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Notes about GV

my kormitelny experience (so far 3 years) grants to me the right for the opinion concerning breastfeeding. Reading forums, I noticed that mummies almost always worry for the identical reasons. I would like to write the view of these questions.

  1. At pregnancy should prepare nipples - to pound them a towel and other. With the son I tried to do it, and with the daughter is not present. The result is identical. Besides this method can lead to premature birth therefore I to do it to you did not advise. An exception - “mammoths“ on 41 weeks. One more myth is connected with colostrum - whether it influences amount of milk. No, it precisely. Besides with the son it at me flew from 20 weeks of pregnancy, and for his second time was not at all.
  2. Food. If neither you, nor other members of your family of an allergy suffer, then at GV is almost everything is possible, except for of course harmful products and preservatives, but gradually.
    Milk with tea does not influence amount of milk and if influences, then it is insignificant - it is, in my opinion, more from area of auto-suggestion. It is necessary to drink on requirements and water, both juice, and tea. It seems to someone that from green tea of milk it is more, and to someone - that from black with milk. The main thing - to remember that cow`s milk can serve as the reason of the increased gas generation.
  3. lacks
  4. milk. Here my opinion such - not enough milk happens at very small amount of women. And a spirit and confidence in the forces - the most important. If the child when feeding coils and cries - it is not necessary to think at once that there is no milk. At me in this respect absolutely other opinion - I think at once that it is gripes. To Bor of the child “column“ also I go so, and then I give a breast again, but another. And so until the child does not calm down.
    cannot determine amounts of milk By the size of a breast in it. And on decantation too. It is possible to define shortage of milk if the child pisat a little, sluggish. And control weighing shows, he does not gain weight or gathers very little.
  5. of Decantation. Unambiguously - healthy mother at the healthy child should not be decanted! It is necessary - if the kid sucks a little, and mother should increase a lactation. If breasts painful, condensed, reddened - a little, before pain relief it is necessary from to rastsedit. If mother has to leave, and she wants that in her absence fed with a milk - too it is possible to decant. I decanted a breast when I had a wound on one of them, and I conducted feeding only from one. To the son there was a year, milk decreased, and I gradually decanted every night milk from a sore breast. In two weeks the wound healed, I began to give a breast, and the amount of milk renewed.
  6. Excommunication. At everyone the term but to understand that the child is ready, it is possible so: in the afternoon he falls asleep itself when he hurts does not run behind calm to a mother`s breast, well eats a feeding up. And the breast at mother for the long period of time is not poured. If there is no all this - means while early and it is necessary to train the child for it gradually: to learn to calm down, fill up in a different way without breast in the afternoon. Night feedings will go to the latest turn.

Well and some more marginal notes. At GV it is possible to do a X-ray. If you got sick, look for the drugs compatible to GV - and such is, and from many indispositions.

of Forces to you, patience and long feedings!