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The wine diet of

U of those who never in life heard about a wine diet only one its mention can be deep surprising. And is to what to be surprised. In - the first, we do not cease to repeat that alcohol is unhealthy, and here suddenly and we offer it. In - the second how it is possible to grow thin by means of wine if podavlyayushche the majority of alcoholic drinks contain the increased number of kilocalories? Still students joke: “There is no money for bread? Buy vodka!“ And still, if to understand, a certain sense in observance of a wine diet everything is is. But to find out as far as such scheme of weight loss is useful to health, we will try to consider it from all points of view.

we Will begin

with the fact that the power value of red wine which is recommended to be taken at a wine diet is not so big. Besides the wine diet, except the wine, includes only one apples. According to other scheme tomatoes, cucumbers, cottage cheese and eggs enter a wine diet. Anyway these products do not differ in too high caloric content. Along with it, features of a metabolism of red wine are that that kilocalories quickly enough burn down in an organism. Besides, for a long time it is proved that the main danger is constituted by not alcoholic drinks, but appetite which they kindle. Besides, wine to a lesser extent stimulates release of the gastric juice tempting the increased appetite. If to it to add on the changed relation to alcohol in general and to red wine in particular, there is absolutely a favorable opinion on a wine diet. Really, some doctors even officially recommend the daily use of vodka (but in very limited quantity: the dose has to be no more than the half-weight expressed in grams i.e. for 70 - kilogram is no more than 35 have some of person in day!) .


A about advantage of red wine for warmly - vascular system it is printed in all newspapers for a long time. Now if to analyse all mentioned facts, then they, undoubtedly, testify in favor of a wine diet. But there is also the second party of a medal. As considers most of experts, the wine diet renders effect not so much thanks to the direct impact on body weight, how many suppression of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes which begins to move to the forefront as a result of the use of large amounts of alcohol and helps to cope with the impulses arriving from the center of hunger. And on one of versions of a wine diet it is necessary to drink daily enough - fair quantity of alcohol: not less bottle in day. And it is not important how it to make: at once for one “prisest“, or gradually for day. It is possible to have a snack only on one apples. Against such serious restriction in food absorption of the whole bottle will really cause intoxication which will help to overcome feeling of hunger, especially, if at once to drink rather big dose.

Turns out that weight loss is carried out not thanks to normalization of a metabolism, to acceleration to combustion of fat or other mechanisms, and owing to oppression of the cortical and subcrustal centers, so, and self-preservation instincts, one of which is the satisfaction of feeling of hunger. In other words, we it is simple - naprosto we exhaust the organism, without giving it the put number of kilocalories for normal functional activity. Of course, it is possible to cite as an example some more diets which are constructed approximately on the same principles. For example, when the feeling of satiety is artificially created that forces an organism to get energy for implementation of the physiological processes not from food carbohydrates, and from own fatty tissue. It so, but in these diets is completely excluded alcohol intake. In our case all to within “on the contrary“. At the same time it is impossible to forget that brain fabric possesses big tropism (sensitivity) to alcoholic drinks, and the considerable use of wine against power starvation can lead to serious loads of other bodies, especially on heart.

Anyway, a wine diet use. One people more successfully, others - less. But, having analysed all aforesaid, becomes clear that adoption of such decision demands careful weighing of all pros and cons. And not so superfluous will be to learn opinion of the health worker, authoritative for you.