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The baby refuses a breast. What to do?

would Seem, nothing portended trouble as suddenly literally in one day everything sharply changes without the visible reasons, and the kid suddenly refuses a breast. And it does not depend on age of the kid in any way... It is difficult to solve a refusal problem, but it is possible! The main thing to stock up with the necessary information and not to give in to panic.

So if yours the baby refused to suck a breast, in - the first, do not follow the tastes minute desire and do not finish feeding it mix. Not exhausted milk gives to an organism a signal to reduction of a lactation therefore it is necessary to decant the last portions of milk and to dopaivat them the kid.

Certainly, you have to find a cause of failure of the child from a breast. Them there can be a set, but “by process of elimination“ you will surely find the situation. Strangely enough, babies can feel “shock“ from unusual events too, the unwillingness to eat becomes a consequence of what. New impressions, injuries, quarrel in the face of the kid etc. belong to such incidents. In this case it is necessary to pay to the child special attention - and over time everything is formed.

the Reason also. If your kid began to cry during feeding, to be capricious and gnaw everything that gets to it into a mouth, - means, future teeth disturb him especially strongly. Consult with the pediatrician, and he will advise you the most suitable children`s gum gel. Not only teeth, but also sick ears force the child to refuse to suck not only a breast, but also any pacifier. An exit - it is urgent to treat the baby, giving it the decanted milk from a spoon at this time. Also any pediatrician will tell that the kid can refuse a breast if he often sucked a baby`s dummy - the child gets used to “easy work“ and does not want to work any more, exhausting milk from a breast.

also other causes of failure Are:

incorrect technology of feeding
  • the excited condition of mother
  • a hard breast
  • of a crack on nipples
  • insufficient amount of milk
  • too sweet drink in addition to milk
  • If you found