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Dairy sonnies of

Ya already twice very happy mother, my children - Jascha and Antosha - grow at healthy, clever, quiet and curious children. Jascha is 4,5 years old, Antoshke is 4 months old. I will tell about Yasha`s feeding since with the younger child everything goes the blazed right paths.

When she was pregnant with Yasha, did not know about feeding practically anything. Mother fed me till 3 months, then squeezed out the last precious straws, and in we wash the order there was a mix and feedings up on age. When she told me about it, I reflected why so it turns out that many feed till 3 months, and then milk allegedly vanishes.

the Answer I learned

a bit later, having read the mass of literature and communicating with consultants for breastfeeding. It appears, 3 months are time when there can be a crisis in a lactation, but milk will not be gone anywhere if to give to an organism the chance to make sure that the request for milk still is. I.e. any dokorm, water, only breast and child.

I incidentally learned

In maternity hospital from one of nurses that the child needs to give water since milk is a food, and water is drink. Along with it advice was given to wash to the newborn of an eye with a laundry soap (!) therefore I somehow doubted any councils from medical staff. And I began to ring round dolgokormyashchy girlfriends. Council not to give water if the child only on GV, was approved a bit later by doctors from Institute of pediatrics where we went on consultation.

the woman`s Milk on the structure is non-uniform

. What the child receives at the beginning of feeding - the water which is most suitable for it. The nature provided everything, you should not experiment with tap water or “children`s“ water from plastic bottles.

When we were written out by

home, there were two more questions: what to do with cracks on nipples and whether it is necessary to be decanted. Very much Bepanten cream helped, it should not be washed away before feeding, and it is not necessary to wash a breast more often than once a day at all not to delete protective natural greasing.

With decantation nothing turned out - milk comes exactly so much how many your unique child requests. The more stimulation (decantation by it in fact also is), the is more than milk. Once it tried to be decanted - painfully, result zero. Means, it is not necessary, at us and so everything is good.

Yasha had an excellent increase in weight, I never had any unsoluble problems with milk. The only thing with what it was necessary to suffer, is a lack of a full-fledged dream. The son in the bed woke up sometimes each 30 min. Soon on my face there was an effect of a panda, and the wild izmotannost became the reason of constant irritation and diseases. Once I, having gathered impudence, moved the husband from a bed and put the son to herself. It was the first normal night after its birth. Still, he spent 9 months in my tummy, and then suddenly it appeared in the deafening silence separately from mother, he is a clever boy and the behavior in every possible way showed that to a cub it is safer with mother. I do not remember how many I time fed it that night, just gave a breast, and we slept in an embrace. Feelings are inexpressible. So before being spent for purchase of a crib, think - can be, is better indulge himself and buy an adult bed of the bigger size.

I fed Jascha with

till 2 years and 3 months. He already ate all adult food. When I came from work, it thriftily lifted up to me a jacket and was put to a breast. Sometimes began to forget also about it. There was one feeding before a night dream. Once I ornamented a breast brilliant green, showed to Jascha and told: “Bo - bo, you see“. In the evening we for the first time fell asleep under reading the favourite fairy tale.

Milk is almost at each woman, but not all have, unfortunately, correct information on breastfeeding. So we have one more task - to pass on the successful experience of feeding from mother to the daughter. So healthy children will be more.