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Vitamins - a health source! These words are familiar to us since the childhood. However recently it became obvious that not only vitamins are important for our health, but also minerals, and also micro - and macrocells. The pharmaceutics does not stand still therefore the consumer market is full of the various preparations and food additives directed to completion and maintenance of balance of vitamins and minerals in an organism, however, to accept them without the corresponding analyses and without appointment of the doctor can be dangerous.

scientists found

From all known chemical elements in a body of the person 81. All of them are the most important catalysts of various biochemical reactions, irreplaceable participants of processes of growth and development of an organism, metabolism, adaptation to the changing environment conditions. These elements coming to an organism with food, water and air are acquired and distributed in our cages and fabrics in a free state and in the form of a huge set of chemical compounds. At all this it is known that the dosage of vitamins and minerals in a human body is strictly limited to daily norms. The surplus, for example, of the same vitamin D conducts to much more serious consequences, than its shortcoming. Therefore experts in the field of a bioelementologiya consider incorrect appointment containing vitamins and minerals of preparations, both to children, and adults, being based only on external signs of their shortcoming. How to learn whether is the metabolic disorder caused by an imbalance of vitamins and minerals in an organism or not? And if is, then what?

the Shortcoming any of vitamins leads
to decrease in education in an organism of certain vital enzymes and, as a result, to a specific metabolic disorder in each case.

Individual “portrait“ without pain and tears

Since recent time in Moscow there was a set of the clinics specializing in analyses of so-called micronutrients on availability of vitamins, more precisely, amino acids macro - and minerals in an organism. In the majority of clinics as the studied material take blood. If for adults this method most often does not represent complications, then each mother knows what is a visit of laboratory with the small child. To take a blood test even if from a finger - torture for the kid what to speak about situations when it is necessary to take blood from a vein! So for some parents delivery of children`s analyses becomes the real test.

However the modern medicine does not stand still. The last achievements - noninvasive methods of sampling of tests are already in increasing frequency used (i.e. without the injuring penetration into fabrics and human organs). As materials for such analyses, besides whole blood, hair, nails, urine, saliva and even breast milk can be used. In addition for researches take spermalny liquid, concrements (stones), teeth, fragments of a bone tissue, autopsiyny material (remote bodies), etc. But most often use nails, hair and urine. It is dream of each mother - analyses without injuries, tears and the more so without risk of infection.

at the same time the main difference of noninvasive methods of research from traditional blood test is an its diagnosing temporary component. In other words, if blood test shows a condition of an organism in the mode “here and now“, then the analysis of hair, for example, will show an overall picture of a state of health of the person for last 2 - 3 months, and the analysis of nails - for last 2 - 4 weeks. Therefore purpose of this or that analysis depends directly on the aim which is pursued by the doctor. The analysis of hair is harmless, safe for the patient and is very informative as with his help the expert can easily see violations in the content of 40 various chemical elements. Almost individual “microelement“ portrait of the person turns out.

according to experts, hair can help to diagnose even chronic diseases at the very first stages, even before emergence of the first symptoms of an illness.

However one remark is: not all indicators can be checked by means of only one noninvasive techniques. For example, the analysis of urine will help to reveal shortcomings only of water-soluble vitamins. Therefore in medical practice still, as a rule, use blood with the purpose to receive fuller clinical picture.

Practical recommendations

All of us know that a blood test is taken on a hungry stomach, and urine for analyses needs to be taken morning. But whether some preparations before vitamins testing and minerals are necessary? Certainly, though, according to doctors, preparation these is minimum.

does not have

sense to limit or change the mode and players of food. For the doctor parameters at a usual diet will be the most indicative. If it is necessary to take a blood test, then ideally it needs to be handed over in the morning on an empty stomach or in 2 hours after meal. It is actual for mothers with small children: it is still difficult for kids to transfer lack of food and it is even more difficult to explain to the child why it deprived of a habitual breakfast. In this case, it is better to feed the child a bit earlier, and to schedule testing for later time.

If hair are given, then it is also necessary to consider which - what recommendations (once again in more detail about all this you will be told, of course, in clinic where you address). For 1 - 2 weeks before delivery of test use of any medical shampoos and other detergents - against dandruff is recommended to stop, seborrheas, and also structures containing selenium, zinc and silicon. If treatment duration these means was more - less constant, then it is better to stop use for 1,5 - 2 month to test delivery. Hair for delivery of the analysis have to be pure, without putting any cosmetics (varnishes, gels both other laying and remedies). It is important to report to laboratory assistants about whether there is on hair a coloring or a chemical wave also.

Nails, by analogy with hair, also have to be pure, without varnish, creams and other cosmetics.

Risk group

Besides that children and teenagers are most subject to deficiency of chemical elements, couples planning pregnancy, pregnant, nursing mothers and recently given rise women also get to risk group. Implementation of the analysis on vitamins and amino acids is very important not only for health of adults, but also for their child. In time the revealed violations will help to eliminate deficiency of these or those minerals even before pregnancy, at a planning stage.


Now practically to all pregnant women as prevention appoint vitamin E and folic acid, but any doctor will not determine “by eye“ the exact content of these vitamins B the woman`s organism. At pregnancy the need and for many other nutrients - for 20 - 50%, and sometimes increases more, the daily need for calcium, zinc, copper, iron and magnesium increases. Therefore the most rational and safe way - in time to make all necessary tests and already with ready results to go for consultation to the doctor.

according to experts, in the developed countries delivery of such analyses is carried out always at a pregnancy planning stage, during the so-called period of pre - conception care. Unfortunately, in our country the due attention is not paid to this question yet, it is possible for this reason the level of child mortality and mortality at the birth at us is many times higher.

Quite often after the delivery women complain of excess weight. As a result all without grounds go on diets, spoil stomachs, nerves and worsen the general condition of an organism, but do not achieve desirable result. The matter is that at correction of weight the insufficient attention is paid to a problem of balance of food on vitamins and minerals, the main discussions are conducted only concerning a ratio of power components of food - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. However in a metabolic disorder a considerable role is played by disbalance of a diet of vitamins and minerals. Ignorance of these processes is one of factors of return of weight at 90% of the people trying to lower it exclusively diets and active physical activities.

“Yulya badly eats

, listens to nobody...“

the Healthy nutrition is guarantee of successful treatment and prevention at least 2/3 of all known diseases - it is the fact. But it is terrible to tell to how many mothers the problem of a small appetite at children is familiar. And the quantity of psychological tricks with the purpose to feed the child grows with each subsequent generation:“ for mother - for the father“, plateaus with pictures, “let`s feed a doll“, and parents in general drive some children on a visit only in order that the child ate for the company with peers. In principle, before stuffing the child with food, it is worth descending to the doctor. Experts claim that the small appetite can be caused by deficiency of zinc which leads to violation of taste and sense of smell that respectively, causes rejection of food and worsens appetite. Children therefore they most often have problems with food are especially subject to deficiency of zinc. But sometimes from violations of appetite also adults suffer. Completion of deficiency of zinc is capable for 1 - 3 month to relieve people of problems with food.

By the way, deficiency of zinc as the reason of a small appetite meets at boys and men more often, and women and girls the reason of a small appetite can have also a deficiency of iron. Especially it concerns girls during puberty, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Against iron administration of drugs experts note considerable improvement of appetite.

Health you will not buy

- it is the axiom which is not demanding proofs. To risk, so far as concerns health, nobody will want therefore to make the life and life of the relatives of more predictable, so it is possible for fuller and it is even necessary. Several competently conducted researches will help you to correct a set of the existing problems towards their improvement.