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Emotional reactions to Cesarean section. A depression of

If you wished and planned childbirth in natural ways, it is necessary to be adjusted emotionally on change of plans. If Cesarean section was planned in advance, you have in a stock days or weeks to get used to this thought.

If the problem gradually accrued at the time of delivery, you could have several hours to recognize that natural childbirth is impossible now. If Cesarean section is demanded by force majeure, you can be shocked and are not prepared emotionally at all. Everything occurs so quickly that you with the partner are picked simply up by a stream without special explanations and time for questions.

When everything will come to an end in

, you will think of the Cesarean section. Not easy to collect scraps of memoirs, especially if childbirth before it exhausted you or Cesarean section was made suddenly. If the result is absolutely bad - the child died or is sick, your recovery is complicated by an infection or just badly seams grow together, - you first will have not enough time to consider operation. Shock, a grief, an illness and a set of the problems which fell down the head completely will occupy your attention. If everything turned back successfully, your gratitude that you survived and with the healthy baby will probably block for a while other feelings. Later, however, despite gratitude for yourself and the child, you can feel a depression, disappointment in yourself and the partner or offense on the doctor or nurses. Perhaps, at memories of childbirth there will be an emptiness, and you dreamed and hoped for feeling of fullness and happiness.

Such decadent moods can long torment with

you and your partner, and you can get rid of them with a different speed. If it is possible, honestly and openly talk about the feelings - it helps. The mixed feelings concerning childbirth can influence your communication with the child. Care of the child soon after the delivery, discussion of the feelings and participation of the partner in care of the child will help you to find prospect again and to get used to a new role of mother.


Will need time to cope with unpleasant visions. It will be easier if you foreknow that Cesarean section is possible or it is planned if you are sure of the doctor making the decision if you had time to solve problems and to understand that there is no other way out if the medical personnel show consideration in you if you are able to discuss then the course of childbirth and Cesarean section with the doctor or the midwife.

Krom of discussion of the reasons and fillings of emptiness in your memories of the taken place events, it is necessary to ask the doctor two questions concerning childbirth in the future: What was uterus section type? Cross lower segment or vertical “classical“? The cross-section is safer for the subsequent childbirth in natural ways as it does not weaken a uterus body.

What it is possible to tell about the following childbirth? Whether it is possible to give birth in natural ways? Be convinced that understood the reasons of Cesarean section and probability of similar problems next time. Most of women are capable to give birth in the future in natural ways. You should not leave home with feeling that you it were not given any more. It is difficult to dissuade some from such belief in time of the following pregnancy.


Later if you still have doubts or disappointment, to you will be able to be helped by the teacher of training courses of a child-bearing or other women who had similar experience.

If you are very upset with

that you had a Cesarean section instead of natural childbirth, remind yourself that your health and your child it is much more important, than a way of childbirth. Though restoration after Cesarean section requires more time, the end result - is identical and the pleasure of motherhood, most likely, will block over time bad feelings.