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We remember without cramming (ready zapominalka for everyone)

Exist a huge number the technician of effective storing of information. The people owning these technicians are able to remember any information without tiresome cramming.

Lack of a stage of cramming gives to

saving of time (that is invaluable) and forces (that too is invaluable). Besides, information acquired by means of any supportive application is stored much longer and remembered much quicker. Bright to that an example - storing of flowers of a range which at most of people happens by means of “zapominalka“: Each Hunter Zhelayet Znat Gde Sidit Fazan (the first letters of each word corresponds to the first letter in the name of color). Pay attention, to how this sequence is well remembered, and you always smoothly easily call these colors (if, of course, you knew this “zapominalka“).

of “Zapominalka“ happen different type. It is not difficult to think out them independently, especially owning special methods, but often just laziness. Therefore we want to bring to your attention ready “zapominalka“, hoping that shortly all of you want to master technology of effective storing and to acquire any information without problems. For now, we suggest you to collect the zapominalok collection. They surely will help you and your children to remember once and for all various data.

No. 1. If you confuse in what case to use the verb “put on“ and in what “to dress“, then try to remember it so: to dress
of N (what?) about about to put a dezhda
(whom?) N
clothes (Means that when some thing on itself..., Put on and when someone, for example, Nadezhda, is Dressed.)

No. 2. All heard about stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnata. All this icicles cave, but grow they differently. How to remember that is that not to confuse any more.
the Stalactite is the icicle growing at from above - look at the letter T - and everything will become clear.
Stalagmite is the icicle growing at from a bottom caves - look at the letter M and present that it is two icicles growing from below.
Stalagnat is the icicles which grew together from above and from below - look at the letters N and A - at them is horizontal connecting hyphens, that is the icicles growing from above and from below are connected.

No. 3. From chemistry. You, probably, remember that to define acid it or alkali, use a litmus piece of paper. In one case it is painted in red color, and in another in violet. When - in what? Precisely to remember draw such analogy - both words and K an islota and K rasny begin with a letter K. Respectively, violet color gives alkali.

No. 4. From biology. Perhaps, you remember that in the dark and on light receptors of a different look - a stick and a flask are responsible for sight. It is unlikely you need it for yourself, and here to the school students passing it at present, and also that who should hand over biology at entering a higher education institution you will be able to give good advice how not to get confused. So, present. In darkness (especially full :)), it is easier for to move with a stick (a crutch, for example). In principle, it is already enough to remember that flasks, respectively, are responsible for sight on light. But, if nevertheless you want to strengthen an image, then remember so: in the afternoon, in laboratories work as with flasks (it is necessary to see them!) .

No. 5. From life. Two times a year we throw hands. And we confuse every time - in what party to throw hands: forward or back. Try such means:
B clear - B before
O a shade - O bratno
(pay attention to letters B and O).