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Care of skin of the newborn

Babies seem such fragile. How to protect them from aggressive influence of world around the pediatrician Alexey Aleksandrovich Rogov will prompt.

the Integument is the unique body of a human body which is carrying out first of all protective function. Besides, skin is responsible for breath and maintenance of temperature balance. whether

skin of newborns Has some features in comparison with the adult`s skin? It such gentle and soft.

of Feature of skin of newborn children needs to be considered from the point of view of physiology and pathology. It means that it undergoes the certain physiological changes connected both with growth of the child, and with change of living conditions (transition to extra uterine existence).

In comparison with adults, skin of the newborn child has a thin unripe horn layer, a big surface stronger the developed vascular network. These features result in easy vulnerability and frequent infection. Children`s skin to the land, than at adults, has more expressed tendency to a peeling, reddening and emergence of irritation. Inability to answer adequately temperature drops and badly developed regulation of heat exchange lead to overheating and overcooling.

As the newborn child looks?

at the time of the child`s birth his skin is covered with quite thick layer of syrovidny greasing. It consists of fat, cholesterol, in it there is a lot of glycogen, it contains slushchivayushchiysya epidermis (a nutrient medium for microbes). After removal of greasing and clarification from casual pollution skin of the newborn looks a little edematous and pale. Initial pallor then is replaced by jet redness with a cyanotic shade. It is called physiological Qatar skin. Accruing during the first two days, the redness then is replaced by a small peeling of epidermis. With such skin the newborn is written out home.

When should begin to look after skin?


In spite of the fact that changes of skin have physiological character to wait when the peeling itself passes is not necessary. Above-mentioned features of children`s skin do it by excellent entrance gate for an infection. The newborn`s skin also as well as at any age needs clarification, protection and moistening.

From - for subtleties of the top layer of skin and well developed vascular network, skin of babies possesses the increased soaking-up ability. Therefore for care of children`s skin use only hypoallergenic means containing natural components. The cosmetics has to be is developed especially for babies and have the corresponding certificates.

What practical advice mothers of newborn children can give?

of Special attention are deserved by newborn children since the umbilical wound represents open gate for a bacterial infection. In first 10 - 14 should meet days more or less sterile conditions, i.e. to use sterile expendables, boiled water for processing.

cannot completely protect further the kid from world around of bacteria. At a stage of formation of immune system the gradual meeting with pathogenic activators stimulates its development, accumulating “memory cages“ which will help the child to adapt further with collective and to be ill less. In too time you should not be fond of it. The majority of pathogenic bacteria can remain a long time on the objects which are especially polluted. Good nutrient medium are the remains of dairy products, and also all allocations of the child including after vomiting. Except bacteria, danger is constituted by a mold which is often formed in toys, especially rubber. Even if it will be possible to avoid an infection, bacteria and a mold can lead to a sensitization (allergization) of an organism of the child. Therefore the special attention should be paid to washing of children`s ware (small bottles, pacifiers), and also children`s toys. Means for washing has to be safe and have antibacterial effect. It can be reached thanks to contents bio - components. Means for washing of children`s small bottles of Laven with antibacterial action is suitable for processing of everything that can concern a mouth of the kid. It does not contain phosphates and dyes. Quickly and easily washes off, well eliminates the pollution caused by dairy products.


It is one of frequent procedures during the day directed to clarification of skin after physiological departures. The diaper (diapers) should be changed at once as soon as there were “big“ affairs and at least, than each 3 - 4 hours. can be Washed away the kid under the crane, without forgetting that girls wash away in front back. For clarification of skin it is possible to use children`s soap which has neutral rn, does not overdry skin, and, on the contrary, thanks to natural additives softens it. At each stage of growth of the child it is possible to pick up, the soap suitable it, based on properties of the vegetable components entering it. The Bulgarian producers pay special attention to the curative properties of the pink water possessing regenerating and softening with action in children`s cosmetics of ROSE of BULGARIA kid “S, to antiseptic and antibacterial effect of extracts of a camomile and parikovy tree (a series Lavena Bebi Ezhik).

Change of diapers

When changing diapers and at a morning toilet can use

a milk for a body which clears skin, softens and humidifies it. They can wipe skin folds that will prevent emergence of irritation and an intertrigo. Olive oil softly clears skin, without hammering a time, allowing thereby skin to breathe. The camomile will have the anti-inflammatory and calming effect. The milk for a body from a series of children`s cosmetics is hypoallergenic and intended for care of gentle skin of babies.

can apply to

Under a diaper protective children`s cream with zinc which will create a thin barrier, preventing reddening and irritation. Protective children`s cream can have also antibacterial effect (cream Lavena Bebi Ezhik).


Compulsory evening procedure. It is possible to add various herbs for removal of irritation of skin (a train, a camomile) to water. For clarification of skin and hair use the hypoallergenic shampoos which are not drying up gentle skin of kids. Extracts of plants will have the calming effect, will remove irritation, will enrich skin with nutritious components and will carefully clear it. To kids is more senior it will be pleasant to potter in a children`s penalty fee which perfectly clears skin and creates a protective layer. It is convenient to use for bathing of means 2 in 1. Soft shampoo to clear hair, without irritating an eye, and the pink water saturated with active agents will restore cells of skin and will strengthen its protective function. Pleasant natural aroma of pink water (shampoo and a shower - ROSE of BULGARIA kid gel “S) or extracts of a linden and a camomile (shampoo and bath foam Lavena Bebi Ezhik) will be created by feeling of rest and comfort. This feeling will be added as natural oil by Lavena Bebi Ezhik which will restore hydrolipidic balance of skin, will humidify and will soften it after bathing, and the calming children`s ROSE of BULGARIA kid cream“ with S with gentle aroma of a rose.


For care of skin of the baby needs so many different means. Whether will strike it the budget of a family?

Each woman knows that beauty demands the victims. Choosing cosmetics for children`s skin, it is necessary to place emphasis on quality, to be exact, on structure. It have to be natural hypoallergenic vegetable components. Means have to be developed especially for kids. Broad experience of use, such as, of the Bulgarian cosmetics Lavena Bebi Ezhik and ROSE of BULGARIA kid “S in the countries of Europe, made it popular at rather low price.