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The most difficult - not to refuse from begun

Ya always knew that I will only nurse the kid. And here when I learned about the pregnancy, understood that time to realize dream came.

I Prepared for feeding by a milk not really actively what I am sorry about. Perhaps, I could avoid many mistakes.

So, everything began with maternity hospital. I chose that maternity hospital in which applying during the first hours and stay of kids with mothers because it is the very first brick in the base of health of the kid practices.

mine was born Synul`s

healthy, and everything went according to the plan. But by the time of an extract the first problems began. At first I thought that I have no milk (though strenuously put the kid), but the doctor pressed on my breast and told: “And it that? Champagne, perhaps?“ And I - that waited how according to books that I will wake up in the morning, and the breast will be big and stone with a heap of milk. And actually everything appeared not so.

As soon as we arrived home, at once on me the mountain councils from relatives fell down. And of course among them there were also councils for feeding. At first I tried to use everything, and then understood that it is necessary to listen to himself and the kid.

we a lot of things endured

For the first month with my son. And thank him for the fact that always near me quietly snuffled and did not cry. He only slept and ate. And I survived the real storm of emotions: pleasure from feeding, pain from the nipples which cracked till it bleeds, laktostaza and mastitis with a temperature of 40.

But all`s well that ends well! Thanks to my acquaintances who helped me we tried all options of treatment and kept a milk! There were moments when I cried and waited when feeding is joyful as write in books... Also waited! It appeared absolutely simply and quickly. And still I am very glad that I have such remarkable mother who helped me with everything and did not allow me to lay down on a table of the surgeon, called my doctor at night, and we coped with mastitis without operation. And then there was one more problem with which I saw a doctor. And it told me:“ Oh, to you 6 months! Stop feeding, 4 months fed and will be enough, and that is big load of a breast“. Do not listen to such doctors!

Now to mine to a synula 1 year and 5 months. He ceased to drink a milk in 1 year though the milk was for a long time.

I Want to wish

to all young mummies: do not despair and do not give up at the first difficulties! Without them you will not understand all pleasure of feeding. You do not throw the kid if he got sick, and feeding should not be given up if something hurts you. The milk is very important for children. The son yet so small life never supported the (though here of course also the hardening gives a certain effect).

I will sum up the result of the experience of feeding Now: it is necessary to feed from the first hours of life, each 2 - 3 hours, so far the milk will not arrive in the necessary quantity. It is possible to feed on demand further. My kid by 2 months itself passed to feedings every 4 hour. It is necessary to feed at night! And it is even better as we to sleep with the kid. And mother gets enough sleep better, and the kid receives the milk, and the quantity it will not decrease. Also it is not necessary to be fond of weighings! Everything that will eat - all it! Everything is provided by the nature how during pregnancy your organism itself fed the baby, and a milk it develops too so much how many it is necessary.

By the way, we always added weight on the lower level of norm, and milk much never was. Now we are not such pukhlik as children on mix, but we run and we jump much more actively. It is just necessary to help a milk to be developed! And still would advise not to be fond of laktogonny teas in the first days, only laktostaz it is possible to earn, and the milk all the same will come only to 2 - 3 (and at me to 4 - 5) day. And if it is necessary to add a milk (for example, during dairy crisis when a milk on a week becomes suddenly a little), then it is necessary just to put as often as possible and to two glands at once.

Oh, so much ran before eyes, it is so much memoirs! And so much still it is possible to tell on this subject... But I think, further nobody will already not read such long article.

I will be Very glad to

if to someone washing it will help to be become! All of good luck!