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Exercises for the lazy father lying on a sofa of

of the Father everyones are necessary, fathers everyones are important. We believe that even the father - fiascos can prepare the member of Canadian national team on hockey.

Many parents are not engaged in

with children not because consider it as nonsense but because they do not have enough forces. Some cannot just force to get up from a sofa and to do exercises with the child. Whether to moralize on this subject and to say that you should not bring children if there are no forces them to be engaged?. It is unlikely it will work. We can show instead that many exercises can be done, lying on a favourite sofa.

So, the tired father`s body lies. And on a father`s stomach (therefore the lazy and fat father, than lazy and thin is better, it is noted still by Gogol) it is possible to lift the lying child by hands, to force it to the knees, to learn to rise, take the first step. What else can be done on a stomach? To somersault, hang headfirst, to press legs to a stomach, to learn to define distance to the father`s person and to grab the father a chin... Exercises on flexibility. The child lies on the stomach, you raise his legs, at the same time the head it is necessary to lie. Very carefully bend legs in the direction of the head.

the Child is kneeling a sofa, leaning on a father`s stomach hands and elbows. In this pose he learns to get up independently. Option for the father watching TV in an easy chair in which it is possible to lean back: the child can learn to get up. Its weight at the same time is evenly distributed along your body.

the Child gets down from the father`s stomach on a sofa (you hold its back with a hand). This very important exercise which can sharply intensify crawling process.

the Child lies at you on a breast, you raise it by hands and stiffen. He hanged at an angle, on hands intensive loading. Fine static exercise when he tries to record a pose, makes a start from your hands and tries to rise.

can “struggle“ With the four-months child much on a sofa (such fuss usually very much is pleasant to children); to roll, squeeze, overturn, strong squeezing in hands. It and for tired parents is a good power shake-up (do not forget, by the way, that children have more space energy, than at us).

It is very convenient to

, having a rest on a sofa after work, to do with the child exercises for development of a vestibular mechanism: to shake, throw it over itself. The child very well communicates, rejoices that he on hands. Often parents ask whether it is obligatory to talk to the child. If you do one hundred exercises, then, of course, it is difficult to sentence something to confirm contact, but the pose of the lazy father is just ideal for full conversation with the child of any age.

it is safer to p to stack the father not on an ottoman, and on mattresses on a floor. Here still very important occupation for the five-months child. He already learned to get up, but, having got up, he will stand and shout until it is helped out - he is not able to sit down yet. And if it costs on mats, holding the father, then in this position it the easiest to teach to squat, kneel and lower one, and then the second hand on a floor.

Dear mothers! You do not become angry about the husband when he rolls with the newspaper. Tell it that it is very important for you that he had a rest after day of work and that in such situation it can just bring the greatest benefit. You bring it the child, let it will do several occupations in an evening. Perhaps, he so will be fond that he will even get up.