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BIO: the small badge, big advantage of

In shops quite often meet today products marking “environmentally friendly“, “grown up in the environmentally friendly area“, “BIO“. Buyers, especially those who got used to save on food treat similar goods ironically: rather “pure“ they consider grown up on own kitchen garden...

Let`s understand whether are really necessary industrial, special, to technology for production of useful and healthy products? Or those who wants to care really for himself will need to do nothing how to return to a subsistence economy?

Who thought up environmentally friendly agriculture?


Still long before people began to think of what harm sometimes they do to environment, the planet and the atmosphere, were for the first time proved and carried out in practice of idea of biological agriculture.

B 1924 Rudolf Steiner for the first time read the theory that the earth - a uniform live organism in which such functions as breath, food and allocation are inherent. In its theory of a plant, animals and people are considered as a unit and in absolutely new status such useless, apparently, weeds and insects - wreckers are built - they thin out in the natural way beds. Thanks to it each separate plant contains so many vitamins how many it is necessary the nature.

After Steiner`s idea gained active development in Switzerland thanks to Hans Muller. Doctor Muller became the main inspirer of farmers, and at the time of his activity there were first experimental farms making environmentally friendly food. And later and farms it is more, for example the enterprise for production of baby food of HiPP family.

That such real BIO?

of BIO - agriculture is agriculture in harmony with the nature when the people working at the earth merge with it in a whole, and their main objective is production of an environmentally friendly and safe product. Ecological purity is reached due to quality control at all stages of cultivation and production of a product.

Everything begins

with the choice of the earth. The most important is a remoteness from industrial zones, from dusty highways, from the smoking pipes of plants because all these factors perniciously influence the soil.


For BIO - agriculture is suitable only the best earth which is not containing any harmful substances, for example the remains of chemical fertilizers from old crops. Even the direction of wind is considered. It prevents hit of pollution with air streams. But business is not limited to one earth. Seeds are selected with the same care. The same criteria - absolute ecological purity, is excluded any chemical processing. When the earth is chosen and seeds are planted - the most difficult begins! To grow up the real organic vegetables and fruit, it is necessary to treat with special attention to cultivation process. To watch that boring had enough water and light and if weeds suddenly appear, it is possible to delete them only with natural methods - mechanically or manually. Use of any chemicals is excluded!

of the Same care and leaving are demanded also by livestock BIO - farms. The most important - the untouched nature, clean air, the soil and water. In warm time animals are grazed on pastures, peacefully chewing a sugar grass, and from February to April when on the street becomes cold, support them in the special ventilated and light rooms, providing with the most tasty hay.

of One of such farms. Since 1990 BIO - farms “Vaydekhof“ grow up pets in strict accordance with requirements of the legislation of the EU about environmentally friendly food, and many famous producers appreciate it. Each animal even has the passport - special ear tags. For 15 years the association “Vaydekhof“ is a supplier of the producer of baby food of “HiPP“.

Fresh, from a gryadochka...

A what occurs when vegetables or fruit grow on own kitchen garden? Let`s take for an example of the average summer resident who decided to grow up on the six hundred parts for a family a few “pure“ vegetables, berries and fruit.

the First question - where located this giving? If right in the middle a virgin taiga, then all doubts disappear. But, most likely, it is not so far from the large city. And it means that, to whatever fresh - in comparison with gas-polluted highways - to us country air, all harmful impurity seemed (let in slightly smaller concentration) all the same are present at it. Means, are absorbed also by the soil, and everything that on it grows.

the “Harmful“ hindrance can become even neighbors who do not support your “pure“ aspirations and with might and main water the beds and spray trees chemicals. Insects on your sites fly same. Water during thawing of snow spreads extensively as to it will take in head. Means, the part of chemicals anyway will get from neighbors and to your harvest...

the Second question just about these fertilizers. It is often possible to hear such opinion: “I do not use chemicals, I fertilize only manure, and it is a natural product!“ Natural - of course, but only in the sense that it is waste product of a live organism. And whether you thought from what this manure turned out? In sense what was eaten by a cow before, so to speak, to make it? Most likely, forages, usual for farms. And it means, the herbs which are plentifully watered with chemicals flavored with forage antibiotics... And all this only small part was late in its organism, generally straight went to your kitchen garden! I think, comments are excessive...

the last - though can tell

I about it still very long - what landing material you use? The last 20 years our summer residents rejoice: as it is remarkable that in specialized shops “special“ seeds from which on a bed fruits turn out as on selection began to sell: all rovnenky, identical length and thickness. Of course, it both is convenient, and is esthetic. And whether that`s great? To achieve similar “uniformity“, with seeds obviously something “subtilized“ - both geneticists, and chemists...

the Conclusion from all this is very unfavourable

: even on own kitchen garden to achieve “environmentally friendly“ production very much and very difficult. And what to tell about those fruit, vegetables and other gifts of the nature which are on sale in the markets?! Even grandmothers at whom “all the“ - any of them will not cope with those tasks, which in power only to huge multimillion farms specializing in production of environmentally friendly products...

And that in a jar?

Regular control - here that else guarantees ecological purity. For example, in the HiPP company, the producer of baby food, contents of each jar undergo more than 260 testing - since research of the soil and finishing with check of a ready-made product in own laboratory, by the right of the considered one of the best in the world from the point of view of both the equipment, and experts. Complete control of quality gives the chance to establish on what field the carrots which are contained in this jar grew. It happens to the help of the identification number located on each lid of a product. Favourite fruit of kids - banana - is brought from the mountain jungle Costa - Ricky. There bananas grow in natural, environmentally friendly conditions. And they are tested in laboratory too.

- it is better than

of BIO. And it is proved

the Advantage of environmentally friendly products is already repeatedly proved by the most authoritative experts in the field of food and ecology. What consumers already guessed, is confirmed by researches on comparison of quality of products of a biological and traditional origin.

“To eat

biologically“ means not only supply with bioactive ingredients, but also considerable decrease in the risk connected with the remains of biocides and nitrates, food additives and the genetically modified organisms (GMO).

the Majority of modern products, including baby food, are made in the traditional way, that is may contain dyes, the remains of chemical fertilizers, artificial additives and even GMO.

How to choose the “correct“ baby food and to be confident in its quality? You look at the producer, at his packing. And especially pay attention to presence of special marking - “BIO“.

What guarantees is green - the blue BIO badge?

the European legislation on environmentally friendly food contains requirements about in what conditions it is necessary to grow up products. Namely:

It is green - the blue BIO badge placed on packing of baby food guarantees to all mothers and fathers ecological purity of a product.