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To come to remain

Why the child leaves dances? How to help the child to overcome the difficult adaptation period, than parents can help the children? I will try to consider these questions taking into account the experience and long-term supervision.

I emphasize

Ya that it will be a question not of professional dances, and of the dances “for“, “as a hobby“. But even initial amateur level demands the serious relation to itself. Give up the begun business can become a bad tendency further.

Leaving of any child collective is a big trouble for the teacher. To admit, I am familiar not with one dance teacher and I see their experiences for each loss. On the one hand, they are morally ready to “routine of children`s shots“, with another, having put so many forces, work and soul, painfully and sadly to watch how they just leave. Quite often silently, in English, without “thanks“ and “good-bye“.

to Want to dance and dance - different concepts. From the auditorium of the movement seem simple and attract in the embraces. And there comes “hour X“ when mother takes the daughter or the sonny by hand and goes to write down the child in collective.

Most often the choice of collective proceeds from parents by the principle “it is pleasant - it is not pleasant“ whether there will be enough for it money. I will dwell upon the choice of collective.

In my opinion, the most effective way to find collective for the child is “gossip hotline“. Do not hesitate to ask mothers where their child what difficulties and reefs they face goes. Pay attention to the following items:

the fullest picture you will be able to make

, having communicated to parents whose children are engaged of three and more years.

Every year in any collective there take place reporting concerts. To resemble them happens not only interestingly, but also it is useful. In - the first, you will see the level of all groups. It is possible to track creative growth of the first year of training and the third.

to Listen to opinion of the child - how seriously to dance his desire. The classical option looks “Very much I want!“ . It is desirable to record, record it in in writing look because very soon the child will change “indications“. Up to this point we still will reach.

So, the collective is chosen. The genre of dances does not matter, however, on one feature I will stop. In ballroom dances, besides a gentlemen`s set, there is a partner point. It is very important point which ruined many couples. Because it will not be simple to find the new partner in three years, to put it mildly.

the Teacher has to be pleasant to you and the child at once. It is important. Let you be not frightened by its loud voice and insistence. The discipline in dances is the main condition. Be ready that your child will not be let on occupations if he is late. In the world of dances is very bad form. The feeling of a rhythm, musicality, plasticity, an extension - all this will look, and be not afraid if all this does not appear. Everything is acquired.

In the hall only. One - many teachers therefore be going to satisfy the curiosity at open lessons which suit all collectives adhere to this policy.

the good teacher will not hide

from you that dances - injury-causing occupation. It is not necessary to be afraid of it, to it it is just necessary to be ready. If you give the child on dances, take care that in your first-aid kit there were at least an elastic bandage and preparations from muscle pain.

the Number of children in group is very important

. It is good if them to ten. Then it is not boring to be engaged, and with everyone it is possible to fulfill elements. If it is more children - nothing terrible. It is necessary to be afraid of teachers who speak: “At me is them much, children, I cannot follow everyone!“ Remember, the good teacher has each child under control. Always will approach, will correct, will prompt!

Homework needs to be done to

and it is desirable not in 10 minutes prior to an entrance to the hall.

the Skilled teacher will see

at once if the child did nothing the house. Dances love systematic occupations and continuous practice. If the apartment small - do not despair. At most such. My daughter in summertime trains on the street in the next schoolyard, and manages in the winter to fit into small free space of the one-room apartment. There would be a desire.

By the way about desire, motivation. Without it you not “will departure“. The child has to have a clear idea why he goes to dances and that he wants. I emphasize, not parents, but the child! To create it is necessary (to think up) the purpose. With my child it is simpler - it goes to classical choreography because wants to dance well the Irish dances, and the Irish dances very much are pleasant to it because just are pleasant, and there is already a medal and there is a wish still. But so was not always. To the first championship I thought up system which looked approximately so: the daughter voiced the small dream (for example, a usual maiden hotelka - a lip gloss). Well, it costs 10 stars. For each objective success (in our case good marks in a diary which are given by the teacher to each child), I pasted on a star. Saved up ten stars - receive a gift. Such system worked with my child, pick up the most effective system for the child only you can are parents.

to Someone it is enough to p to cite as an example people with a beautiful bearing or at concerts between times to emphasize that very soon on this scene there will be you - my nice diligent sweetie!

someone from children such number will not pass

C, and parents should sweat to help to go to the child towards the aim. Anyway, clean whips, stock up with gingerbreads. You praise for the slightest progress. Do together homework. The priority of parents - to involve, carry away, interest, to support in every possible way.

the First year - it is difficult most... Do not wait for fast results. They will not be, and it is normal. You hold contact with the teacher. Ask it about weak places of the child and progress. You do not hurry to abuse the child. Rome wasn`t built in a day. It is necessary to spend a lot of time and forces to learn the first sheaf and especially the first dance. To be fair I will tell that I will not dance the simplest daughter`s dance also now. Ability to grab, acquire - a thing very difficult: what one child will learn for one occupation, another God grant will grab to the third. Therefore do not compare your child to others. For example, Katya can mark time, and in half a year to reveal and overtake Masha in progress. Masha can slide easily down as, seeing the superiority over others, relaxed and ceased to treat homework seriously.

“Cannot go today“. No, it is impossible. It is extremely undesirable to skip classes of dances without the objective reason. Neither birthday of the beloved grandmother, nor an attack of universal laziness can cancel class. The body quickly forgets the movements, and you can cross out all saved-up progress innocent admissions.

“I do not want

. I will not go“. One fine day - it can come in a month or through three - the child strikes an attitude meanies also declares that he will not go any more. Emotionally - tearful minute of weakness divides a family into two opposite camps. One family members stand up for the child, urging not to deprive the child of the childhood and not to force. Others stay in confusion. It is not forbidden to stay, but it is better to make it quickly because how you will cope with “crisis of a genre“, the future of your dances depends. Since this minute you not only the parent, you the psychologist who has to render not only physical maintenance (to bring the child), but also psychological.

perfectly I know

Ya how not easy to find words of support. I am helped out by the phrase “I understand you“. Begin any conversation with the child with this phrase. You will not be mistaken. Embrace the child, in every possible way let know that you together will overcome difficulties soon that at the child surely everything will turn out!

Behind any “I do not want“

the reasons are covered. It is necessary to carry out detailed expertize to reveal and cope with problems.

it is “boring“ for

. There is such problem. The child came to dance and work every day monotonous pases he is not ready. It is the moment it is necessary just to worry. To you and your child. Words of support of relatives, some lovely trifles, joint walks will help to overcome this really difficult period.

“Me is not loved by the teacher.“ In this situation a lot of things depend on the relation of parents to the increased tone and an admissible side of physical impact on the child. Let`s consider a standard situation.

the Teacher tells

: “Knee! (quiet voice) Knee! the Knee is (loud)! (very loudly)“. “Knee!“ - and a slap on a knee. For someone the slap on a knee is admissible, for someone...

Personally I quietly treat the last point. For the same who is initially not ready to such turn of events, can advise to learn about style and methods of teaching in advance. It is not necessary to be afraid of remarks and criticism. It demonstrate that the teacher is interested in correction. It is much worse if do not do to the child the remark and ignore.

If process did not go, the decent teacher himself will find time and will talk to the parent. Believe, there are teachers who know and love the business and to spend the time and your money will not become. It happens very seldom.

in conclusion I want to wish success to all who will wish to enter the wonderful and interesting world of dance.