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I will feed! All pregnancy I passed

exactly - as according to the textbook of obstetrics and gynecology which became my reference book for all 9 months of expectation of the Miracle. My daughter asked on this world in time - as well as it is necessary, she stayed in a tummy of exactly 40 weeks.

Only childbirth did not go as according to the textbook: they were long, my baby spent nearly 17 hours in waterless space of a mother`s body...

Caesarian. It was most terrible not that it will be sick not that the scar will remain, no... It was terrible for it, such little, fragile and defenseless, but such native daughter. Questions a whirlwind rushed in the consciousness obscured from an anesthesia: “How the anesthesia will influence the girl?“, whether “Everything is normal with a scale Apgar?“, whether “I will be able to feed the daughter herself after operation?“


the last Especially concerned. I convulsively remembered all articles read during preparation for childbirth - a lactation, colostrum, laktatsionny crises, rules of feeding, convenient poses for feeding, massage of a breast. As far as it the fresh seam allowed, did grindings by a towel, checked whether colostrum went, was upset when it seemed that I do everything not so that it will be not enough milk.

the Children`s nurse brought to

the baby. She woke up when it was put to my breast. And here I understood: “I became a mother!“ From this thought pinched eyes, I whispered something to the baby, and she with pleasure snuffled a nose and gave smacking kiss from pleasure.

For the night the girl was taken away - allowed me to have a rest. I knew that it will be finished feeding mix, and very much was upset, understood that better than colostrum for the newborn there is nothing. At this moment I resolved: “I will feed itself, despite everything!“

my baby was brought in the Morning. The greedy mouth looked for food. “It is necessary, - I was surprised, - it unmistakably found a nipple!“ Eyes swung open, attentively looked at that whom now all life will call mother, eyelashes trembled, and the baby fell asleep, without ceasing to give smacking kiss.

A us was written out then home. Though fed the child on demand, constantly it seemed that it is not enough milk! I bought special tea in a drugstore, made herbs, did massage of a breast, gymnastics. Expectations were met - the lactation was adjusted, and I calmed down - ceased to consider wet diapers, to panic when did not feel milk inflow.

the Only problem. But also we coped with it: during walk chose quiet squares, the yards of schools where there are benches. If hunger or thirst took us unawares during shopping - came into fitting rooms, looked in drugstores.

Of course, many will tell that it was simpler to accustom the child to a baby`s dummy and a small bottle, but I did not want to break off contact with the baby. The baby`s dummy and small bottle, agrees, facilitate life to mother, but at that moment I thought of the daughter, understood that after Caesarian it is necessary to keep heat of embraces, tenderness of a look, to keep this communication longer to reduce impact of medicamentous preparations on nervous system of the child, to nullify consequences of a patrimonial trauma.

Now my Marinochke 1 years and 2 months. We continue practice of feeding on demand. She already understands that on the street it is not necessary to ask a milk, but at home catches mother when wants. Standing, sitting, on a lap at mother, on all fours - as soon as the baby manages “to dudonit“! In the morning the daughter irons mother, tenderly coos:“ Tityo, Tit“. Sings a pleasure song when receives the desirable. And in the evening she falls asleep easily and quickly: it is worth offering a breast, to begin to sing lullabies, the smile lights up a face, long eyelashes lay down on cheeks, the nose begins to snuffle with pleasure. Sometimes even a lullaby it is not necessary - to put enough handle of the baby to himself on a breast and to embrace a crumb.

“When you will disaccustom with

On a question of girlfriends?“ I can unambiguously answer. I agree with opinion of pediatricians and specialists in breastfeeding that it is necessary to feed years to two as it promotes strengthening of children`s immunity, development of mental, creative abilities of the child, facilitates separation process, besides reduces risk of development of oncological diseases in the woman.

Only modern mother hurries to come to work, and I not an exception. My working year coincides with educational therefore it would be desirable to continue a lactation till August (we will be 1,5 years old), and I think that it is optimum!