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- to look happiness in the face of the daughter

there is no bigger happiness, than to give birth to the healthy child. Only not everything it is allowed to pass through test by natural childbirth, someone is come to the rescue by doctors with a scalpel.

We with the husband wanted the child... a bit later... in a couple of years.... But in one day changed the decision and understood that we want now, this year. One week prior to next monthly I already felt that I am pregnant. From where there was such confidence - do not know, but I hardly waited for the first day of a delay and rushed in a drugstore behind the test.... Two strips!!!! I was so glad that spent all evening with a silly smile upon the face with a stick in a hand, looking at treasured strips. The husband was at work a few days ago. I did not sustain and by phone told at once: “I am pregnant!“ Next day the husband met me from work with a bouquet of roses.... We were happy. Pregnancy proceeded well, without toxicoses, hypostases and varicosity. Only very much wanted to sleep, well very much! The truth in 7 weeks was threat of an abortion, but we defended our miracle. Weeks after a week passed, the stomach grew, the child actively moved... In 31 weeks at me the stopper departed. Put in hospital. On survey told that the child lies very low, the head presses on a uterus neck, and it began to reveal. Shock. To give birth still early, began to prick that did not give rise. The daughter (the truth, then we did not know still who we will have) in a tummy took offense at us and decided to stand on hind legs - to turn a bottom. And lay before date of childbirth. Went to hospital in advance with confidence that the daughter will turn over and I will give rise itself, but.... It is not fated. On Thursday, a day before estimated date of childbirth, my doctor advises to do Caesarian. Indications: pelvic prelying, miopiya of high degree, heart trouble. I agree. And thank God, differently could itself and not give rise, but about it later.

Began to prepare for operation. Decided to give birth at a local anesthesia, so there is less harm for the child. Has dinner, till the evening it was possible to drink kefir. After 6 in the evening only water, not less than 1 are desirable more. 5 liters. From the put vespers of an enema refused, my organism itself in an evening two times was cleaned))) Slept by fits. Was nervous. At 6 in the morning the nurse woke, moved on an enema. Bandaged legs to knees elastic bandage. As explained that there was no obstruction of vessels from - for the broken blood supply caused by anesthesia. It was necessary to wait when for me come. Went along corridors of prenatal office, all little girls calmed, supported. Very much their positive spirit helped. In 9. The 45th nurse came for me. All thoughts got to somewhere, even the fear was not any more, and any catalepsy of feelings. Took a package of the water which is not aerated, a mug, pants and went to a meeting with the miracle.

Me changed clothes of

, brought into the operating room, put on a table, told: “Wait. Do not worry!“ The anesthesiologist came, we still the day before got acquainted with her and all discussed.

- Turn to me a back, - she (unfortunately, I do not remember a name of this remarkable woman) says, - and show me an angry kitty.

I Curve a back, I feel an easy prick.

- legs Have to become warmer.

- I do not know as a leg, and a bottom already hot.


distributes laughter, lay down on a table. Put an uric catheter, but I do not feel it any more, anesthesia does the part. In the operating room there is a lot of people, all are busy with the affairs: someone hangs up a curtain before my person what I would see nothing, others process iodine the place of a section, in the right hand put a dropper, on left measure pressure. Thanks to the anesthesiologist, she talked to me all the time, distracted. My doctor came. Operation began. There is no fear, any stupor again.

- for Whom you wait? - the anesthesiologist tries to distract me, standing behind my head.

- I do not know. The surprise for us will be, - I admit.

- As you will call?

- If the girl or Ania or Nastya.

Here I feel something unpleasant, even painful.

- Ouch - I - I - I - yay!!!! - quite so, on letters, I begin to lament.

- Not “Ai - I - I - I - yay!!!!“ and we breathe a nose! It is one thousand times worse than fight. Suffer, - the anesthesiologist says, resting hands to me against shoulders that I did not move. She is bent through me, looks “there“ - Well who at us there? Now we learn.

I Hear shout of my child.

- the Girl. And what pretty!!!

U me tear in the eyes. To me put on glasses (sight − 5, could not see the child), and I see a red little body of my child, my daughter. She shouts, she is dissatisfied, but is live and healthy. And what else is necessary to mother for happiness? Bring, show, and inside everything jumps with happiness and there is a wish to shout “Hurrah!!!!“ . The child was carried away on processing. I begin to relax. Eyes are closed, but I do not sleep.

- At you in how many monthly went? - unexpectedly the doctor asks.

I Open eyes, in them surprise and a question.

- B 12.

- it is strange

. Feeling that this year. The uterus is almost children`s, small. That is why the child could not turn over. Muscles few. It is not surprising that you could not give rise. From where here to undertake patrimonial activity?

Here so. And I waited. And I hoped. Also it was not fated. I could not give rise even if it would lie correctly... My thoughts are interrupted by a voice at a door.

- the Assessment 8/8. 3 kg 50 cm

Brought to

the daughter once again. I consider it. And here the daughter opens eyes, they yet muddy, see nothing, but she tries!!!! Tries to look that here around and who speaks. She is a beauty!!!

- Oh, what pretty. Well, precisely Nastenka! - doctors lament.

- Nastya, so Nastya.

And our daughter received the name. There will be Nastenkoy - the tender, gentle girl.

Operation comes to an end with

. Already now I understand that everything that had to be suffered then: pricks three times a day on 3 - 4 for time, difficulties of rise from a bed, establishing feeding, pain in the field of a seam - nothing on comparison with happiness to see a smile of the daughter and happy father who adores the daughter, to press it to a breast, to look in her face, to see how it grows. This such happiness! May God give everybody as good it!