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Now it is elegant...
detsko - youthful memories of New year of

the Prologue

Sounds a song melody “In the wood the fir-tree was born“. On a scene the leader appears.

Leading ( sings ) “In the wood the fir-tree was born i...“ Yes, remarkable children`s song! No, probably, any person who would not know it. Slightly you will hear this melody - and at once you remember the native kindergarten, New Year`s morning performance, the invited Father Frost... And you remember? Is not present? So let`s try to be had to that fine time again - the early childhood... ( Music becomes louder, the leader leaves ).

Picture 1

Characters : Father Frost, the Musical conductress, the Mother, the Manager d / with, Children.

the curtain Opens. The scene is partitioned off on two parts. In bigger - group of “children“, girls rehearse dance of snowflakes, boys repeat verses. Someone is pinched, someone is pushed - generally, the atmosphere of kindergarten is actively created. In smaller - the Manager d / with continually glances for hours, sufferingly sighs, constantly looks out for a door. The Mother approaches it.

Mother . So, I do not understand! Why morning performance does not begin? All of us asked for leave from work, children worry... What`s the matter?

Managing . Father Frost is late! ( flies uncombed Father Frost, slightly poddaty At this time, the beard moved down on one side, he on the run gets on a sheepskin coat, the cap falls, etc. ). Here it! ( Furiously hisses, addressing Father Frost ). Where carries you? It is rather! You to us break morning performance! Quickly change clothes also for work!

At this time the Musical Conductress utikhomirivat children and tries to adhere to the scenario of morning performance:

of Muses. Hands. ( with despair in a voice )
Oh, and day will be today!
Father Frost will arrive now. It on a fir-tree of this here of
Three hundred bulbs will light
Father Frost in a big working flat out -
Hardly drags to you gifts.
would not scatter, informed.
It strong, Father Frost
A gifts, speak,
is Distributed by him to everyone!

Children, and give - we will call that without whom any New year does not do? Well - all chorus!

Children ( separately, it is loud ): Father Frost!

D. M`s

. I hear - I hear! I run! ( Enters the hall, speaking loudly drawlingly “Blizzards were played, pines Groan, fir-trees Groan...“ Suddenly stops as driven, having goggled, having opened a mouth. At once it is visible - there was something terrible. Claps itself on a forehead, mutters: “The Sclerotic is abnormal!“ also runs back to an exit ).

of Muses. Hands. ( on the verge of a faint ) Father Frost what happened? Perhaps we will help you?

the Stick forgot

of D. M. in the bus... Oh, that is... Dear children, an angry gray wolf stole my magic stick. What now to do to us?

of Muses. Hands. ( boiling from rage, but trying to save situation, spitefully ): Father Frost, will be your stick! And why you are one? Where Snow Maiden?

of D. M. And it it... was unwell... went to the decree. That is... I wanted to tell... cough at it there, quinsy... ( of Muses. Hands. sufferingly rolls up eyes, D. M. continues with the getting stronger confidence ) Yes, she ice cream ate too much, that is... everyones licked icicles... that is...

of Muses. Hands. ( in horror, D. M. interrupts somewhat quicker ) E - e - e... Poor Snow Maiden! I hope, she will recover soon. Father Frost, look - that children prepared for you. (D. M.`s not knowingly looks back, Muses. Hands. nearly for a collar pushes it towards a fir-tree ).

of D. M. ( exaggeratedly admiring ) My God you mine, what fir-tree! And what toys - crackers! Same costs mad grandmas! ( of Muses. Hands. pushes it sideways ). That is... how many cones and nutlets of a little squirrel gathered for this fir-tree!

of Muses. Hands. ( is loud ) Father Frost and what verses for you children learned! Well - Vovochka! ( through clenched teeth to Father Frost ) Sit down under a fir-tree and listen to verses! Yes not there! ( Father Frost tries to sit down or almost to lay down directly on a floor under a fir-tree, Muses. Hands. at the last minute manages to seize him by a sleeve ). Sit down on a chair!


Father Frost approaches the Mother, brings it a chair and the mop decorated with a rain.

