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Harmonious development of the child in a technique Doman of

you hold the newborn miracle on hands. And maybe, only in its expectation. But you, the loving parents, are already ready to throw the whole world to legs of the child. To open before it the mass of ways and opportunities. To make so that he grew up healthier, clever, successful, than you are.

We are sincerely glad to

for yours the baby - he was very lucky with mother and the father! The main thing - belief in success of the child and desire to make it happy. All the rest as experts speak, a trick - a right choice of a technique for early development of the child.

is Here what to think of. Once you come into any shop, and on you nearly fall from shelves of a grant on education of geniuses, athletes, great musicians. Read attentively who the author of the edition, than he is engaged, it is desirable to learn all about his predecessors, followers and achievements in detail. And if to you carries to encounter Glenn Doman`s book “Harmonious development of the child“, then surely pay it attention as one of the most worthy techniques.

Glenn Doman offers

rather unique integrated approach to development of the baby from the first days of life. In it physical improvement and training of intellectual potential of the little man are inseparable from each other. It is a firm position of the author: development of intelligence is in direct link with physical development.

the Technique is universal

- it is suitable for kids of any temperament, physical data, a state of health. If the child had any injuries and diseases, especially it is worth beginning trainings according to Doman.

The matter is that initially the scientist - the neurophysiologist Glenn Doman developed a rehabilitation technique for treatment of children with brain injuries. The success in stimulation of a brain of children with deviations in development inspired Doman on application of the achievements for development of healthy children. Results turned out impressive. Doman removed a formula according to which the more intensively than occupation with the kid in the first years of life, the his intelligence develops more actively. And the more the child moves since the birth, the quicker there is a development of his brain.

Doman proved

the works that when the little man is born, his potential is huge. Children of two, three years can easily learn to read, consider, to draw, run, float, skate, to play musical instruments, to talk in several foreign languages. And all this occurs quite naturally, without additional motivation of the kid as the brain of the newborn is programmed on training. After three years the active growth of a brain is slowed down, and by seven years practically comes to an end. And it when traditional training at school begins!

And so that the first class did not become for the child severe test that study brought it mainly joy that the kid with ease and with pleasure acquired large volumes of information, begin directly with the birth! Give to the baby “unlimited opportunities in life“, and he already will choose, than to be engaged further. Develop in the child force of muscles, plasticity, endurance, and also hearing, abilities to languages. Also Daman suggests to begin with the birth and training in reading, mathematics, encyclopedic knowledge. At first occupations are based so that the kid is the observer of the events. Show it cards with so-called “bits of information“. In reading - this word, in mathematics - the quantity which is graphically expressed by points in receiving encyclopedic knowledge - a card with the image of an animal, a plant, a work of art. With age the baby becomes more active participant of process and itself prompts to parents of a way of improvement of knowledge.

How to develop intelligence of the kid from the first days of life what results can be expected? First of all, you remember that all training is based on fascinating game. For the baby knowledge acquisition is the most interesting way of pastime. The main thing for parents - not to convince the child of the return and to do everything that he studied with pleasure. Be engaged with the kid only when he and you in good mood, during occupations talk to it cheerfully, to enthusiasm, kiss it, embrace and enthusiastically you praise. So the baby will fall in love to study even more and will achieve success with a tremendous speed.

One lesson - game according to Doman lasts only several minutes, and it is necessary to finish it before it is wanted by the child. He looks forward to the next portion of knowledge. Show cards very quickly, dynamics provides the best perception, and slow submission of information forces the kid to miss.

Reading. Process of training consists of demonstration to the baby of cards with a large distinct red font. Further the font can be reduced, replaced it on black, i.e. to bring closer it to book. At first you teach the kid to read separate words, then after development of the main lexicon - phrases, offers, specially made books. Regular game trainings will allow to bring the child in fluent reading already through of 8 - 12 months. Along with skills of early reading, at the kid the thinking, an infallible memory, sight, hearing, the speech develops.

of the Mathematician. At first you acquaint the child with quantities, at the same time showing him not abstract figure, but the number of points corresponding to the called number. White cardboard cards with the big red, chaotically scattered points will be suitable for nurseries a peephole. Gradually master the account to hundred, showing cards in a disparate. Yes, the baby it is capable to see at the same time 100 points on a card while you are very quietly verified with the signature on the back! Following stages of occupations: the solution of examples, tasks, and then acquaintance to figures which will come to the end very quickly. For only several months of regular training in mathematics you receive impressive results. And along with receiving mathematical knowledge, the child develops intelligence, an infallible memory, skills of the oral account, attention, spatial perception, sight.

Encyclopaedic knowledge. Expansion of an outlook of the child is carried out by means of demonstration of cards to which the image in the form of drawing or the photo is applied. One subject unfamiliar to the kid is accurately applied on cards his name is signed. The field of knowledge for preparation of material can take any. Doman selects 10 sections: biology, geography, history, mathematics, art, human anatomy, music, language, literature, general knowledge. All intellectual program is subdivided into levels. Than it is higher, especially the difficult facts about the set subject are received by your kid. In the program of development of encyclopedic names there are no terms, criteria of success, restrictions. Its purpose - to impart to the child love to knowledge acquisition, and also to understand that effortlessly the kid can be taught everything on light!

In what order to enter programs of development of intelligence? Begin with reading, ability to read is one of the highest functions of a human brain. From all living inhabitants of the planet only people are capable to read. Besides reading is one of the most necessary abilities on which all other education is based. Gradually it is possible to include the program of training in encyclopedic knowledge in the schedule of the baby, and then and mathematics. Well and, certainly, since the birth of the child do not forget about his physical development which helps active formation of a brain.

As you can see, huge plus of training in Doman is that the child from the first days receives besides knowledge so attention of mother necessary to it. The technique assumes to take a lot of time and forces of the parents who are sincerely loving the kid. It does not mean at all that mothers and fathers who practice development in Doman with the children more are not enough for anything. On the contrary, mothers who began to be engaged say that they became more organized and are in time even more, than till the birth of the kid.

the Organization of occupations, of course, will demand

some time. But also here superbusy parents have exit. On sale there are ready grants with cards according to Doman. And then, there is nothing terrible in sitting one half an hour less on the Internet and to devote this time to the kid.

Also should remember

that though Glenn Doman gives the exhaustive scheme of occupations, it is not forbidden to adapt it under himself and the child. As well as to use traditional methods of development of the kid by means of fairy tales, verses, poteshka, finger-type games. Develop for yours remains an individual technique. For this purpose listen to the child and to own intuition - and you surely will understand that it is necessary for your son or the daughter. Improve not only a technique and the child, but also yourself. Look for ways of realization of your opportunities. And who looks for, that will always find!