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When we learned the first feelings when feeding

with the husband about pregnancy, very much were delighted because we planned the child year. As all occurred for the first time, I did not reflect what difficulties of feeding by a breast I will meet ahead.

Everything began

in maternity hospital. Childbirth took place adversely since I gave birth, and the little son was born 5 kilograms. Did not allow to put to a breast of the child, and it very much upset me because I read (and, of course, told much) that the child has to eat since the birth only mother`s milk. Since the little son was given mix, he began terrible diathesis. And I began problems with a breast.

But I resolved

that I will nurse only. And any mixes. Thanks to a milk pump I developed breasts and decanted milk, that and escaped. But I was afraid that the son will not be able to take a breast, passed 9 days, and my milk would be enough two to bring up.

But, fortunately, the little son a breast took

at once. The feeling is inexpressible! If it is honest, then I was afraid: in total - the first child, the first feelings. But when into place to fear came (as it to tell?) whether pleasure, whether delight... Everything disappeared somewhere, and around the world there were we one.

I fed it with

Till 6 months and did not feed up nothing. And when all in the apartment had quinsy, the little son was as the athlete to whom no what is terrible.

the Following difficulty me waited for

through my fault. Somehow at night I did not decant milk after feeding and went to bed. In the morning I woke up from awful pain, the breast was stone, temperature under 39. The husband began to warm up a breast since I could not do it - pain was terrible, a milk pump downloaded milk, put cabbage leaves, and one more grandmother advised a grass to put a wood louse - they so in old times escaped. Generally, everything managed.

to the Little son 1 year and 10 months, and he refused a breast in 1 year 3 months. Probably, so considered necessary. I consider that I made everything that I could, and my sonny grows healthy, and this most important for mother.

you Nurse

if you want to see the child healthy and happy. In the future he will tell you thanks.