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Darling, here your gift - at me is 2 strips! Here is how now I remember

on September 7, 2007 - birthday of my beloved husband Romashki (so I call it). He came from work home and sat down at a table, and I run and on a table I put delicacies everyones and I am silent. Well, here the husband speaks to me: “Sit down nearby and tell me for what me the gift waits?“ And at me directly the speech power was gone, and I think: “Really knows? But from where?“ I am silent, and he speaks to me...

In a year before... We got acquainted with the husband long ago and began to live together in a year after acquaintance. Began to undersign, probably, time was and somehow did not reflect about a stamp in the passport. To us it was also so very good. Here the husband speaks to me: “Or perhaps to us small to give rise?“ Well, I was very glad to such statement, presently men seldom the first decide on it. Business was after its birthday in 2006. Well, thought and solved: work is, the apartment is also love much; well, “it is necessary to begin“. And the husband speaks to me: “Give, to the following birthday present a gift to me, the sonny Nikitka“.

there Passed month, two, three... And strip all one. I do not know any more what to do, the husband too in thoughts. Began to ask parents - can that they will prompt. And mother also speaks to me: “Play - you a wedding! Perhaps as it will turn out, have you ever seen anything like it to live in a civil marriage, the fashion was taken.“

Here we conferred with the husband... Or perhaps and the truth - we will play? Badly - that will be to nobody. On the contrary, memory will remain.

the Application was submitted, decided a wedding to play 7. 07. 2007. It seems happy number. Perhaps will also help. Time to a wedding, and a strip all the same one. The wedding took place on “hurrah“ - guests much, gifts be filled up, and there is no main thing. After a wedding to St. Petersburg went to a honeymoon trip, the whole month had a rest, but also did not forget the main thing.

there Arrived holidaymakers, anew lovers, but there is no pleasure. Here 2 weeks before birthday of Romashki remains, and I speak to it: “The gift from me did not turn out, probably, you will be upset“. And it to me:“ Well, in it time did not receive, in another I will receive“.

generally, business went to birthday, and I will not understand that not so... Somehow to me ill at ease, and the husband noticed it. Perhaps ached?

got up early in the Morning, kissed the Camomile, congratulated and sent for work. And itself I sit and I think: “And suddenly! this the gift will be“. Ran in a drugstore, bought 3 tests, came home and made all three. Hurrah, waited!

the Table prepared

, and itself shakes for pleasure. And here the long-awaited moment - the husband came from work. Mudflows we near. I am silent, and he speaks to me: “Well that? Two strips!?“

my Gift all - turned out: in 9 months our gift Nikitka was born. Five kilograms, real athlete. Miracles, it appears, happen.