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Smekhoterapiya: with a smile on life of

It is known that thoughts and feelings influence our physical state. Positive emotions and laughter are capable to work wonders: to treat diseases, to strengthen immunity, to cope, apparently, with insuperable difficulties.

Earlier the laughter was an integral part of culture - both Slavic, and Western European. The carnival, cheerful youth games, calendar holidays with amusing ceremonies, games, an aping and monkey business were the indispensable making life of any person. Now ancient customs were forgotten, got out of fashion. And we usually lack for laughter the everyday life. For example, children of 6 years laugh about 300 times in a day, adults - 15 times. That is is 20 times less, than children!

Shortage of positive emotions - one of the reasons of development of a depression, feeling sick, inability to resist to failures. And just without laughter paints of life which turns into sad existence grow dim. Therefore the modern person needs to learn to enjoy life and to laugh.

Laughter instead of tablets

Why needs to laugh? First of all, the laughter is useful to health. When we laugh, muscles are reduced, pulse and breath become frequent. Due to increase in depth of a breath gas exchange accelerates. At the same time blood is saturated with oxygen. The laughter speeds up work warmly - vascular and respiratory systems, improves blood supply of fabrics and bodies. Besides, happiness hormones - endorphins are produced, and the level of hormones of a stress - cortisol and adrenaline - on the contrary decreases.

Positive emotions improve work of immune system. Special researches showed that the laughter promotes increase of quantity of cages - killers who kill viruses and destroy cancer cells.

Laughter - not a sin

Laughter is reduced by the level of hormones of a kotizol and adrenaline, helps the person to relax and therefore it is excellent stress medicine. These properties of laughter were noticed still by Hans Selye - the scientist who for the first time formulated the concept “stress“. By means of a smekhoterapiya doctors rehabilitate the victims of plane crashes, natural disasters, help to return to normal life that who underwent sexual violence, to endure loss of relatives.

Besides, to cheerful people it is easier to cope with own problems. The one who is capable to laugh at the failures can see them from outside, and, respectively, quicker overcome.

the Laughter and goodwill help to improve the relations with people around. We subconsciously perceive the smiling person positively. Still the famous American psychologist Dale Carnegie wrote about it.“ Smile“ - one of its main councils.

If in time to use sense of humour, it is possible to prevent conflict development: quarrels between friends or even family scandal. Agree, it is pleasant instead of in vain quarreling with darling, to laugh at sharpness.

it is Even better than

if you not just cheerful person, but also can share the smile and laughter with others. The people able to create around themselves the atmosphere of fun - soul of any company. Of course, it is allowed to shine with flashing humour not to everyone, but rather simply skillfully to tell jokes and ridiculous stories that always with pleasure waited for you on a friendly sit-round gathering.

Science about laughter

several centuries doctors use laughter and positive emotions as irreplaceable assistants in treatment of various illnesses. Modern doctors also note that the laughter helps the patient to cope with the illness quicker. There is even a special science a gelotologiya (from armor. gelotos - laughter). She studies the biochemical and neurological mechanisms which are the cornerstone of laughter.

the Idea to use laughter in the medical purposes in itself is not new

. However it found popularity rather recently - in 70 - x years of the last century thanks to the journalist Norman Kazins. It could overcome a serious disease thanks to viewing of comedy films. Kazins shared the experience in article for the magazine, and soon published the book.

In 1980 - x years thanks to the head of the American circus Michael Christensen the medical clownery was widely adopted

. Today this direction actively develops around the world. In Europe, the USA, Russia and other countries of the children passing treatment in oncological clinics professional clowns and volunteers make laugh. In Austria the doctors coming to chambers to little patients dress suits of clowns.

