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To the Czech Republic together with the child of

Summer not far off, and we already think of holiday. That who plans rest without children it is much simpler as the choice of the countries where it is possible to go, is rather rich. Rest with the child means a set of nuances. But on closer examination it turns out that there is a lot of opportunities for joint rest of parents and children.

the Majority of us associate rest in the Czech Republic with romanticism and very few people guess that in the small European country there is a fine industry for joint rest of adults and children.

Ancient Prague is beautiful

of ZOO at all seasons of the year. However, choosing the capital of the Czech Republic for rest, many count only on excursions and good beer, even without suspecting that the city took care of the real gift for children. The Prague zoo by right is considered one of the best in Europe. And at the price - one of the cheapest. The zoo is constructed on the hill and therefore is two-level. On each of levels it is possible to get as on foot, and on pass - the funicular. Across the territory of a zoo tiny trams go. In vacation spots the cafe and game rooms are located. Children`s carts - carriages in the form of the car where it is possible to seat the kid are provided to the smallest, and travel to the world of animals will become easy and fascinating.

Special love at adults and children the Indonesian Jungle pavilion uses

. The zoo refused classical lattices for a long time and uses them only for safety only at predators, such as wolves, tigers or hyenas. The majority of open-air cages is equipped with glass barriers, it causes the real delight in the territory of lions, panthers, tigers.

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one day to glance in all corners of the Prague zoo. Therefore at an entrance it is recommended to buy a routemap and to make on it own, having chosen on the taste all the most interesting and fascinating.

in a zoo also unique “counter“ Is: the zoo works also at night! The real adventure for parents and children - teenagers! From spring to fall in a zoo there take place night excursions at which it is possible to see those who sleep in the afternoon and is hidden from an eye of the person.

Time of the next excursion needs to be learned in cash desks of a zoo. It is possible to reach to a zoo by № bus; 112 which departs from metro station to “Nadrazhi Holeshovitsa“.


the Beach

Choosing the place for family rest, we often give preference to those places where children can swim for a while and play much in water. In the summer in Prague city beaches are open. Unlike the majority of the big cities of Russia, “city beach“ means purity and an ideal order. For example, across all territory of the O2 beach on the coast of Vltava the set of cafe and stalls, playgrounds for the smallest were stretched open shower.

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About such platform especially. Except roundabouts, sandboxes, hills and other habitual attributes, on the platform there is a pool where mothers can cheerfully spend time with kids. To mother - “the sea knee-deep“, and for the child is a fine opportunity to popleskatsya in “splash pool“. If there is a wish to have a rest a little, then the kid can be transferred to tutors who will occupy him with games while mother and the father have a rest in beach cafe or sunbathe. An entrance on the beach free.

of Aquapalace

of the Opponent of city beaches, quite perhaps, will be subdued by the Prague aquaparks. Aquapalace in Prague - the unique sports complex for rest offering full range of services for all family: the classical pool for athletes and twisting lagoons for romantics, big and small waterslides from which descent takes the breath away, the weakening jacuzzis, a big recreation area under the open sky which enjoys special popularity in hot days.

in the territory of an aquapark several restaurants and bars are. The coral bar has an exit to water. Only to you to solve: whether to come to the beach territory of bar or to order to itself dishes, without leaving water. For those who love thrills and the underwater world in an aquapark there is a huge territory of aquariums where it is possible to watch directly from the pool starfishes, corals, sea hedgehogs, a great number of multi-colored small fishes and three chernopyory sharks. In breaks between excursions across ancient Prague and tasting of the Czech beer to have a good time all family in one of the best aquaparks in Europe. An entrance fee for the whole day for the adult about 18,5 euros, for the child - 12 euros. Credit cards are for payment accepted.

the Indian village

For those who love adventures and history in the territory of the Czech Republic was located the real Indian village. In May and June the village is open for all comers only on days off as everyday life the children`s “Indian camp“ works in the village. And here July and August - the real “high season“, and the Indian village receives guests seven days a week, entertaining not only in the afternoon: at night representations with huge fires are carried out. The ticket price for the adult about 12 euros, for the child - 6 euros. In the territory of the village the tavern with Indian cuisine and cozy Mexican shop is located.

If you want to spend by

romantic week in the Czech Republic and at the same time to make to the child the real holiday, then rest can be divided conveniently, having left the son or the daughter for a week in this children`s camp of Indians. So far you will taste Czech cuisine, to enjoy views from the boats which are going down across Vltava or just to walk having joined hands, your child, living in the “real“ Indian tents in the “real“ clothes of the Indian, will learn to do amulets, arrows, bracelets, to kindle a fire and to shoot a bow. Perhaps, you will solve the recipe of the real children`s happiness.

Tutors of camp will make by

everything that the kid - the foreigner did not feel lonely and was in the thick of events. It is necessary to agree about the organization of children`s rest in advance as the Indian camp enjoys extraordinary popularity, but in a week accepts only 25 children from 8 to 14 years. Week of stay of the child in camp costs 150 euros.

“Czech paradise“

Many parents consider that the best summer holiday - joint active recreation. Mountains, the woods, a river rafting - all this is provided by the hospitable Czech Republic.“ The Czech paradise“ - the national reserve where in rather small territory the fancy Rocky cities and abrupt canyons, romantic valleys and the dense woods, the purest Makhovo the lake and the deep river Iyiglava were placed. The rocky cities - the groups of a fancy view of rocks towering over the wood with distributed on the vertical and a horizontal “floors“ which closely clung to each other. The look they remind skyscrapers from big megalopolises. Pedestrian tourist routes allow to glance in “cities“. Throughout all routes there are indexes and to be lost, even without knowing language, it is just impossible.

the Area of Maloskalsk - a pearl of the Czech paradise. In the Middle Ages the narrow rocky massif of its right coast was used as the natural base for defensive fortresses Vranov and Fradstein. In Hugo - the western part of the reserve there are “Drabsky rooms“ - system of rocks, gorges and slopes. Separate columns have the names: there is “Cat“, “Athlete“, “Minaret“, “Horse“.

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on a panorama of the Czech paradise from a survey tower at mountain top Kozakov. To fans of active summer holiday here expanse: it is possible to rent the bicycle, to go in for mountaineering in the Rocky cities or to gather mushrooms in the woods, to hire the boat, to make water walk on a small parokhodik, to do some flying on a hang-glider or to sunbathe on the sandy beach of Makhov of the lake. The main thing - in advance to reserve places in local hotels, boards, campings and to hire the car. The prices of placement in boards with a breakfast - from 15 euros, a kempingovy lodge - from 10 euros, and hotel it is possible to pick up for the most exacting taste of vacationers. From Prague to the Czech paradise only 2 hours of driving.

Summer holiday in the Czech Republic can be much richer than

, than habitual mass arrivals to Prague and Karlovy Vary. Opportunities which the country gives for joint family rest are many-sided, and the prices still 10 times less all-European. It attracts tourists from all Europe here and it should be opened for itself for you.