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Shocking in fashion of

Shocking in the world of fashion was always an obvious sign of the genius: loudly declared by means of provocatively provocative, breaking all existing canons of fashion of collections of John Galliano or Vivienne Westwood call precisely ingenious masters of shocking.

However as, in a case, perhaps, with any current in fashion, shocking turned practically into grotesque today - most of the beginning designers try to operate those Galliano and Westwood`s experience and to declare by means of pseudo “ingenious“ creations, not so much really creating something valuable in fashion how many shocking public.

John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood - perhaps, single examples from the world of fashion when behind shocking really there is an Idea - something bigger, than banal desire to be allocated from a great number of young designers, declaring oneself as about the new genius. Key difference of these two masters of shocking from huge number of imitators - in an opportunity always to explain that it stood behind creation of a collection. So, for example, creating in the eightieth the collections with deliberately fragmentary clothes with seams outside, Vivienne recognized that her creations - the parody to the standard traditions of fashion. It is known that parodying of fashion of Westwood was so successful that gave rise to the whole style the punk embodied in clothes.

If Vivienne`s collections are, by and large, a peculiar call of the dominating ideology, then John Galliano`s models are a quintessence of creative reconsideration of images, genius in its pure look. Choosing even the simplest and obvious source of inspiration, the designer will transform the main image to something literally enchanting, at the same time without aiming to shock public.

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, there is nothing more banal and the set of times, than the images of Hollywood stars of “A gold era“ of Hollywood which became an inspiration source for the last, the veseena beaten by fashion - a summer collection of Galliano. However the designer ingeniously managed to avoid banality and the bothered subject “retro-a glamour“, having created something exclusive: a collection in which images of miracles of the silver screen are reflected symbolically - a look as if snatches out these or those details - the symbols creating the general atmosphere.

Modern enfant terrible British - and world - fashions, the designer Alexander McQueen turned shocking almost into art, having placed him at service to marketing values. Long ago won a rank of one of the most scandalous designers of the world of fashion, McQueen, obviously, used shocking for the most banal - as a way of drawing attention. Whether it is possible to imagine that, for example, Galliano (not to mention Vivienne Westwood) publicly took off trousers before the audience of own display, trying to pass for scandalous? And here McQueen resorted to it, to the methods deserving, perhaps, the name “cheap stuff“.

Repeating the same way to shock public which Vivienne Westwood used in due time Alexander McQueen in the mid-nineties let out on a podium of models in the clothes splashed by dirt. However if at Westwood such attempts were really rebellious way of search of alternative to traditions of fashion, then McQueen, without any doubts, did not look for anything new, creating only publicity. Enthusiastic comments of public on McQueen as about the new genius of design cannot be taken seriously: it is possible to call rather British designer the genius of marketing in fashion. Brilliant shocking of Alexander as marketing means estimated the largest fashionable holding LVMH in due time, inviting McQueen to a position of the creative director of the house of Givenchy with the purpose to recover image of a brand, to make it sharper, provocative.

Alexander McQueen, however, not the worst representative of group of designers using shocking as means of promoting of own brand. At least, in McQueen`s collections it is possible to allocate really valuable finds. So, for example, in its last collection of a season spring - the summer 2010 which was shown on a model podium in an image of such futuristic sea creations can be found - of course if to abstract from deliberately grotesque images of models - a row of extraordinary stylish ensembles. The perception of creativity of McQueen demands a peculiar ability “to read between lines“, after scandalous images and statements of the designer seeing the valid, material result of its works.