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New Year`s paltry ideas of

New year - a special holiday. I always began to prepare for it in the last dates of November. Why? Probably, wanted as soon as possible will plunge into the atmosphere of a holiday. Now there is an additional incentive - children.

I Impart experience of preparation.

Decoration of a fir-tree


Well, we will begin with the fact that it was necessary to push glass spheres on the distant shelf. The kid will surely want to pull everything and to touch. What is a holiday if it is necessary to pull out endlessly from hands of the peanut the toys which attracted to it?

At decoration of a fir-tree (by the way, we bought artificial what the child would not prick about needles), the combination of 2 - 3 flowers will look more elegantly. What colors to choose, let everyone solve. I chose blue, silver and a little red. In shop bought tinsel (silver and blue), a silk tape (blue and red color), a foil, monophonic brown paper (blue), foam rubber. Bows are made of a silk tape. It is possible just to stick, and it is possible to cut out rectangles and to intercept on the center a thin thread at color. From the back do not forget to sew a usual air eyelet. The biggest bow for the top.

From a foil sacks. Cotton wool is put on the middle of a piece of a foil, and edges rise and intercepted by a tinsel piece.

Foam rubber is cut by small squares and rectangles and we turn in brown paper, fixing by a colourless adhesive tape and winding with tinsel. It is possible to do in the form of candies, the issued gifts and sacks.

the Basis of a fir-tree can be hidden not cotton wool as it is usually done, and the nakidushka sewed from fabric. For this purpose we cut out a circle from silk or satin fabric, we sew it on more dense matter. We sheathe edges a tape, we cut out in the middle an opening for a trunk of a fir-tree and we process the same.


For gifts to children can sew special New Year`s sacks (the main thing, to pick up the fabric suitable on a coloring) or to make New Year`s boxes (to paste over usual cardboard boxes with self-adhesive wall-paper and to fasten festive stickers).

Still option - a cardboard horn, in brown paper.

Gifts can appear in a sack (box) not at once. Last New year, our daughter, every time, remembering, during the day, a magic box, found a new surprise there. To exclude the round-the-clock supervision over object, explain to the child that fairies (elves, gnomes), cannot bring gifts it so far nearby as they in general try not to be shown to people.

the New Year`s table

It is healthy if the kid is able to take part in a festive feast. It is possible to look through recipe-books in search of a food which the baby will be able to absorb without the aid of a knife and a fork. It and the small pies (baked in an oven or cooked on couple), and cheese medalyonchik...

And that there were no surprises

If your child still absolutely small, then as far as possible try to spare his nervous system. Too noisy guests, grandiose fireworks and other pleasures, it is necessary - to postpone all until the best times. A holiday for the one-year-old kid - serious test. So just in case check whether there is in the first-aid kit a calming miksturka.

I happy to you New Year!