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Short course of the young demolition man: we learn to choose pyrotechnics of

the Subject of today`s review became actual only in the last years ten when we for the first time learned all pleasure and all horror of use of pyrotechnic entertainments. I tell horror because to the misfortune I live on the first floor, both all December and January evenings pass at me under cheerful sounds of explosions (the people at us early begin to celebrate and long stops).

Though, in principle, fire and explosions I love

, in the childhood we with friends did toy pistols, samopala, bombochka - a lot of things. We did not even hear about petards, at most are boring crackers with confetti and silly paper masks inside (the hare, chanterelle, Mr. H) and silent Bengal lights. It was necessary to buy tapes of percussion caps and bags of matchboxes and to turn to laborious and dangerous work.

However, I distracted from a subject. Today I will tell that it was succeeded to find in the Network on a pyrotechnic question. Let`s begin one after another: at first about kinds of pyrotechnic products and their specific action, then - about some rules of the choice, acquisition and safety.

the Petard is the simplest pyrotechnic toy making cotton of various loudness depending on a look. The most powerful sound at start is made “Thunderclap“ and “the Corsair - 3“ though their decibels are in limits of the norms established by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate. There are petards with additional effects, for example “Gun“ which at first spins, jumps and only then claps, or “Explosion of a bombochka“: at its start the quiet crash is followed by a scattering of silvery and golden fiery drops. On sale there is also linking of petards - on 30, 40, 100 pieces.

of the Revolving object treat simple and safe pyrotechnic devices too. They should be put on a plain surface - ice, asphalt or a piece of a cardboard, and then to set fire. On a revolving object surely there has to be a mark: what party to the sky it needs to be directed. It is very important that there was no side wind which can carry away a toy. The revolving object is untwisted and flies up, and effects - if a toy in the form of a butterfly begin further, it will have a loop from multi-colored sparks if it is “bomber“, then, having gained height, it will deafeningly bang.

the Most elementary are land revolving objects.“ The fiery ring“ moves with hum on the ground, describing a circle with a diameter about 30 cm, at the same time from it sparkles extensively scatter. Some types of land revolving objects creep - it is “snakes“, “mice“ - and at the same time whistle, smoke. Tanks and guns pass about 1 meter, stop and begin to shoot.

of the Rocket are the pyrotechnic toys attached to a stick - to the stabilizer. “Starting installation“ is necessary for their start. Small rackets can be inserted even into an empty bottle of 0,33 or 0,5 liters, then to set fire to a match, and the toy will fly up, being scattered by salute with sound effects and without. Copies need to be started from a tube more, it is the best of all metal, vertically fixed in soil. It is impossible to shorten independently at all the stabilizer as the device can incorrectly work.

rockets simpler, flying up from own support, - with plastic or paper stabilizers Are. “Pershing“ and “Star“ are very effective. They can be started even in the afternoon though the majority of fireworks well look only in twilight.

I will Separately tell

about the most impressive, but also the most expensive rockets (from $10 to 15).

- work with

“Kremlin stars“ in two steps. At first the powerful engine raises all design by 100 - 150 m then it blows up there, lighting up vicinities dazzling shine and making a frightening roar. After a while the one-and-a-half-meter stabilizer of the rocket falls to the ground. At start it is important to follow safety regulations - to fix the rocket strictly vertically, not to start it at wind more than 5 m/s., and also not to try to use after refusal.

“A storm in the desert“ - difficult and quite expensive pyrotechnic device. The principle of work such is - volleys from forty tubes create the huge shining and rumbling cloud in air. The show impresses. It is recommended to apply if not in the desert, then, at least, far away from housing. Better, of course, on the sober head. But, you understand that it happens seldom and effect of perception not that.

also the combined pyrotechnic toys Exist. The flying Aerobomba and Dvoynoy udar petards concern to them, for example. In the course of start they jump up meters on 10, and then blow up.

the Roman candles represent tubules of various length and thickness with a match. The simplest shoot sparks. From what is more difficult take off with a roar, whistle or we howl comets having a tail, fiery worms, the buzzing revolving objects, asterisks. Each tube makes 5 - 6 shots. Small Roman candles can even be held on an outstretched arm. Copies should be thrust in soil or snow a wick to the sky more.

manual fountains are Very similar

to the Roman candles (or otherwise - torches). They can quietly be held in hand during start, they scatter small fiery balls or sparkles. Some fountains are followed by sound effects. The simplest of them very much are pleasant to children - it is “Music sounds“, “Cockerel“.

Festival salutes are called by six-charging pyrotechnic toys. In a trunk the ball is loaded, the wick is set fire, and the device shoots. It is very important that balls with a diameter no more than 5 cm were used. However, all licensed goods conform to these requirements and if balls appeared more, so you bought smuggling.


not to recharge a toy every time, buy the battery of salutes from several trunks. Externally the device is similar to cake. It needs to be put on the earth, to exempt from packing and to set fire to a match. There will be exactly so many shots how many charges are put there. Often each charge gives different effect. This entertainment is similar to the real salute. However, batteries can be manufactured in the form of the small, finding room in a fist multibarrelled installation. Do not mix them with multicharging (from 5 to 100 charges) rocket installations - they give absolutely different effect.

of the Cracker treat the category of house fireworks along with Bengal lights and toys “The priest - the priest“ which, without setting fire, it is necessary just to throw on a floor. As a rule, crackers establish on a saucer or a plate that sparks from a wick did not spoil a cloth, and set fire. They shoot various suvenirchik. The most popular crackers - “A bag with money“ and “A carnival in Rio“.

Some additional information can be found

in small article about pyrotechnics which children can use also that which cannot use it.

about the safety

of the Device intended for use in life is not comprised Now gram of explosives.

All pyrotechnic production going on sale on legal channels surely undergoes multistage procedure of check and licensing, especially if it is about import. The Chinese fireworks made at the state enterprises and which got permission of the Russian Federal center of pyrotechnics of NIIPH are also safe, as well as a domestic production. Avoid only the “left“ goods which, by the way, not necessarily are from China.

Careless handling of pyrotechnics leads

to serious consequences. It can occur even when using high-quality goods if to neglect the rules stated in the instruction.

In order that festive fireworks gave you joy, acquire several simple rules:

  • do not get petards, salutes, etc. in the markets, “disorders“ and other doubtful places At all.
  • do not use self-made devices.
  • by
  • Choose only the licensed production supplied with the instruction in Russian in which have to be specified:
    • type of the device and effects which it causes;
    • of the rule of start;
    • necessary precautionary measures;
    • ways of utilization if the device will not work;
    • firm - the manufacturer and the firm which is carrying out wholesale with all output data and logos;
    • a mark “It is recommended to
    • the Federal center of pyrotechnics of NIIPH“.
  • Attentively read
  • and accurately follow all rules stated in the instruction.
  • Under no circumstances do not allow children to start devices without adults.

In more detail about rules of use of pyrotechnics can be read to


read to

A about rules of the choice upon purchase this short text published in the supplement to “AIF“ “Daughters there are Mothers“.

Other materials on a pyrotechnic subject

  • the Website “For the aid to the Beginning Fireworkers“. (There is a theoretical material “Explosion History“).
  • From the Bad advice series - “Pyrotechnics and mockery at teachers“.
  • Pyrotechnic page.
  • Conference on pyrotechnics.
  • Wholesale prices for pyrotechnics (helps to orient when planning purchases).
  • the Internet - shop of pyrotechnics “Fireballs“ (it is not obligatory to buy, but it is possible to look at pictures, to read descriptions, to learn the prices).

I Wish you cheerful and safe holidays!