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“There is a bull-calf, shakes...“

with What to surprise modern, very beloved child? What to present it that the gift was remembered for a long time and did not roll among numerous bright toys? This question rises before each parent sooner or later. And I long reflected, went shopping, looked, chose, selected... New doll? Again bright foreign and such cold Barbie... The developing game? And whether it will be interesting to the child?. Already having almost despaired to find something unusual, came into the next toy store.

Doll. Yes not simple, and with a secret. A fair hair falls down long waves on shoulders (the daughter all the time dreams of braids). Huge blue eyes. Not import, our, native Russian beauty. And that the dress is not elegant it we will correct in no time. I come into the next department and I buy pink tapes, a grid, the atlas, laces, paillettes. All night long I scribble dresses. One - is more, for the daughter. The second, exactly - in - exactly the first - for a doll. I collect huge pink bows. I decorate with spangles, asterisks and small rosettes from the atlas.

I here the long-awaited holiday came. Guests - little elegant girlfriends in bows and lacy dresses came. The important washed and brushed little gentlemen in ties - butterflies. In total with gifts - big and small.

After tea with cake and candles, ice cream and fruit I offered children of game and entertainment with small prizes - souvenirs. Everyone has to carry away something with itself(himself) for memory. Verses, songs and dances poured in abundance.

- And now - a gift from mother and Katya`s doll for the birthday woman - I say, I get from a big beautiful box a big doll in a pink dress with a pink bow - exactly - in - exactly, as at the birthday woman. And imperceptibly I press a small button on a stomach...

“Dropped a bear on a floor, tore off to a bear a paw...“

“The bull-calf goes, shakes...“

I in the end the doll sings the song “From a Smile Will Become Brighten“.

It is birthday, the gift and a doll Katya are remembered still not only by my daughter, but also her girlfriends and the grown-up boys who matured already.

the Children`s holiday - not such and difficult piece!