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Return of the lascivious husband

Everything began as usual: the next quarrel which turned into large scandal, mutual recriminations and reproaches... And suddenly on escaped at Olga “eyes mine you did not see!!!“ Valery unexpectedly quietly answered: “For God`s sake! I can though right now to leave“. Probably, he made the decision for himself for a long time - to these and its sudden tranquility spoke.

What the angry, tired forty-year-old woman could answer such remark? “Also leave! You can not come back!“ And when the entrance door slapped, and Valery truly left, Olga long sat without moving as if waited that now he will return back as came always after such quarrels...

It really returned, only between leaving and return flew by neither more nor less - five years! Returned because now it was not necessary to anybody including that which waited for it withdrawal from a family five years ago. And Olga accepted it - did not forgive, and accepted: immemorial female pity got the best of the offended pride. But subsequently it turned out that during this time Valery did not become necessary even to own wife...

It happens to

rather often in families where spouses both so-called middle ages - from thirty five to forty five. When they, age-mates, in youth establish a family, marrying for the first (or the second) to love, both are completely happy with each other. But there is time, children grow up, already the silver wedding on the horizon - and suddenly the husband begins to glance “at young people“. Whether always it is explained by notorious truth “a demon in an edge“? By no means not! The elderly husband has other serious reasons to behave so.

With sexual culture at the generation which is given rise in the fortieth - the fiftieth years, as we know, the situation is practically in any way. Certainly, it is not their wine, but trouble, but from it it is not easier first of all him. As a result of “ignorance“ - twenty years of life at night in the same pose under a blanket... And at the same time a constant dissatisfaction as at the husband (the spouse could be supposedly more active!) and at the wife. In general those years there was an opinion that the woman it seems also should not test any orgasms: provided to the man a discharge - its conjugal duty is fulfilled, and all. And when such mutual dissatisfaction rather inability to reach harmony is saved during fifteen - twenty years... As they say, and the Saint will not sustain. And by the end of critical term mutual reproaches and offenses, sometimes in the most insignificant occasions begin. The sexual dissatisfaction of the woman is transformed to irritability. The wife reproaches the husband that “gave him the youth“. And in such living conditions unless it is not right?

A at the husband the problems: the wife slightly that - in shout, accuses, humiliates... And in the period of forty - forty five years it is especially important to it “to feel like the man“. Here also begins to look at spouses on those which will not be too exacting to its to “male qualities“, - on very young girls. And often finds that which agrees on bigger, than just sex... In a similar situation the next family scandal becomes just a reason for withdrawal of the man from a family.

“The thrown wives“ often ask me: “What do these young girls find in old married men?“ Really strange at first sight. If to look more attentively, it will become clear that not all girls communicate with elderly and that is important, family. But only those which possess certain properties of the personality.

In - the first, it is girls excessively curious - in bad sense of this word. Such adventurers: and what will be if I “from a stall“ take away the man? Me will pursue, threaten or simply “will escape punishment“? Such ladies not only in sex, but also in life in general constantly look for adventures on the... head.

In - the second, diffident - yes! Such at heart repeat the known saying:“ Do not love single - he loves nobody and you will not be, do not love the widower - exhausted the wife and will exhaust you, and love married - he loves the wife and will love you“. Certainly, the disputable postulate, but to such girls it serves as quite strong consolation. Such, be it though a belle, at heart even does not hope to fascinate the “free“ man and to marry him. For now it has in “gentlemen“ a family man, there is a fine excuse for society:“ He does not marry me because divorce is not issued yet“. Besides actually at all and it is not obligatory to marry...

B - the third, a certain category of women to whom it is vital to ego-trip at the expense of people around is. In particular, to take away foreign partner even if he also is not necessary at all. But if it was given preference, so it better than “that old wife“.

I at last, in - the fourth, very many women do not plan anything against a family of the elect at all. They need the relations for a while to accumulate some experience before building a happy family with the age-mate.

But anyway - the man leaves in a huff of family fortress and leaves to another. And here the situation, as they say, “hangs“: in most cases the newly-baked couple does not register the relations. Certainly, between them there is an expressed sexual inclination at the beginning, but, as a rule, there is no psychological mutual understanding. These are the different worlds of communication with the partner taking only own sexual pleasure.

its participants treat such union consumer: being really blind and deaf to the identity of the partner, two literally rob each other in the course of joint life. They do not seek to have nothing in common including material values: statistically, couples which are in the similar relations practically do not make considerable purchases of general use - household appliances, the equipment, furniture. They spend all earned money for “beautiful life“: restaurants, travel, clothes (everyone on the). That is unconsciously do not burden themselves with anything from what when parting cannot be carried away on itself.

