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Let`s talk about lawful child labor of

years from nine at parents many children there is a thought that it is possible to pay for some gestures to them money. And if at first it (thought) seems quite wild, then gradually all like confidence, the money that earned, but not presented or given are abruptly and fine.

“The father, buy me new game!“ - “And why don`t you earn on it?“ Worthy occasion to begin to do something it is conscious, not only for an entertainment and entertainment, but also for extraction of the income. It was good to carry newspapers at the time of Tom Sawyer and to paint fences. Presently moreover and living in the megalopolis, it is necessary to strain thoroughly the imagination to think up to themselves a way to earn. But and in adulthood we should do it, isn`t it?

can be Begun with

with small tasks, like already mentioned collecting glassware, adjusted for modern realities. The most primitive - to wind balls for the new mother`s amateur project. To make a hole in one thousand sheets a puncher for the father`s report. The main thing - that in a task the public advantage and real need was combined.

you Remember

, in our pioneer childhood all collected waste paper? Suffered with it terribly, bypassed apartments at a personal and others` entrance, risked, dragged these heavy packs early in the morning on a schoolyard (for some reason there was always a winter), stood in a queue on scales, worried, issued the wall newspaper and awarded winners. And then looked how all this huge heap burns, by order of the director because it is necessary to nobody.

Ya personally I do not know more effective way to avert children from public works.

A here our country neighbors forced to hold on a site of three grandsons - stair-steppers of seven - nine years, solved a problem of surplus of free time and energy is very effective. The old house needed painting, but at first it needed to be oshkurit. And the grandfather quoted performance standard and the price: 10 kopeks board. Boys ached, tried to dodge, but, having received the first salary on hands, cheered up, and in a month the house was oshkuren. I, am remembered, became sad over total amount, but the grandfather quietly told that he would pay shabashnik three times more. It was still in “to - Tajik“ times.

We went in labor camp, were employed on a quarter of a rate in a bakery, I sold bagels from a tray on ENEA after the sixth class. It was healthy, interesting, similar to the real work. Money turned out a little, but they were earned, to them and the relation was absolutely another.

What can occupy with

modern children? To write down hundred disks with the presentation for distribution at an exhibition. To scan pictures. To me the son hammered data of questionnaires into the tables Excel. As it was the part of my work, I just paid corresponding part from the fee. To paint outside the house (hi to Tom Sawyer again) not to employ hard workers.

Around our site the group of teenagers, five fourteen - fifteen-year-old dolgonogy and long-armed goblins messed about. There was resolutely resolutely nothing to be engaged in it, they, it is lazy perebrekhivatsya, sometimes tried to be caused the broken basses on the street of the girlfriends, than prevented to fall asleep my newborn daughter. Eventually I did not sustain.

“So, - I gate, a pose classical left: “hands in a side, and me to spit on what ear at you a skullcap“. - You, long, go here. To be engaged absolutely there is nothing?“

“And che?“ - in eyes at the same time a fright and a call.

“This a lot of firewood you see

? Replace all and lay in a woodpile. I will pay“.

They did not read

“Timur and his team“, but joyfully rushed to a lot of firewood. Still, at last there was an occupation. And I gave the tool to them: not some there antiquated hatchet, and the real Canadian splitting axe on yellow toporishche. It was necessary to see how they under it shook, trying to carry out sickly hands powerful swing. I had to interfere with some moment when I by some miracle noticed that one of them tries “to support“ the falling log while another raises.

They puffed and one and a half sweated hour. They already forgot about payment, it was important to them to win against this ill-fated a lot of firewood. From money they it is proud refused, I took out them huge pie with a stuffing, they ate it standing and discussed “as I abruptly threatened“.

Still a good way to earn - to cash a metal trifle. Labor participation in this case is expressed in calculation of the sum and an ottaskivaniya of the tinkling bag in the nearest little shop where will agree to exchange “gold dust“ for bank notes.

From experience of colleagues: three brothers, 4, 7 and 9 years, collected at the sea of a sink - rapana, at first tried to trade in them directly on the beach, but quickly found out that this niche is occupied and competitors are much more senior and are stronger. Then tried to master the market in the housing estate where spent vacation. Too the failure - at the Belarusian pensioners a product did not find demand.

Good luck smiled to them on the Christmas`s eve: from rapan, pine and fir cones painted by gold and silver paint, a large number of work and the imagination delightful Christmas tree decorations and Christmas wreaths turned out. At a fair they dispersed from whistle, despite of the “adult“ price.

one more history I remember

I with the mixed sense of shame and pride. Well and with laughter, of course.

It. Still we lived in a small small village and further the neighboring towns did not get out, and here gathered, took five younger children and went to London to watch divorce of guard before Buckingham Palace. Guard made not really strong impression, and we went to marvelous park opposite to the palace, to walk and relax.

We came to a beautiful lawn on which ranks of garden chairs were placed and very many people sat, it is obvious something expecting. Did not manage to approach as came to a lawn... military brass band! That that played at guard divorce. The orchestra marched in a rotunda on a lawn and began to play the Vienna waltzes, the jazz and other fine music. The public was delighted.

our small little girls (3 and 4 and a half years) were delighted to

too and went to dance before the platform. Comely English grandmothers came to a bigger ecstasy and began to applaud already dancers. And here my thirteen-year-old sister threw out such piece: she gave to four-year-old Yulka a liter paper glass from - under aerated water and told: “You see, to you clap? Go, approach and tell: “Manya, attract!“

For several seconds the glass was filled with pound coins. Scary happy, our pobirushka jumped up to us and began to shout: “Mother, mother, watch how many money!“ We with my stepmother were ready to be burned with shame. Bending down as under firing, we got out from a concert venue and ran to an exit from park, every second expecting the policeman`s whistle. These two obormot - the sister and the brother - ran for us, roaring with laughter.

We fell in some pizzeria and counted production - 40 pounds with a trifle. Huge money. Was enough for a lunch on six people (well, the small, chest, did not participate). We could not find words to express to children our mixed feelings. And ate this smart pizza silently.

of the Summary. To paint walls, to re-stick wall-paper, to fill the text, to count on the calculator... Yes you never know semi-skilled work with which the modern advanced children can cope? Tutoring - a traditional source of the income for seniors from time immemorial, remember it. You watch closely only that the child did not begin to manipulate you - and rejoice to diligence of the child.