Mother . Here, the Grandfather, the Snow Maiden transferred to you! She though is ill, but learned about your trouble and a stick your magic from a wolf took away.

of D. M. sits down on a chair, Vovochka opens a mouth, being going to tell a rhyme. Here Father Frost jumps from a chair.

of D. M. Fir-trees - sticks, absolutely forgot! Sorry, Vovochka... Now this magic stick I will light our fir-tree!

of Muses. Hands. ( loud whisper ) it is not necessary! Early!


of D. M. ( does not hear ) Time - two - three - a fir-tree, burn! ( the Fir-tree does not light up ) the Misfire! Once again: time - two - three - a fir-tree, burn! ( the same Result ) Probably, traffic jams fused. Well, you will do without sparks. Vovochka, take out a finger from a nose and give the poem.


of Vovochk:“ Villages a fly on jam That`s all the poem“.

of D. M. ( disappointedly ) All?

of Vovochk ( is proud ) All!

And I here too a rhyme know

of D. M...

of Muses. Hands. ( threateningly ) Father Frost, you will tell a rhyme to us... Then... If you will be able... And now to us girls - snowflakes will dance.

of the Girl is danced ( dance needs to be executed as it is possible more ridiculously ).

of Muses. Hands. And now boys - hares will sing to us the New Year`s song.

Boys sing

( pick up a song for the taste ). During all performances of D. M. stealthily sips something from a sleeve. By the end of dances and songs he with affection smiles, swings hands, sings along, pritopyvat legs.

of Muses. Hands. ( already without hoping for anything ) Father Frost, children so tried, sang, danced for you... You, I know, too prepared for them surprises, gifts...

Father Frost ( is joyful - maliciously, slightly braided language )
Hares and little squirrels,
Boys and girls!
Long I hurried, ran -
I the bag... lost!
With New Year`s gifts -
I with prizes, and with spheres,
With dolls, with gingerbreads,
Games and books...
Perhaps wind howled angrily,
Can there was a snowdrift is high -
But chock-full
the bag, my with gifts, was gone!
But a surprise to you all the same will be - I to you will sing a song!

of Muses. Hands. ( desperately ) Is not present!

But Father Frost already went to a dance, loudly singing “The cane rustled“. Children it is excited, Muses. Hands. in a faint, Parents shocked. Curtain.

Leading. ( sings ) “School days wonderful...“ And it is valid what only miracles were not got up by us in school days! Harmless chemical experiments... with the subsequent call of firefighters, secret surprises to teachers... with the subsequent call of ambulance... And how not to remember the first school love! Her braids which it is so pleasant to pull, its shrill squeal and such passionate blow a portfolio on the head! Or his cachectic torso sparkling pale blue at a physical education class! And school New Year`s ball, and desired role of the Snow Maiden! How many secret hopes, how many intrigues, how many pleasure and tears! To speak in any case - school days - wonderful... ( leaves ).

Picture 2

Characters : The director of studies, the Games-master, 1 - I am a Teacher, 2 - I am a Teacher

On a scene - a teacher`s room, all characters loudly argue on something.

1 - I am a Teacher . No, no and no! Petrov cannot choose as the Snow Maiden! It in a quarter from eight objects has nine two!

Games-master . ( is pensive ). But on an exterior at it from 10 points - all twenty!

2 - I am a Teacher ( is indignant ). Sergey Petrovich, all of you - not the judge at an exhibition of dogs! “On an exterior!“ Choose expressions! Same your schoolgirl!

the Games-master ( sighing ). Yes - and - and if she was not my schoolgirl...

Director of studies . Colleagues, keep to the point! Petrova, certainly, the first beauty of school, is the truth. But, if it is honest, at the world competition of dullness her competitors would not have the slightest chance of a victory. It would have no competitors at all. Let`s consider other candidacies.

1 - I am a Teacher . I offer Ivanova. A miracle - the girl! Round honors pupil!

the Games-master ( is thoughtful ) It precisely! A round face, round hands, round legs, a round waist, round for...

the Director of studies
( by a command voice ) to Set aside

! Sergey Petrovich, already half a year as you got demobilize from army, and from you and bears barracks! It would be time to get used to peaceful life and lexicon already!

the Games-master ( standing at attention ) Is guilty


Director of studies . At ease! we Will return to our rams... Fie, I wanted to tell, we will return to our candidates. So, Petrova is stupid, Ivanova is fat... And what you think about Sidorova?

