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Greece - the country where there is everything!

Greece - one of the most many-sided countries of the Mediterranean and all Europe., It seems, such small, but from the point of view of rest options it combines practically all that it is only possible to wish: smart beaches, tasty healthy kitchen, bright warm sun, the richest culture and interesting story. Therefore I and all my colleagues in Aldemar we consider that Greece - the best option of summer holiday for Russians. Only three hours of flight, and you get to a real paradise.

In Greece is struck by a variety of islands... It is possible to consider and study them indefinitely!

Mecca of the Greek tourism, the best-known direction is Crete. There the richest scale of hotels - from expensive luxury to the most democratic and available. Among them - hotel, belonging to our network. Each of them reflects a certain line of Greece, gives the chance to experience the country. For example, Cretan Village, our only “four“, is constructed in style of the kritsky village: there constant fun, good animation, fine kitchen - absolutely natural atmosphere! Or Knossos Royal - very sound “five“, where, perhaps, the combination of service of very high level, best in Greece, and reasonable prices. This year it is considerably updated: there was a separate reception for Sector of country houses (and them 40), there is also a set of other impressive services.

One more foreshortening of the country is SPA and talasso - therapy. Before opening in 1997 of Royal Mare & hotel; Talasso in Greece was not services of thalassotherapy. Now they are very widespread, but for already 12 years our hotel remains to the best both in Greece, and in the world. It is confirmed by numerous awards of the international organizations for tourism. And when we made in this hotel professional tennis club with seven courts constructed according to the highest international standards and stands, the combination of advantages turned out that it is necessary! SPA, talasso, big tennis, smart restaurants - in a word, the ideal place for those who love themselves. That is - for you!

Rhodes - one most interesting islands of Greece. Exactly here at the beginning of the 3rd century BC the Colossus of Rhodes - one of seven wonders of the world was erected. The island not big, but surprisingly saturated. The charming nature, picturesque landscapes, the old city which is under protection of UNESCO and connected with history of the Order of Malta before exile of knights - ioannit Turks to Malta. The medieval city of Rhodes is well kept, moreover, it is one of the few fortresses in the world where among numerous monuments life continues to boil. The palace of the Great Master, Rytsarey Street, set of churches, the Admiralty - here is what to look at! On east coast of Rhodes where our Paradise Mare and Paradise Village hotels, the sea quiet are located. This place perfectly is suitable for beach rest - unlike the rough western coast, ideal for amateur surfing and the championships on this sport.

the Third region which I would like to recommend, - the western Peloponnese. Here the best beaches of Greece and, perhaps, all Mediterranean. Their extent - more than hundred kilometers!. Here the future of the Greek tourism, and those who will choose our Olympian Village and Royal Olympian SPA & Thalasso, will be able to be convinced of it. This year the resort was recognized as the best resort of the Mediterranean Sea according to the version the International organization of tourism. The main thing - to manage to force to leave for a while beaches, to take the car and to do a bit of traveling on the peninsula. One ancient Olympia what stands!. The Byzantine monasteries and temples, the medieval cities, Ancient Greek monuments - cannot be transferred how many interesting places it is possible to see here! Peloponnese is my love. I hope, it will become also your love!

As recently mass media pile on the agony a little, once again I want to remind that Greece - one their quietest and safe countries of the world for tourists!


Choose Greece - you will find here everything that it is necessary for you!