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Health of school students - stationery with antibacterial protection of Microban

surrounds Us a huge number of bacteria, many of which are unsafe. More and more people are exposed to their influence as many factors of our life, such as the broken ecology, the improper and irregular feeding, low-quality products and constants psycho - emotional overloads weaken immunity. Especially adversely all this is reflected in children whose organism does not possess sufficient immunity yet.

At arrival of children in school or kindergarten this problem becomes even more actual. During this period many parents face increase in frequency of diseases of the child. At the same time not everyone from them knows that the problem of often ill children can be connected with the beginning of contact with a wide range of the unusual bacteria breaking protective functions of an organism. Many bacteria are transmitted through objects which children use together, and can cause the diseases which are followed by disorder of intestines, fungal diseases etc. Especially for protection against them the German company ACME United Europe GmbH together with Microban International, Ltd. let out a collection of a stationery with the built-in antibacterial protection of Microban which and with success is applied for a long time in production more than 700 various goods.

the Microban® Brand takes the leading positions on an indicator “recognition“ and “trust“ among all brands of goods with the built-in antibacterial protection and is the world leader in production of materials with antibacterial properties which use allows not only to stop growth of microorganisms, but also to provide continuous antibacterial protection of a product. The active Microban components can be found in hundreds of consumer, industrial and medical goods worldwide. They are widely used in medicine, cosmetology, the pharmaceutical and food industry, by production of household appliances, sanitary products, goods for the house, personal hygiene means, children`s goods. And it is not the full list.

scissors, rulers, sharpeners, erasers and compasses entered a collection of a stationery Westcott Microban. First of all, goods from this collection are intended for children of preschool and younger school age who quite often use a stationery of each other, and it is quite natural that at such joint use of a problem of “joint“ bacteria it is hardly possible to avoid. The antibacterial Microban components effectively delete from a surface 99% of bacteria therefore does not matter whether your child will use a stationery one or to transfer them to the friends. In either case you can be absolutely sure that on them there are practically no pathogenic microorganisms, and the risk of distribution of infectious diseases is minimized.


As protection works?


in the course of production to polymer add active Microban® ingredients and become its component at the molecular level. They are evenly distributed on a product that provides its protection on all surface. Right after contact with microorganisms the Microban® component gets through a cage wall therefore there is a destruction of its cellular basis. It breaks ability of a cage to function, to raise and breed.

Efficiency of protection of Microban

Efficiency of protection of Microban is confirmed to

a set of the laboratory researches worldwide which showed that Microban:

  • interferes with reproduction of bacteria and fungi, providing reliable, long and effective antibacterial protection;
  • it is effective against a wide range of grampolozhitelny and gramotritsatelny bacteria and fungi (in total about 100 microorganisms);
  • keeps the properties in case of mechanical damage of a product;
  • it is absolutely harmless to people and animals,
  • antibacterial Microban properties do not disappear and do not reduce the efficiency eventually
  • the active Microban components acts on an extent of all service life of a product and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week guarantee protection.
At school children use

a stationery daily and long, and during the day the huge number of bacteria gathers for them. Westcott Microban stationery - one of the first in the office market at which there is a built-in antibacterial protection. Of course, they will not be able to protect completely your child from bacteria, but their use will help to minimize number of many of them.