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Milk for the daughter of

When I waited for the kid, was inexperienced in many questions. Ahead of me, as well as any newly made mummy, many opening waited. But already then, having seen two treasured stripes, I knew for certain - I will nurse.

Pregnancy and childbirth took place

well, in the delivery room put the daughter to a breast at once. But after the first days problems began. Colostrum came to an end, and milk did not come yet. The daughter cried, I was nervous... It was necessary to give a little mix. Then the doctor came and scolded me, having told:“ Milk - from the head, the spirit is important. Suffer one night, and tomorrow during the lunchtime you will have milk“. As it was right! During the lunchtime the next day milk came. And as I was happy!

At an extract from maternity hospital to us advised to get a milk pump of one well-known company. In few weeks we bought it. But, probably, it just did not suit me... In a day I formed stagnation of milk. Temperature 39, weakness. I think, mummies who endured it, will understand me. And here I was come to the rescue by my mother, she prompted as it is necessary to make. After each feeding I began to be decanted manually, but not up to the end and to lighten in a breast. Plus to it reduced amount of the used liquid, especially hot. And every other day everything returned to normal.

When to the daughter was 4 months old, we were waited by new test. My cat died, he lived with us 7 years, I very much loved him... I cried all night long, the family worried that milk will be gone. But I knew two rules which helped me. In - the first as I already wrote earlier - it is a spirit. At me and the thought did not arise that the milk will be gone. There will be it, will not get to anywhere! In - the second, in a stressful situation adrenaline which interferes with production of milk is produced. In this case it is necessary to put as often as possible the kid to a breast that I also did. So we continued successful feeding by a breast further.

Now to the daughter 1 year and three months, and still a milk takes the important place in her menu. Thanks to breastfeeding the daughter got sick the first time only after a year. But also here the milk very much helped out us as from - for high temperature the baby almost completely refused a feeding up.

Ya has no right to condemn those mummies who consciously refuse breastfeeding. But those who feed the kid at least about three months deserve great respect, often fight for a milk begins already in maternity hospital.

finally I want to wish

I to all mummies: “Nurse the kids and be happy!“