But long can simply not live with the stranger on spirit the person. And then the young mistress at first shy, and then begins search of the new partner more and more actively. Legally it is free, and it is better to run away from the former man not in anywhere, and to the following, isn`t it? Seeing these searches (which the farther, the less become secret), the man begins to worry: “Spoke to me, do not live about young - all the same will change...“ Also he does not understand that if initially they were connected by something besides sex, his young darling would have no requirement to run away; also it runs away now at all not because it does not accept its sexual qualities! But the offended former elect not in forces to change the situation which already went too far. And as a result loses “with a chipped washing-tub“: his mistress now with the new partner, and he with anything as once left everything to the wife. Alain`s

, Valery`s passion for the sake of which it also left a family it was p in every respect the maiden not a miss, despite 25 years. When their relations came into the similar deadlock, it zealously began “other life“, meeting all new applicants for her hand, heart and the apartment. When Valery cut to the quick tried - to bring to reason time another it, she as a result applied a drastic remedy - arranged Valeria serious troubles at work. The benefit they worked in the same bank where, actually, and got acquainted. As a result the management showed Valery the door. Alyona together with new “friend“ right there suggested “to free the square“, and Valery literally was on street. Tried to spend the night at friends, but soon it ceased to please them. And Valery even breathed sigh of relief when he with an attack of stomach ulcer rang out in hospital. But just on a hospital bed he fully also felt the loneliness. Formal care of doctors - here only on what heat he could count now. Professor doing round somehow joked at its bed: “Something you, old man, badly are on the mend. It is visible, at you, speaking on science, there is no incentive to recovery at all!“ ... And yes it is right, no. There is no place to go, it is necessary to nobody. Parents are dead long ago; to bother friends and friends already inconveniently; about Alyona in general it is better not to remember, and to repeat such experiments the more there is no wish... And not without the assistance of doctors Valery made the decision to return to the wife. Especially as they did not divorce.

... Having overcome opposite feeling of fear, he called a door of the former house. The door was opened by Olga. Silently Valeria carried out to the apartment and went “to be engaged in tea“. He looked round around: all seemingly familiar but at the same time as everything changed! The grown old things - any new. Means, nevertheless with some difficulty was it without it. And was not enough, probably, in the house of the husband and father. But other party, the woman in five years, it seems, also got used to live without husband. Not at its age to build a new family and children grow up. For the flown by years the son and the daughter became completely independent, got the families. Grandsons who at all strangers to the former “head of family“ were born. And for the wife it - as an old suitcase without handle: both it is heavy to bear, and it is a pity to throw... How to be?

the Man, changing, does not set to itself at all the purpose to leave a family. And if change took place, first of all ask yourself a question: what is occurred between you what pushed the husband in embraces of other woman? Most often the man thus runs from dictatorship of the wife. If own spouse does not understand the husband - there will be another which at least will undertake to understand him at the beginning and to console. And if you want, as gratitude for the help and a consolation he will sleep with it.

to provide the soil for change of the husband, the mode of misunderstanding, eternal reproaches and total unfreedom is enough to arrange

to it. Many wives try to keep constantly the husband under control, on a short lead. Try to operate it, but do it absolutely with gross spelling mistakes. And then, when not sustained husband runs to other woman, they ask for the help. But requirements are imposed too by peculiar: my husband such - syaky, make so that he suffered all my mockeries and did not run from me on the party. And, certainly, do not want to correct the behavior. Or still there is a situation: the wife - the dictator cannot reconcile to leaving of the husband. Finds it, pursues, threatens also it, and his mistress. And eventually this mistress decides that it is better for it to look for other man who has not such noisy wife.

the Changed husband in most cases comes back sooner or later. However if the wife returned it violently, then the situation in a family which led this husband to change remains without change and can soon lead to its repeated leaving from the wife. If it comes back after certain time for which there is that lag of the relations with the mistress, then here just the wife has a question: how to react to it? To show the female pride and not to let in the house or to show the female pity and to forgive?

First of all, the wife in any similar situation it is necessary again - to remember: the husband, leaving to the mistress, does it not from good life and at this mistress at all not in the seventh heaven is, he and there has problems. If you want, he walked smack in rather dirty pool which is called “mistress“. And if it returned back, first of all it needs the help. Of course, if you still wish that it remained with you. Actually not so there is a lot of options of further relationship with the spouse who came back to a family bosom.

First of all - cardinal: you decided “not to forgive“, to leave finally, to part, be exchanged, break all links. Now I will not tell much about what such option is bad: for whom such road is acceptable - good luck! There is no terrible nothing in it. But there is also other exit: to start everything completely with a clean slate. In particular, the wife - to take and to marry again... for own husband.

As it to make

really? At least, to build the relations with the husband not according to the scheme “the patient-the nurse“, and just like the people seeking to be pleasant each other. Flirt with the former spouse, slowly go for rapprochement, first of all psychological again. As a result of flirtation you will look younger both, besides both will have an incentive to live. Accept the come-back husband as the new person, offer him the game “in acquaintance“: “We are almost foreign people, but you try to win me!“

most important - both do not abuse

A each other for what passed long ago. Also you remember: unfaithful, lightweight husbands change the mistresses easily, without destroying at the same time the family center. And leave in what there were to another, alas, only faithful husbands. And if such spouse came back home, the reasonable wife has a real opportunity to make happy of a tragic situation.