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to my baby not really grows - that was lucky. It iskusstvennichek. In spite of the fact that I had milk and I wanted to nurse, it was necessary to refuse breastfeeding. Strange failure in an organism which doctors could not explain became the reason. The first three months I fed Anyuta herself. To be convinced that I have enough milk, weighed the daughter before feeding. Results steadily were good - the baby ate enough, however put on weight badly. I calmed myself: it is well-known that children on breastfeeding recover more slowly, than on artificial. Really it was necessary to become agitated when results of blood test - very low hemoglobin came from policlinic. Together with the pediatrician began to look for the reason. The child is on air a little? Cannot be, Anyuta walked for 5 - 6 hours a day. Heredity? Too disappears: both I, and at the father have hemoglobin in the upper bounds of norm.

Remains one - defective food. But maternal milk - ideal food for babies! Just in case asked the familiar laboratorian to make the analysis of my milk. And here the strange thing became clear: contained in milk three times more, than it is necessary, sugars, but there were practically no proteins and iron. Why milk had such strange structure, unclear. But the reasons of anemia and intestinal gripes which all this time exasperated the baby cleared up.

Having consulted to doctors, I practically refused carbohydrates, ate one proteinaceous food and accepted iron preparations. However the composition of milk remained the same as if my organism in any did not want to share with the daughter. It was longer dangerous to experiment - anemia at Ania progressed, doctors insisted on hospitalization. I all - persuaded the doctor to try to improve situation by own efforts and together with it picked up the adapted dairy mix enriched with iron.

Besides, within a month Ania accepted iron medicines in addition. I began to enter into its diet the fruit juice and mashed potatoes containing additional amounts of the vitamin C necessary for digestion of iron soon. That Ania was on air more, we went for the dacha.

All this time I studied literature on food, and as experts recommend to kids to enter into one voice with anemia a feeding up before usual, in the Aniny diet buckwheat cereal, vegetable puree, cottage cheese, even meat appeared. To the word, I use products of exclusively industrial preparation. It seems to me, such food is more useful: it is developed by experts. They know how to keep useful properties of products how many vitamins and mineral substances to add. Besides food in jars saves forces and time. Ania tried all new dishes with interest and pleasure. Vegetable purees and fruit purees with cottage cheese were especially fallen in love by it.

During the summer Anyuta fine grew up: by six months she already sits, tries to grabble and get up, holding a bed side. In a mouth at it grows white recently cut through the first teeth. She is such laugher, such sociable girl! I hope, having passed to artificial feeding, I made the right decision though still I am gnawed by sense of guilt: I could not give to Anyuta the most necessary - to bring up her maternal milk.

the Situation when maternal milk does not satisfy need of the child for nutrients, - the phenomenon extremely rare. If it occurred, introduction to a diet of the baby of substitutes of breast milk is necessary. But it does not mean that a breast it is necessary to refuse feeding. On the contrary, mother has to use the best efforts as long as possible to keep breast milk for the child. The modern adapted mixes and baby food of industrial production really contain all nutrients, vitamins and minerals, necessary for kids. However in the best mix there are no immune bodies developed by a maternal organism, hormones and enzymes which protect the kid from infections and help it to digest food. Not all substitutes of milk contain also the polynonsaturated fatty acids so useful to eyes and a brain. That is why even drops of maternal milk for the baby are invaluable.

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on the example of Anyuta that competently made diet - corresponding to age of the child, including the products of baby food enriched with all necessary vitamins - completely covers needs of the kid for micronutrients. Content of vitamins B baby food conforms to standards and in the most strict way is controlled. And here in the products created especially for medical or preventive foods of kids, the maintenance of any component can be changed. Apply such products only according to the recommendation of the doctor.

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that every month of need of the girl for vitamins (and other substances necessary for it) will increase. Therefore it is so important to enter the new enriched products into a diet. Magnificent means for prevention of anemia - the juice enriched with vitamin C (20 - 30 mg of ascorbic acid against 4 - 12 g in usual juice), children`s porridges and cookies with vitamins and iron, and also the products rich with protein: cottage cheese, fish, meat, bean.

Now on counters of shops great variety of various products for children, but not all of them contain micronutrients. For greater confidence that you buy what is necessary for your kid, do not forget to look on vitaminno - the mineral structure specified on packing.