Not so long ago - in 1995 - there was even a new kind of yoga - a hasye yoga - the laughter yoga combining traditional yogovsky relaxation exercises and an extension with the movements imitating laughter. The ancestor of this direction is the Indian doctor Madan Kataria - began to give special classes where he taught people to laugh, and actively propagandized advantage of laughter. Later he developed breathing and game exercises by means of which the person gains ability to laugh easily and naturally.

at the beginning of the 21st century the smekhoterapiya gains the increasing popularity, takes root into masses. The appeal to a smekhoterapevt and visit of smekhoterapevtichesky trainings ceases to be considered as something exotic. Smekhoterapiya becomes a full method of psychological correction along with psychoanalysis, a Gestalt - psychology and other directions.

the Doctor, teach me to laugh!

If abroad the smekhoterapiya appeared at the end 60 - x years, in our country to 2000 - x years of such direction were not. But, though it also appeared at us later, it developed rather dynamically. About ten years ago to us the yoga of laughter came. And in 2008 in Russia there was even a new direction of a smekhoterapiya - a smekhodram.

In our country too an opportunity to get advice of a smekhoterapevt or to visit special training is. By means of these occupations it is possible to solve many psychological problems: to develop communicative skills, to learn to forgive offense, to harmonize the personal relations, to overcome a stress, to get rid of the collected negative emotions: rage, irritation, hatred. But to learn to laugh not so simply. That there was “a natural laughter“, under the leadership of the psychologist patients carry out the physical and breathing exercises removing stress and stabilizing nervous system, participate in special games.

to itself smekhoterapevt

How to be if special trainings it is too expensive for you or just does not have

desire to work with the psychologist? Very simply: be engaged in a smekhoterapiya independently.

Fun - in life

Pleasure always somewhere nearby, just let in it the life. If you watch comedies, then look through the comic websites and collections jokes. Include in the circle of contacts as much as possible cheerful and cheerful people. Gather together with the company of the friends able and liking to joke more often.

Positive emotions and joy is brought fuss with pets and communication with small children. It is very useful to laugh together with kids. You not only will lighten mood to yourself and the child, but also strengthen your relations with it, you will become the best friends. Remember Astrid Lindgren`s book “Kid and Carlson“. Unless not the Kid of the friend Carlson (though that sometimes and tyrannized the Kid) loved for that that with him it was possible to have fun and laugh at tricks of “the man in the blossoming of forces“.

do not allow comic to pass

by you. Write down joyful events, ridiculous stories, funny things in the diary. For this purpose it is possible even to get the separate diary or the blog. Begin to collect the jokes or ridiculous statements of acquaintances, children, teachers, chiefs which were especially pleasant to you (is only accurater, try to offend at the same time nobody).

Ridiculous problems

Some smekhoterapevtichesky techniques can be applied in everyday life. For example, finishing problem to the point of absurdity. Let`s say the child broke a vase. Imagine that it broke all vases in your house, all vases in your city and was even included for it in the Guinness Book of Records... Represent horror on a face: “It broke a vase!“, tear with despair on yourself hair: “About horror! What to do, it broke a vase!“, jump on one leg, repeating at the same time “It broke a vase!“ . Eventually, there will be a laughter. When you laugh, the problem depreciates and ceases to seem such terrible and unsoluble. Having calmed down, it is already possible to decide without excess negative emotions how to cope with it.

Pleasure every day

Let the smile and laughter will become your constant satellites, decorating with itself every day your life.

Having woken up in the morning, smile even if you did not sleep, you have a bad mood and there is no wish to do it to you categorically. The signal will come to a brain - and at you endorphins will begin to be produced. Looked at themselves in a mirror - smile to the reflection, on charging - too with a smile, you brush teeth and smile. If you smile within ten minutes, even the worst mood will improve.

Learn to rejoice to ordinary, to see the light party of life. Stop to mutter at the slightest pretext: “That for weather: rain and slush. Faugh! Whether“ It is better so:“ Became warmer at last! Slush, pools, but in air smells in the spring!“ Perhaps it will also not turn out then it is joyful to laugh, laugh simply because on the street spring. But it is not terrible: the road will be mastered by going. Begin with small: smile: the smile will present you good health, excellent mood, will dispose to you people around and will make you more beautiful. Smile right now!