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It is better for kid to know when to refuse a breast of

Personally breastfeeding was given me hardly. Some of my friends for various reasons, but early gave up breastfeeding, others continue to nurse and at the same time do not experience any difficulties. And all - I consider that each mother in own way has a relation to this question.

For thinking everything began, one may say, unexpectedly. Yes, being a pregnant woman I re-read enough articles about breastfeeding, and on courses we a lot of things were told and even showed. But all the same I could not imagine process of feeding of the child (as that roughly sounds … “process“ …), milk inflow process especially. Generally, in postnatal chamber in maternity hospital us was three little girls, and kids we gave rise approximately in at one time therefore and on the first feeding to us they have to be brought at the same time. For some reason by the naivety when the breast began to hurt me, I could not connect it with milk arrival. Girls - neigbours began to speak to me:“ Nothing to itself as you were lucky, already milk came, and we have nothing of that kind yet …“ I even a little awkwardly felt from these words. And here at last brought our kids on the first feeding. And if before all of us three worried how it is correct to put to a breast on what side it is better to lay down etc., then appearance of kids sorted things out at once. Now I even think that each mother has it in blood, in genes is put by the nature, and each mother knows at once how it is correct to feed the kid.

I here kids was carried away, and we began to discuss in whom what emotions were caused by the first feeding. Here - that I for the first time also heard the scary word “rastsezhivaniye“, even despite the skill in breastfeeding. All postnatal office with horror told that it is terribly disease process, and that if it is correct not to rastseditsya, then nearly the breast will fall off. Well, directly not maternity hospital, but thriller. In practice everything, of course, was much simpler. We were helped by the skilled nurse, showed as well as that. Yes, at first it was a little unpleasant, but it is tolerant. But the baby needs to help to reach a milk. And then already and the milk pump helped.

generally, were brought to us our kids by each three hours usually sleepy and seldom shouting. My daughter, even if she was brought sleeping as soon as found sisyu, grabbed her at once and after a while fell asleep again, without forgetting to smack the lips. And here at girls - the child`s neigbours not always “attacked“ on a mother`s breast. If they were brought sleepy, then mothers could not wake them to feed. Nurses said that it we just cannot correctly wake the kids. And how to awake them, to shake what? I was silent, my daughter ate anyway - slept she or not. And it was “a little a shame“ to me before girls that their kids do not wake up to eat a mother`s milk.

Well, here us was discharged from maternity hospital, and now it is necessary to adjust feeding process without the assistance of nurses. About a diet of the feeding mother we were told too. But I did not think that for me it will appear so painfully. Yes, I did not eat anything allergenic, red, sharp etc. But month in 3 at my daughter reddenings began to appear, and the pediatrician told that I should toughen a diet, and I had to exclude from a diet still a heap of products.

I here I sit practically on one bread and water, and the baby has a redness vanishes, again appears. I thought that it will be hard, but speak everywhere, a mother`s milk - the most useful to the kid. And I told myself that I will nurse while it is necessary! My mother in general said that supposedly feed to 2 - x years. Yes, with such diet not to go crazy … Most of all it was a pity for me that my feeding friends dared to eat practically everything. But for the child I will make everything, and I will even endure a diet.

the Diet was

not the most terrible. It is not enough milk - this is bad. I tried as I could, increase a lactation, drank molokogonny teas from herbs. Helped a little, and to 6 - ti months we held on (our pediatrician told that to 6 - ti a feeding up it is not necessary to enter months). In 6 months we began to eat slowly pyureshka, but surely after each meal were finished feeding by a mother`s milk that it was not gone at all. But to 11 - ti to months milk began to run low and the daughter began to refuse a breast - will suck a little and distracts. And the diet - that did not get to anywhere. I told myself that all, so is time to give up breastfeeding, and my mother began to frighten me by the fact that as soon as I cease to nurse, the child will get sick with something at once. But milk all - disappeared, and the daughter sucked a breast a little. And I did not sustain, and told that I have had enough!

it Can be selfish

, but for me (I never kept to diets) this diet of the feeding mother became too big test. And here, when the daughter was 11 months old, and on a nose there was a New year, I “gave up“ breastfeeding. And even decided to celebrate this event a chocolate. It was the most tasty chocolate in my life. Yes, it sounds too selfishly, but it does not mean that I think only of myself and I do not think of the child. I do and I will do everything that in my forces for my baby. But time the daughter herself began to refuse a breast, so it is already ready for “adult“ food, and the mother`s milk is not necessary for it any more.

I already 3 months we do not eat a mother`s milk, and, fie - fie, did not get sick. I think, each mother has to see and feel when it is time to stop nursing, and let it will be in 11 months or in two years. It is better for child to know when mummy can be “exempted“ from a rigid diet. Thanks to my daughter that allowed me not to limit more than. And, I hope, she is grateful to me too that I “stretched“ these 11 months.