2 - I am a Teacher . ( is careful ) Well, if to speak about unity of form and content, then Sidorova quite approaches - appearance at it nothing studies well and...

1 - I am a Teacher . Yes, and last year helped three old women crossing the road...

Games-master . Not, Sidorova is no good. In it there is no sex appeal! And the Snow Maiden such has to be that she here only near a fir-tree got up, and bulbs on a fir-tree flashed! And without any Father Frost!

the Director of studies
( is poisonous ) And a striptease the Snow Maiden should not execute

? You know so, with Father Frost`s staff...

the Games-master ( quickens ) And that, quite good idea! You represent: such Snow Maiden, legs, eyes, - se, in red bikini... ( Looks at expression of faces of the Director of studies and Teachers, words get stuck at it in a throat. There is a burdensome pause ). Yes. and here Father Frost also asks it: Whether “It is cold to you, the maiden? Whether it is cold to you, the beauty?“ Also velvet, boots morocco gives it a short fur coat...

the Director of studies ( is cold ). I thank you, Sergey Petrovich, further I remember a plot. ( Addresses other Teachers ). So, I think, the issue is resolved - Sidorova will be at us a Snow Maiden. Considering that Sergey Petrovich will be Father Frost ( expressively looks at it ), sex appeal it will have an absence very opportunely. ( the Games-master fatefully sighs ). Now Baba-yaga. Your offers?

All reflect. Suddenly dawns on the Games-master.

Games-master . Maryivanna, and that if you the Baba-yaga are? You and easily will enter an image, and a make-up absolutely slightly - slightly it is necessary to you...

Mute scene. Reaches the Games-master THAT he told. The director of studies dizzily looks at the Games-master. On faces of Teachers the horror mixed with secret satisfaction. The silence is replaced by explosion of shouts of Teachers, sobbings of the Director of studies, the apologizing cries of the Games-master, t. e general scandal. Curtain.

Leading ( leaves under music of “The student`s song“ ). Already both school behind, and first courses of institute... Old habits remain in the past, the soul is eager for new impressions. There is a wish for something novel, something abrupt! And that there can be more abruptly, than a participation in the new youth project which passed on West TV screens several decades ago and safely dragged to native television! So, meet - the Behind Tinted Glass superproject! Went 158 - y day of stay in a glass chamber of four volunteers... ( Leaves )

the Picture 3

Characters : Nyusha (Margo`s ), Gyulchatay ( Zhanna ), Vasily ( of Shoe-polishes ), Afanasy ( Fan ).

On a scene two girls and two young men in various poses lie and sit anywhere. They sleep. All have an emaciated look, on all a clothes minimum. Everywhere things, etc. are scattered. The director`s voice sounds: “Misters zastekolshchik, rise! Today you have a preparation for a meeting of New year!“ Zastekolshchiki hardly wake up, but from the places nobody moves.

Afanasy ( by a weak voice ) Nyusha... Nyusha! (there is no of the answer ) Nyushka - and - and!!! You che, became deaf?

of Nyush . I you one million times asked - not to name me Nyusha. Che I to you, from the Urals, whether che?

Afanasy . And how to call you?

of Nyush . You can a full name ( gathers more air and says everything on one breath and monotonously ) - Anna - Maria - Louise - Charlotte - Elisabeth - Maria - and, no, Maria already was - Clothilda - Elaine - Maria - fie you - again this Maria - the Rose - Margarita... Well or just Margo.

( having been stunned ) As it is possible for

that... it... well... generally... and! in! To remember?

Zhanna ( is malicious ) Margo, well you scoff at Feng? To it and “hi, children“ it is difficult to utter, and you want that he in general broke language?

of Margo ( is haughty ) You, Gyulchatay, can adapt to Feng and Vaksa as much as necessary, can respond on Zhanna, and I once again ask to call me ( gathers more air again and says everything on one breath and monotonously ) - Anna - Maria - Louise - Charlotte - Elisabeth - Maria - and, no, Maria already was - Clothilda - Elaine...

it is killed by Vasily ( of Shoe-polishes )

of Shoe-polishes ( is conciliatory ) So, Margo, we understood! Enough! And that at Afoni - that is, at Feng the remained one and a half crinkles will be straightened!

