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Gold droplets of

Dear mummies! Real and future! I want to share with you my experience of breastfeeding. No, incorrectly. More likely, I want to tell how it was.

Ya - mother of two remarkable daughters. Sweetie pies - Tanyushenka and Arishenk. This the most expensive that I have.

At the moment to my experience of breastfeeding 2,5 years, but I still feed my youngest and intend to do it still very long.

Of course when now behind shoulders several years of successful feeding by a breast, are easy to give advice, and once, 7 years ago, in maternity hospital when I appeared after operation of Cesarean section one alone with the baby, everything was absolutely not so simple. Helped out a case.

was Very lucky

with the neigbour in chamber which gave birth to the second child. The vigorous, cheerful girl was called Olya, as well as me. It helped me with everything. Literally extended me from a postoperative depression and put on legs. When children slept, helped me to go to be walked up and down, so to speak, along a corridor. Operation took place with complications, and it was very difficult to move to me. Forced me to make up eyes and lips before round of the doctor. As now I remember her words:“ Hey, be not depressed! It is necessary to cheer up for the sake of the baby“. She literally infected with the cheerfulness me and put on legs. She taught me to put the child to a breast, it is correct to nurse the child. I began terrible mastitis, but its councils and national recipes rescued me from operation.

the Destiny parted

us, we lost each other, but I still feel sincere gratitude.

When I gave birth to the second daughter, with me the girl lay is much younger than me, and I as once my neigbour, tried to inspire her, to help to adjust breastfeeding. And at me it turned out! We still are on friendly terms, now families.

all mummies Want to wish to feed with

long and easily! A mother`s milk - the most important that is necessary for the child in the first years of his life. I learned by the experience that babies develop quicker, than their peers. Besides, they are more tender and are more attached to mother. I will not tell about all physiological and psychological pluses of breastfeeding. About it and to me wrote enough. I will tell only that these gold droplets are worth a lot.