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Landscape light of

Landscape designers and gardeners - fans constantly create magnificent, elegant and original gardens, experiment with new plants and forms, seeking to enjoy wholly gifts of the nature and fruits of the creativity. But with nightfall of paint of a garden grow dim also what surprised in the afternoon and admired, appears at the viewer only a gloomy outline, an illusive shadow of titanic work of the creator. And here light comes to the rescue again! To be exact, sadovo - park lighting - in all its manifestations.

the First step

Design of landscape and architectural lighting on a site is a labor-intensive and responsible process which correct conducting will allow owners to avoid in the future many problems with operation of all system of electric lighting. Ideal option is design of lighting at an initial stage of creation of a garden, in that case the project electricians is realized as part of the master plan of possession. On the master plan not only the general view of a site (its area, feature of a relief, a location of structures) is displayed, but also improvement elements are in details studied: drainage, scheme of paths and footpaths, plan of flower beds, rock gardens, arbors, pergolas and barbecue. It is remarkable that the project of electric equipment and lighting is created (the certain head of working documentation) not by landscape designers, but electrical engineers who fix technical parameters of the general system of lighting.

Recently experts sadovo - park lighting suggest owners to get acquainted with light scenarios at a design stage. Three-dimensional design - projects in accuracy repeat a relief of a site and allow to make changes even prior to installation works. For creation of visualization of illumination of a site it is important to consider not only wishes of owners, but also planning of the lit territory, restrictions on energy consumption, light source type, appearance of the lamp and a condition of its operation, and also many other parameters urged to create the ideal project of night light, the most suitable for customers.

Professional cooperation of landscape designers and electrical engineers will allow to realize the project of illumination in due form of the organization of light scenarios. For example, experts do not recommend to highlight water shades red or yellow - this reception gives it a muddy unattractive look, and here juicy ripe fruits of trees, on the contrary, in these tones will play bright paints while the blue scale of lighting will make them cold and lifeless. Only at the professional and carefully verified approach artificial light in a garden is capable to become the true pride of owners and a subject of envy of neighbors.

it is important to p to remember

of Volta, watts and amperes that the system of illumination of a landscape or country house has to meet not only the decorating and esthetic requirements of owners and designers, but also to be safe for people around. Especially, if on a site pets walk or children play. Light scenarios have to be mobile that means their fast change taking into account landing of new plants or at the organization of additional zones of a site. Not less serious factor is profitability of all elements of system, daily operation of a large number of lamps can lead to notable financial expenses.

was perfectly proved Today by low-voltage system of external lighting. Its installation requires the transformer (mounted on the street or in the technical room) which allows to reduce tension from 220 Volts to 12 Volts.“ Bring“ electricity in lamps a cable and wires for which laying preliminary earthwork is required, in a case with low-voltage tension there is no need to dig deep trenches that is especially important in already created site relief.

From top to down and from right to left

Planning night-time lighting of a landscape, you should not be limited to only one emergency or security lighting, creation of light scenarios of country possession is the whole art which allows owners and their guests to spend unforgettable evenings in bright patios, to enjoy the muffled patches of light of the streaming falls or to walk slowly along scintillating footpaths. The transit or accompanying lighting is considered the most functional. For step-by-step illumination use low lamps, the broach from an optical fiber along footpaths will effectively be overcome.

the Variety of forms and manifestations of decorative illumination time surpass by

even the most courageous imaginations of owners of country sites. For example, professionals manage “to strengthen“ a moonlight, having precisely calculated the area of dispersion of natural beams of a night star and having directed additional streams of artificial light. For creation of effect of a moonlight experts recommend lamps with the 35 W halogen lamps. Decorative illumination can become the main decoration of an evening landscape during family celebrations and even in itself to be an unforgettable gift for family members and friends.

the Accenting illumination can create any light patterns. So, at illumination from above the scale of plants changes. Forget-me-nots of heavenly shades touchingly shine in beams of blue neon, the sprawling foliage of a buzulnik will flash in beams of a warm diffused light, and the blue spruce will begin to sparkle silver under direct streams of cold light.

the Play of light and shadow will be actual

at illumination from below of high massive plants which grafichny silhouettes as if night guests, majestically will decorate facades of buildings. And here for the crossing light extremely important not only to pick up the equipment, but also to calculate intensity, radius of beams and type of lighting. It is impossible to mix cold and warm streams of light, the received result will not decorate a landscape at all.

the Choice is!

Accessories sadovo - park lighting can be divided into several groups. Classical lamps - floor lamps are used to uniform lighting. These lamps are widely presented in public parks, squares and in private possession. Height of a support of classical floor lamps reaches 5 meters from earth level.

Road or footpath lamps are actively used by

at illumination of transit zones. The stream of light of such lamps is directed strictly down that does their use more comfortable and functional in comparison with decorative classical floor lamps. Height of transit lamps in different models makes from 20 to 150 cm from earth level.


It is interesting that experts do not recommend to use on a site lamps with the motion sensor in transit zones that is where a large number of people walks or animals can move. If, of course, owners do not seek for creation of effect of “disco“ on the site - permanent inclusion and switching off of light. So-called “clever light“ becomes the optimal solution - by means of the special remote control motion sensors can be switched on and off.

Lamps for the top illumination are recommended to

for security or emergency lighting of a site. And here lamps for the lower illumination are widely used to decorative illumination of facades of buildings, trees, bushes or other vertical elements of landscape architecture.

are Separately allocated by models of the lamps for the lower illumination deepened in soil.

Lamps for underwater lighting represent specialized group of the equipment too. Recently began to apply to underwater lighting actively a fiberoptika or light-emitting diodes which often do not enter the general classification of lamps sadovo - park lighting.

the Night-time lighting of a site will bring to owners not only functional benefit, but also will give esthetic pleasure only if all stages of the organization of landscape and architectural light were thought carefully over and coordinated with professionals. The special attention needs to be paid to color schemes of lighting, and it is desirable to entrust use of contrast light scenarios in a night decor of possession to skilled experts whose trade secrets will help a private garden to strike with the magnificence and in sunlight beams, and in a night-time.