they will be delighted to a new thing, only if it is addition to a toy)
    • the Clever book, like “As is correct to behave at a table“, “How to become the gentleman or the young lady“ to
    • School supplies (a case, handles, notebooks) - children consider that you have to provide with all this also without any holidays
    • Souvenir with which it is impossible to play, and it is only possible to put on a regiment.

It is necessary to

what useful and correct selection. By the way, I from the “man`s“ list was given practically by all. Especially cuff links enrage. My council - if you do not know what to give, present a stylish lighter, a tube or a set of fragrant cigars. If he does not smoke, present a beautiful flat flask (such, for a hip-pocket of jeans, slightly curved under... under... you know that). And if he does not drink and does not smoke, then... that I just do not know that. Present it cuff links perhaps...

It is fine, it I about the...

couple More of references to New Year`s resources with the traditional devises set: toasts, gifts, horoscopes, jokes, games, recipes and so on. I do not give descriptions, I think, contents is clear on a set of components (resources quite good, differently I would not refer to them):

  • New year
  • the New Year`s page on Matrix. net. md

By the way, not late to send to all acquaintances virtual gifts.

Below I picked up the references conducting on the pages which are directly devoted to New Year`s and Christmas cards.


On this website collected a small collection of such cards. Pictures are traditional: balls, fir-trees, the grandfather frosts and ruddy, chubby kids (as in advertizing). A little rather stupid resource, but it is possible to choose.

the Horrible Americanized cards are presented to

here. The mentality is obviously not Russian, design of a la the comic book. In a word, the resource for those who drink Pepsi listens to MTV and reacts to all events of external life the word WOW!

For the people focused more traditionally, I would recommend the remarkable selection of pre-revolutionary Christmas cards which is on this website. In principle, it is not the postcard website, but a virtual exhibition therefore you will not find a foolish mold with fields here:“ Enter the text of a congratulation “, “ choose color of a background“ and other yuzersko - a lamersky peel. Click on the image of a card and, having received the increased option eya, send to the friend of as attachment. There are quite stylish cards.

However if to you all - is pleasant to fill forms, then on this website it is possible to find also quite decent cards (including ancient), and a notorious mold.

One more place in the Network with New Year`s cards - www. dedmoroz. any. ru/. Here still it is possible to write the letter to Father Frost and to receive from it the answer. I, frankly speaking, did not decide to do it - it is not known where these letters get. Most likely, someone makes the database of all idiots of the RuNet, and then sells addresses to spammers or transfers Where Follows. The mean joke turned out, I apologize to those who believe in Father Frost.

At last, one more reference. Here just selection of Christmas graphics. You can decorate the website, the letter or the computer.

Happy New Year!