Fan . Hear, Vasek, you that... it...

of Shoe-polishes . ( shouts ) I am not Vasek, and Shoe-polishes! Shoe-polishes! In 158 days it is possible to remember? Or you absolutely that? It?.

Zhanna ( begins to sob ) 158 days! 158! I will not sustain it! Me here everything soars! Everything enrages me! There is no money! There is no food! Around one freaks! There is no food! There is no money! I want to eat!

of Margo . Children, children, stop! Remember a rating! Give better a task to carry out! We should prepare for New year. Somebody remembers what is it and how to celebrate it?

( continues to sob ) I remember nothing

, I remember nobody, one freaks around, everything enrages me, I want to eat, everything enrages me... (Margo`s sticks it in a mouth a gag, Zhanna continues to sob silently ).

of Shoe-polishes ( uncertainly ) There it seems the fir-tree has to be.

Fan . Well. you... hear, Shoe-polishes... and it... I understand that... here in my consciousness... it is such stream... it is necessary to listen to himself... or perhaps it is also not necessary. . and a fir-tree - che it it?

of Shoe-polishes . The fir-tree is, one may say, sex - a symbol of New year. It is such vertical green prickly subject in which vicinities there is an action. But we cannot buy it - at us all money left on cakes.

of Margo . Shoe-polishes, you had not a shave week, you like to be painted - what to you a difference in what color, generally, you are ideally suited for a fir-tree role. Only you should be motionless very long...

Zhanna ( having spat out a gag ) And still I remember that the fir-tree needs to be dressed up! It is necessary to put on something bright a top and sparkling...

Fan . The militia flasher will approach?

Zhanna . Quite. Only where to take it? ( Thoughtfully inspects the room ). Listen, it is possible to prisobachit a desk lamp instead of a flasher!

of Shoe-polishes tries to protest, but all on it snatch, on a scene zatemneniye, then we see the following picture: on a chair there is green Shoe-polishes, on the head of it a desk lamp attached by a scarf, it is decorated with jars from - under yogurt and any make-shifts. The others drive around it a round dance.

Everything, except Shoe-polish ( chorus ) In the wood the fir-tree was born i, it grew in the wood...

of Margo . Interestingly, and long to us to be engaged in this idiocy?

Director`s Voice . You forgot one very important detail - you have to call which - whom without whom any New Year`s holiday does not do.

of Margo . Aha... Children, let`s call that without whom any New Year`s holiday does not do!

All . Give! ( chorus shout ) Militia!

Director`s Voice . Incorrectly! You had to call Father Frost. As a penalty remember that you know about Father Frost.

Fan . Well it... I understood your question... I know... This is such elderly sucker... it with a young telka goes... Her sponsor, probably...

of Margo . The fan, a fig you do not know... I here about Father Frost even know the poem! ( Reads with expression )
If on the night of New year
the Strange guest to you comes -
With a white long beard,
In a fur red coat,
C a thick staff in a hand
I with gifts in a bag,
With loud laughter, a kind look

the Fan ( is thoughtful ) Means, it is not necessary to drink more!

All indignantly shout “The fan, you are a moron“, “Hvtit already“, etc.

the director`s Voice . Misters zastekolshchik, you did not cope with a task. In punishment you remain behind glass for 234 and a half days.

At Zhanna the hysterics begins

:“ 234,5 days! Around one freaks! I will not sustain!“, etc., Margo is indignant, Shoe-polishes just is stunned, Fan grins: “Cool!“ Curtain.

Leading . ( leaves under song music “Five minutes“ from to / f “Carnival night“, speaks-voiced comrade of Ogurtsov ) “Companions, are installation - to meet cheerfully New year“. And this installation, companions, is right irrespective of, how old are you - 5 or 50, companions you or misters, the rich or the poor... The main thing that today all of you were joyful, cheerful, unbridled... I wanted to tell “relaxed“! Generally, let`s remember how we loved this holiday in the childhood, let`s forget that all of us are already adults and again “it is cheerful - we will cheerfully meet New year“. Happy New Year! ( further the meeting of New year smoothly flows in a banquet ).