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At each mummy with the advent of the kid right there in the head the heap of unnecessary questions is located. So was both with me, and with the my friends who recently gave birth to firstborns. In our amicable chamber 6 girls about one age lay. All rustled with journal articles about breastfeeding, about necessity - values of breast milk... I too, of course, studied literature... But as a result whether from too large volume of information (when you read, all - everything wants to be remembered), whether just from poor memory everything from my head came up.

quietly put

Ya to the child`s breast as soon as understood that he demands food, and then held it to a coat hanger there will be no air yet... Then, month in three Klimenty (so the eldest son was called) already himself “drove“ a daily routine... Also ate through wide intervals of time - approximately each 3 hours. Earlier, probably, each 40 minutes and for 40 minutes! I thought: “I now klimoruky!“

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A in general easier. In six months we began to replace gradually one day feeding with mashed potatoes from a green apple... Klim was bent, spat, but as a result ate a spoon for mother and the father. About eight months, unfortunately, Klim did not master any new dish, except as mother`s milk and apple...

A here after eight months got a spoon into soup (with quenelles, left for the father) and, having tried, demanded still! So we had only night feedings... But! We were fed till 3,5 years. I know that it is bad too... But to refuse to the tear-stained child (“Mothers, you are sorry? Yes?“) I could not. As a result, one fine day I asked: “Well, when we already as adults will cease to eat a breast!“, on what my already matured son told: “Mothers, as it will bother you!“


Now at us gave birth Georgy. And he absolutely precisely repeats the brother... We are 3,5 months old. And we already spat out, having twisted, the first feeding up in the form of juice...

From myself I can tell

with an accuracy that the most important - not to be nervous, and to look quietly at what is necessary for your kid.

U I never was mastitis (and I do not wish you), and I never decanted milk that “came more“. Comes exactly so much how many it is necessary for my sons. Good luck to you, health to your children and thanks for attention!