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How to prepare the child for kindergarten of

  • From: Vika 06. 03. 99 20:09:34 to
    to the Boy 2,5 years, we want to send him to a day nursery of ilidomashniya detsadik. Parents, uky the child already goes to yasliil a domomashny kindergarten write, the kakrebenka to prepare for a garden what skills at it have to uzhebyt. And it is far better to give a vrayonny day nursery or domashniydetsad.
    • From: Rimma 07. 03. 99 1:13:26
      Hello, Vika! At first learn
      , kakiyepoblizost from you of an estsada and a day nursery with good and not very much recommendations. Never act with
      poodny - edinstvennoyrekomendation, talk smaksimalny kolichestvomroditel.
      Come to a garden to an ipobudta time maksimalnoyekolichestvo allowing decencies. you Watch
      only at the reaktsiyusvoy child - ponravyatsyal to it surrounding children, adults, a situation, atmosphere.
      Children horoshorazbiratsya in such prophetic - better you.
      Talk to the tutor - let he will tell you what, in his opinion, to dolzhenumet the child, coming to it to a garden.
      to Estimate the opportunities - whether you adjust a svoyegomalysh to the necessary urovnyaz the short term that to the oyena had complex pokaky - or an occasion.
      Be afraid of those, ktogovorit that “yes we samivsy will teach“.
      Can arise situatsiyas “throwing in water“ - all eat with a fork and this samnauchitsya. Perhaps it inauchitsya, Isam a garden of all or perhaps izamkntsya and will be upset dushoyvoznenavidit kaksamo the phenomenon. Look at
      on other children - that they are able, ask ikhroditel - who whom, kogda as learned.
      May be and so, chtovash the child even prinevnimatelny sravneniipokazyvat “luchshiyerezultata“, chemostalny kids.
      Be afraid also of it to go, so forward can not give it, it will vynuzhdentormozitsya.
      A after a garden you ochenmat you will be able to do with it!!!
      After a malyshpsikhicheska garden, physically, emotionally ochenvymotan. And eslisad does not give all that, chtova would like - or though bypolovina - prizadumaytes - and whether the game is worth the candle.
      If already decided that etotsad - approximately that place which you looked for, - agree naeksperimentalny week.
      During it to the prikhoditena only in ustanovlennoyevremya the end of the working day, but also during food, a dream, walk. If your tutor never nothing on an etomupovoda stated
      to you - vseo`ky, your emergence does not prevent it to be samimsoby. to an eshcheransha, on a detskoyploshchadka, thrust with srebyatishka from a garden with
      of Postaraytespoznakomitsya to somebody on a visit, get acquainted with mothers of an izsad.
      Estimate the finansovyevozmozhnost - the child`s inogdasoderzhaniye in a garden, not including a payment, it is quite expensive - for example, from you still obligatory pampers, wet towel wipes, disposable bibs it can potrebovatpomimo replaceable clothes for a garden. item.
      can arise still an odnasituation - it is pleasant to the kid, and you are dissatisfied with what - tomelocham. Check
      yourself also eshcheraz - may be, nepereveshivayutudovolstviye claim chtovash, poluchayemogomalyshy.
      of Regularity is in that, a chtoluchsha - a private garden an iligosudarstvenny day nursery netnikaky.
      Everything depends only otlyudy, and to them iprismatrivaytes in pervuyuochered.
      A for the rest - good luck to you, iyesl will be still kakiyeproblema, vsegdaobrashchaytes, at us opytsadik, since seven-months - uzhpoluchitsya so, and we are always ready to help, than we will be able. write
      if you want.
      Once again -
      of Good luck!