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Enjoy embraces of

All pregnancy I anticipated the moment of a meeting with the Treasure. As tried, but by the time of “X“ all the same there were both an alarm, and disorders. It seemed to me - to endure here childbirth and everything, the most terrible behind.

I here came true: I hold happiness lump which tychtsya ineptly by the wrinkled nose in search of food on hands. What my disappointment when 3 days later on a breast cracks appeared was! Feeding turned into torture. As I tried to put correctly as tried synulya - and pain became intolerable. Both consultants for GV, and obstetricians said that it is necessary to be adjusted and calm down. It seemed to me that feeding - it is much more terrible than childbirth and is more sick.

Two weeks we looked for convenient poses, tried to use silicone slips... It was a pity also for the son and itself too. The thought of artificial feeding lodged in the head. And here also the child began a thicket to cry, to sleep less. Grandmothers decided what does not gorge on. Entered mix, from the mixed feeding the son had gripes and locks, and the breast became covered by red spots.

By the evening tooth on tooth does not get, temperature 39... Here grandmothers came to the rescue. Both decanted, and massed, and cabbage put a leaf, put a spirit compress... The result - swelled a pacifier and laktostaz.

Thanks to the girl on duty - showed to the obstetrician which helped to decant correctly a milk how it becomes and advised to ask for the help the little son. Having collected all will in a fist, having put pleasant movies, we conveniently settled in front of the TV and began to rescue each other...

we won against

By the evening and laktostaz. And my Mishka gorged on. From such “sosatelny works“ slept 5 hours.

by the end of the first month of life found

A a convenient pose for feeding, and I understood that feeding can be pleasant.

to us nearly a year, we still on breastfeeding. However, only for the night, and at night having a snack. But these 10 - 15 minutes only ours, we again as those unforgettable 9 months, we become a whole. There is nothing more pleasantly than easy stroking of own child. Under its silent “nyam - nyam“ you forget all troubles.

When from its loud vowels hoots in the head, from quantity of the scattered toys there is no place to get to, and of crumbs and traces of favourite palms it is simple not to get rid, I understand - matures. He already much is able and can do without my help soon. Both the father, and grandmothers, and aunts, and uncles are interesting to it. But when time to sleep approaches, mother and only mother is necessary...


Dear mummies, stock up with patience and you feed the child in pleasure. Enjoy embraces, chest feeding gives that importance of mother for the child.