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Fragile stone of

a clavicle Fracture - one of the most frequent injuries at younger school students. In the overall ranking traumatologists awarded to it 1 - e the place along with a fracture of bones of a forearm and shoulder. Doctors explain it with the fact that children are in the movement all the time, and with coordination at them it is still bad.

the Clavicle plays an extremely important role in work oporno - the motive device of the person. It only connects the top extremity to a trunk skeleton. This bone is attached by one end to a shovel, and another - to a breast. Thus the hand receives big freedom of the movement.

the Incomplete change

With a high probability the clavicle breaks when the child hit a shoulder, fell on an elbow, an outstretched arm or did not fit, say, into a school corridor. Especially if at such indirect blow there is a strong and sharp squeezing of shoulder joints.

In this case usually the so-called incomplete (podnadkostnichny) change arises. At this trauma the change is, and deformation, shift of bones, external signs of damage are absent. The child can even not understand what occurred, pain is practically not felt. And if he also feels small discomfort after falling, then, most likely, will tell nothing about it to adults that did not abuse for imprudence.

Therefore parents usually learn

about an incomplete change after trouble already happened. Approximately through 10 - 15 days of the father and mother, often incidentally, find in the child on a clavicle a small thickening - a bone callosity. Whether consultation of the surgeon is necessary? Surely! Only the expert can solve whether the clavicle correctly grew together.

the Direct stroke

With absolute probability a clavicle can be broken if the blow fell directly on a bone. Such mechanism of damage doctors call direct. In this case we deal with a complete (classical) fracture. An acute pain - the first signal of the happened misfortune.

clavicle Fragments under the influence of muscles disperse meanwhile - internal leaves up, external falls down. On the place of a trauma the painful swelling appears, it it is visible even with the naked eye. From - for blow to a nadplechya (area between a neck and a shoulder joint) looks shortened. And surely the shovel “droops“. Its bottom corner and an inner edge appear under skin more sharply, than on the healthy party as the clavicle does not hold it in the correct situation any more. As well as a hand - it is lowered, turned inside and displaced forward. To move it it is very sick, especially if to try to lift up.

What to do?

At a classical change categorically cannot try to connect the broken parts of a clavicle without the assistance of the doctor. It can cause bleeding and paralysis of muscles of a hand. It is important that the injured place was in absolute rest. A hand, having bent it at right angle in an elbow joint, suspend on the kerchief thrown through a neck or bandage to a trunk.

As a last resort ask the little patient to press an affected extremity to a breast and to support her by a healthy hand. It is also recommended to give to the child the calming and anesthetizing preparations. And immediately hurry up to the doctor!


the Traumatologist will surely recommend to make by

In emergency station to the patient a x-ray picture. At a change without presence of shift the special gauze bandage is necessary.

Some children complain that the skin which is under plaster during a heat strongly itches. Doctors advise accurately “to lick“ under plaster and to process it weak solution of potassium permanganate.
the victim`s Hand the doctor will accurately bandage

to a trunk, having taken away a shoulder back, and and a nadplechya will impose an armpit soft vatno - gauze small pillows. It is necessary that bandage did not reap and did not rub skin. The traumatologist will remove a bandage through of 7 - 10 days.


At clavicle fractures with shift needs more serious help. The expert`s task - to raise the fallen external fragment of a clavicle and to delay a shoulder back. For this purpose around an armpit the doctor will pass vatno - a gauze bandage in the form of the eight which crosses between shovels. Further it will strengthen it plaster bandage.

it is possible

, also the doctor will make kostylno - a plaster bandage when bandage turn from below around a thorax and obliquely through the healthy shoulder and sore raise by means of the small crutch which is built in this design. The child should carry it 2 - 3 weeks. difficult fractures of a clavicle During this time grow together.

Have more than calcium!

That the clavicle grew together with

quicker, the doctor for certain will recommend to accept vitaminno - mineral complexes and will advise to eat properly. Special attention should be paid on the products containing calcium. Specialists of WHO consider that children 6 - 10 have to receive years of 800 - 1200 mg calcium in days, teenagers - of 1200 - 1500 mg. this microcell does bones strong.

the English scientists conducted special research recently. Within ten years they watched 12,5 thousand children health. It turned out that boys and girls who in infancy received maternal, and at later age - cow`s milk seldom break bones. Except dairy products, with calcium dried fruits, bean, almonds are rich.

the proteinaceous food - meat, a bird, fish, eggs, caviar is actual

For fast recovery. Daily also give to the child vegetables and fruit, carrots, the containing beta - carotene are especially useful. That it was better acquired, it is better to rub and fill it with sour cream or oil.