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Lighting in a nursery of

Psychologists consider that the childhood (education conditions, children`s impressions) influences all subsequent life. Perhaps, therefore parents unconsciously try to create the best conditions for development for the children. And the nursery in which the child sleeps, plays, does homework, has to be comfortable for him, creating conditions for healthy growth and full development. It is important to ensure safety of the child, it is correct to pick up furniture and children`s lamps.

Natural lighting of the nursery

We will consider natural and artificial lighting. For the correct natural lighting under the nursery it is better to choose the room which windows come to the East or Hugo - the East: the child gets up in the morning, the bright sunlight well influences nervous system of the child. And in rooms with windows on the West, the light mode unnatural: in the morning the twilight, and in the evening on the contrary - hot and light-. In rooms with the windows coming to the North brighter artificial lighting will be required.

Lamps for a nursery

Artificial illumination of a nursery is organized by

by the rules applicable and for adults, with only one difference: choosing lamps for a nursery, these rules cannot be neglected. The correct artificial lighting has to be rather bright without sharp transitions from light to a shadow that is harmful to eyes. It is necessary to avoid the big brightness and gloss of surfaces. The soft diffused light reflected from a ceiling is for this purpose necessary. The ceiling children`s chandelier giving light, optimum for eyes, has to be from opaque glass: she does not create additional patches of light. The big flat plafond with a weak opaque lamp in the center of a ceiling is optimum. Will not be suitable for a children`s chandelier from crystal, chandeliers from openwork glass (they give additional patches of light that creates excess loading for eyes) and a chandelier which give direct beams down - in the nursery the chandelier has to radiate soft and uniform light. It can achieve, having distributed light sources on all room, for example, by means of a false ceiling with the dot halogen bulbs giving bright light without blinding.

Business not only that perimetralny lighting now in fashion. Small lamps, settling down on room perimeter, provide uniform and soft lighting. Bulky designs under a ceiling of the nursery can bring unfortunately, for example, at a ball game. Therefore the ceiling children`s lamp needs to be chosen, being guided by safety of the child. In the nursery lamps with uniform distribution of light and a lamp with a good color rendition are pertinent. But only not lamps of day lighting: according to researches, they increase fatigue, cause irritability and lower sight.

also the night lamp or a sconce at a bed headboard Is necessary for

in the nursery. It will help both the kid, and parents: the child will not be afraid to fall asleep, and parents in case of need will be able to be guided in the nursery, not including light. It is quite good if there is an opportunity to regulate brightness of light of a children`s night lamp.

Children`s - the special room. Everything grows in it together with her little owner: both furniture, and books with toys, and lighting. The children`s night lamp with soft unostentatious light is necessary for the smallest: bright light can disturb the kid.

At least for the preschool child - the ceiling children`s lamp and a children`s night lamp at a bed headboard. They can be executed in the form of a toy, the fantastic hero. The child grows up, and it is necessary to provide that both the zone of games, and a working zone where the child at a table draws were well lit, writes, molds...

the Desktop can be lit with

by means of a desk lamp. The children`s desk lamp can become a danger source: it is easy to overturn it. It is better that the children`s desk lamp fastened a special arm to a table, the shelf or a wall. For a working zone there are simple rules: light has to fall in front and at the left (the children`s desk lamp quite so has to settle down), a desk it is necessary as it is possible to move closer to a window as much as possible to use day lighting. To protect the child`s eyes from direct beams, the lamp shade is necessary for a lamp, and lamp height on a flexible leg can be regulated according to growth of the child. Floor lamps with a mobile arm can be established in any convenient way.

in children`s desk lamps 60 W should not be more powerful than

of the Bulb: brighter light reflected by white paper tires eyes and can spoil sight. Together with a desk lamp it is necessary to turn on also a ceiling light that there was no sharp contrast between the lit workplace and the darkened room.


Besides, lighting will grow in a nursery together with the child and in respect of design: in the room of the kid perfectly look a children`s chandelier - a butterfly and a children`s night lamp - a toy, and in the room of the teenager they are inappropriate. Though needs of the teenager for lighting will practically not change: it is a ceiling chandelier, light in a working zone and the lamp at a bed.

At registration of a nursery cannot be forgotten about safety. First of all - all illuminants have to be out of a zone of reach of children that they from natural inquisitiveness did not begin to study lamp “interiors“. Portable desk lamps easily overturn therefore it is more preferable such which fasten to a table or a wall. The children`s lamp on long arms or a trailing lamp which can be moved in the horizontal direction will become the quite good decision. Thanks to a long cord it can be used both over a desktop, and at a bed, and in a game zone. Switches and sockets it is better to arrange in the places inaccessible to the small child too. Sockets can be protected plastic lids or to use sockets of the increased safety: protective blinds interfere with penetration of foreign objects; the socket can be unblocked, having only entered into it a fork. All wires have to be hidden.

If two live in one room - three child, lighting needs to be organized so that the game, working zone and a recreation area were differentiated. For example, if one child still does homework, and the second was already going to sleep, light over a table at one should not disturb a dream of another.