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Also you will not think up the best gift!

Ya since the childhood liked to nurse with small children: with the little sister, the cousin brother, with neighbour`s kids, so far their mothers did household chores. Therefore I without special work chose to myself a profession and came to medical academy on faculty of pediatrics. Pediatricians not only help kids to cope with the illnesses, but also communicate with them much.

On the second year we had a subject “care of children“. On it we were learned to swaddle correctly babies, to feed them from a small bottle, to bathe. One of our teachers always spoke:“ You were very lucky. You passed free school of motherhood“.

Years of training went, and I wanted most to become a mother more and stronger.

Right after the termination of academy I married on big mutual love. Study behind, in the material plan everything is safe. Therefore we began to think of the kid at once.

But “the person believes

, and God has“. There passed year, the second, and we and have no kids. Began to be examined, passed a lot of doctors, handed over a lot of analyses. Everything is all right.

At work of the colleague at me in turn went to the decree, were interested when at last and I will join their ranks. Relatives too constantly asked the same question concerning kids. As it was heavy to listen to all this. When you try, try, wait every month for days of the beginning monthly (and suddenly, will not begin?) and nothing leaves. I so wanted most to endure all feelings when in you new life, to go to these infinite inspections, to rejoice to each ultrasonography, to buy given for the kid.

to distract from sad thoughts, we got a small fluffy doggie, and gave all the unspent love to it.

Ya went to courses of foreign languages, then to driving lessons. And here, at last, delay 3 days. I thought that because of nerves, but the test for pregnancy everything is bought. The test was inexpensive, for use in the morning. But to suffer till the morning there were no forces. I used it in the evening. At first there was one strip. Again tears... And why I only bought this test?!... In about 10 minutes looked at it again. And... Oh, miracle!! There are two strips!

Ya simply stared in disbelief. Put on and ran in a drugstore. Bought two more tests of other producer. One the most expensive to use at any time. The result was positive again. Then there is no doubt left any more.

It. Also you will not think up the best gift to birthday!! At the husband even the speech power was gone. It was unusually happy!

Now to our sonny 5 months. We happy, close-knit family!