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What childbirth will be,

Ya not the master depends on you to write long stories. And in general to write. But there is a wish to share impressions with you about a joyful event in my life very much. So...

I began to Prepare for motherhood and childbirth very much early. And I did all listed actions purely intuitively. Nobody prompted anything to me. As early as years in 15 (now to me 26) I began to do gymnastics every day for 30 min.

Just now, after the delivery, I understand as far as to me it helped, some exercises force to work and train not only external muscles, but also internal including muscles of a uterus. Thanks to such preparation, pain during fights I practically did not feel (and in general I endure pain very hard, to horror I am afraid of pricks and various droppers). In - the second, I to myself acquired such good press that after the delivery my waist remained same thin as before! And efforts - that any practically, just within several years while watched TV in the evening, twisted a hoop, squatted, it was wrung out and swung a press. of 20 - 30 min. And all! Even when became pregnant (and it happened in 25 years), I continued to do squats and still which - what easy exercises available to pregnant women.

Already, after the delivery, learned

that squats prepare crotch muscles for childbirth. And thanks to it it is quite possible to avoid gaps. Here also I gave rise without one break-up and a section of the kid in 3800 gr. it is powerful. Even during pregnancy I tried to go much, especially I liked almost daily pedestrian travel on the dacha - 4 km uphill. Besides doctors told me that it played a considerable role in fast disclosure of a neck of a uterus at the time of delivery.

of Fight at me only 5 hours proceeded, and 2 of them I spent at home (itself gave an enema, it shaved, washed). Still, while I was a pregnant woman, at me such procedure became a habit: during reading or viewing of the movie or cooking I squeezed and unclenched crotch muscles, it seems, it is called Kegel`s exercise. It is very useful, I want to tell!

Well and the last - during pregnancy smeared all body with olive oil, carried a bandage and a bra for pregnant women and the feeding women. Removed only for the night, but for the night put on x / a topic which well holds the grown heavy breast. As a result of any extension, and the shape of a breast remained though increased by 2 sizes.

I did not listen to

of Anybody`s councils, my some internal wise voice directed me. If I all this could - the lazy person, then and you will be able to prepare the body for childbirth. As you will be prompted by your intuition.

As you understood

according to my story, I gave rise easily and quickly. To my happiness there was no limit, childbirth is remembered with nostalgia even, as it is fine and natural to the woman - to give life to the person. Life is fine!