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The letter from the Ill-natured person from the island to Babuk of

the Obligatory explanation. Last night at my place phone call was distributed. “It is Kirill Avdeenko?“ - asked from far away a voice. “Yes, I listen to you“ - I answered. “It is told by the Ill-natured person from the island to Babuk. I heard, you write fairy tales for children. You will not transfer from me to all children - nekhochukha the letter?“ - continued an impudent voice. I agreed. And the Ill-natured person dictated to me the letter for all nekhochukh. And also asked to add surely that she sometimes is very kind.

Ya - the little Ill-natured person,
I send to All children hi!
On the island to Babuk
I Live many years.
Ya is black as the devil,
As in an oven house,
With huge ears
I the bald head.

to Sege I on a bamboo
At Bubu`s lake,
Look both in the afternoon, and night
In a telescope.
Is far - predalyoko
my sharp-sighted eye Looks!
Therefore everything I know
of Missile defense of each of you.

And so, I notice
I I feel aurally,
As is a lot of in the different countries
Awful nekhochukh!
Around is only distributed:
“Will not be! I do not want!“
In America, Europe,
On Chuchu`s island!

Was tired, nekhochukh,
Ya it to observe! I Will buy
- here the rocket,
That on a visit to you to fly.
I will rush Into a window as wind. to
Ooh, to all of you I will bother! All walls I will ornament
, All bulbs I will eat

I I warn,
That I do not joke at all, Everything in the house I will scatter
, I will drag off
of the Toy!
I Will put them under a bamboo
At Bubu`s lake,
On the island to Babuk,
On the distant coast.

But know

, children,
I Love you with all the heart! For everyone I prepare for

the Gift small. let me be dissatisfied with
I furious - ooh - ooh! I Will take
with myself gifts!
But only for hochukh.

I Will tell you, on Babuka
the Magic woods;
Everywhere chocolates,
In glaze heaven.
of Candy on trees
of Vkusnyushchiye - ah - ah!
Cakes fly
On white clouds.

them I will gather

Ya, I will load
Into the rocket, at night under a pillow
Hochukham I will put
I Will add some
fruit-paste sweets On different taste and color,
In the rocket of the place is a lot of,
On one thousand candies!

Well, enough! darkened,
Was tired, just horror!
I Will go, I will have a sleep a little,
Is time to have a rest to me!
Today something is bad to Watch
Fog as a cover,
Shrouded my island.

A tomorrow on a bamboo,
At Bubu`s lake,
I will long Look
In a telescope!
Is far - predalyoko,
will Watch my eye! remember
I - everything I know
of Missile defense of each of you!