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Vintage evening dresses: how to choose an ideal dress

Vintage evening dresses are popular for many reasons, and, perhaps, main is their uniqueness: such dresses, as a rule, exist in the single copy, and the chance to meet the owner of the same vintage evening dress aspires to zero.

Vintage dresses differ in the highest quality of the materials which worried long decades - and, sometimes materials, it is more nonexistent.

Vintage evening dresses were estimated for a long time by numerous Hollywood stars, celebutantes and icons of fashion. Original vintage dresses from the well-known fashion houses stand very highly, however their copies, as a rule, in respect of the price are much more democratic. Moreover, the vintage wedding dress, for example, will cost far cheaper dresses new.

Vintage call the clothes sewed several decades before - during the period from the twentieth to the eightieth years. Some, however, consider that vintazhy it is possible to call any clothes which are let out not less than 20 years ago. Simple words, any clothes copying style, drawing, fabric cover clothes of bygone days, is called as vintage.

Thanks to such famous fans of vintage style as Julia Roberts, Keith Moss and Chloe Sevinyi, vintage dresses strongly became fashionable. So, for example, at a ceremony of delivery of “Oscars“ of 2009 the actress Penelope Cruz appeared in the vintage dress from Balmain created 8 years ago, however stored for special cases. Besides the popularity of vintage style provided to it with numerous Hollywood stars, the vintage dress speaks about his owner much, reflecting her individual taste.

the Atlas, lace, ruches, womanly cut - the vintage dress in itself can be considered as a true embodiment of beauty.

Vintage dresses are ideally suited for

for any cases - from formal festive events to daily occurrence.


Choosing a vintage dress, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects.

the Choice of a vintage evening dress

Preparation of the list

As a rule, a vintage dress from the well-known fashion house costs rather much; that expensive purchase did not cause disappointment, it is necessary to be prepared for the choice of a dress carefully. For example, to make the list of the most attractive vintage dresses and designers who created them, to pay attention to characteristics of style of this or that era or the period. Besides, choosing the most attractive vintage dress, it is possible to visit several antique shops and shops of vintage clothes, to watch old movies - it will allow to make the opinion on different vintage styles, a cut, color schemes and to choose what approaches most of all.


the Choice

Choosing a dress in vintage style, it is necessary to understand accurately for what case it is bought - depending on whether the vintage dress will be intended for festive events or will fill up daily clothes, style of vintage model can be a miscellaneous. In the Internet - shop or on online - auction it is better to refuse purchase of a vintage dress - before buying a vintage dress, it is necessary to check existence of spots, wear of clothes, need of repair of a product.

One more aspect on which it is worth paying special attention is the size: dimensional systems for last decades considerably changed and, besides, depending on the producer of clothes dimensional designations can vary. It is very difficult to find a vintage dress in a good shape which would approach both on style, and by the size. It is impossible to forget also that parameters of a female body change over time: average values of growth and weight of modern women it is more in comparison with last decades. At last, every era provided a special cut in fashion.

For example, the cut of vintage dresses of the fiftieth years was urged to emphasize first of all a classical silhouette of “hourglasses“ with an underlined waist. For achievement of desirable result the corsets which are dragging away a waist and raising a breast were used. Considering this characteristic of dresses in style of the fiftieth, it is necessary to choose model one size bigger.


the Budget

Before to move off in searches of an ideal vintage dress, it is necessary to determine price borders in advance. Establishing an accurate price framework, it is possible to save time and not to pay attention to the vintage dresses which are more expensive. It will allow to avoid temptations of impulsive shopping and not to cause expensive purchase damage to own budget.

Besides, before buying a vintage dress, it is necessary to know its real cost at least approximately: it is quite logical that in some shops of the price of vintage models can exceed the actual price many times. Auction houses and their catalogs, specialized magazines and books will help to obtain such information.

Finally having decided by

on model, it is necessary to specify transaction conditions at the seller. Some companies guarantee a possibility of return of clothes in case it did not approach, and others offer compensation of the spent means.


Search of a vintage dress is not limited to specialized shops: sometimes the ideal vintage dress can be found, without having spent money in general. The vintage dress of mother or grandmother which is taken in according to a figure of the new owner - worthy alternative to expensive purchase. Besides, it is possible to find the exact copies of vintage dresses of the fortieth, fiftieth and sixtieth years sewed from modern fabrics and standing much cheaper in some shops.

the Vintage wedding dress

For future brides the vintage wedding dress is an ideal way to recreate a romantic image of the past: vintage wedding dresses not only stylish and womanly, but also, unlike modern models, completely unique. Whatever was the wedding - a modest holiday in the bosom of the family or a grandiose celebration - the vintage wedding dress will decorate any bride. The vintage wedding dress allows to solve two problems at once: need to choose the dress not similar to others, and the dress which is ideally supplementing an image of the bride. Besides, the vintage wedding dress has one undoubted advantage: the price is, as a rule, much lower than it, than the price of modern models.

Having decided to go to an altar in a vintage wedding dress, it is necessary to devote much time to searches of that, only ideal dress - to choose the benefit is from what: from vintage wedding dresses of the Victorian era to dresses of the beginning of the seventieth or eightieth.

the Vintage wedding dress allows to make impression without special expenses that the dress was sewed especially for the bride: several additional strokes, small ushivka on a figure in studio - and a vintage wedding dress look as new.


Choosing a vintage wedding dress, it is necessary to check carefully fabric and the general condition of a dress, existence of spots and that, how well the dress approaches on a figure. Even if the vintage dress demands small repair, new seams and even patches can always be disguised jewelry. For repair of a product or an ushivka it is better to address professionals. Besides, it is necessary to remember that the vintage wedding dress cannot be erased independently - easily irreparably to damage a fine fabric.

can Find

a vintage wedding dress in the most different places: shops of cheap vintage clothes, antique shops, on online - auctions, in the Internet - shops, at last, in clothes of the grandmother or mother. In the largest shops of vintage clothes it is possible to find vintage wedding dresses from around the world.

the Vintage dress of the bridesmaid

the Vintage dress of the bridesmaid - ideal addition for a vintage wedding dress. Choosing such dress, it is necessary to be convinced that color and its style correspond to a dress of future bride. Vintage dresses for bridesmaids can be the most different styles which, nevertheless, have to supplement a wedding dress.

the Dress of the bridesmaid has to correspond on style and fabric to a vintage wedding dress or to differ on fabric, but to correspond on style.

the vintage dress is the simplest to choose

for the bridesmaid in the same shop where also the wedding dress was acquired.

As well as a wedding dress, a dress for the bridesmaid can be the most different styles: from a dress of the Victorian era to models of the seventieth and eightieth.

Instead of ordering individual dresses for bridesmaids, it is better to try to find already ready vintage dresses which will cost much cheaper. Each of dresses of bridesmaids has to repeat another in accuracy.

needs to be convinced by

that accessories correspond to a dress - it is impossible to combine a dress in vintage style with modern accessories whatever expensive they were.

the Vintage final dress

the Graduation party - one of the brightest and expected events in life of each girl. The vintage final dress allows not only to create a bright image, but also to be confident that the graduation party will not spoil a similar dress on the best friend. The vintage final dresses of an era of the fiftieth and sixtieth drawing attention in the bright flowers - pink, green, yellow, - and coquettish flower patterns are considered the most popular. Also very womanly vintage dresses from thin chiffon are not less popular. To give to ensemble in vintage style touch-up, it is necessary to choose the corresponding accessories - for example, white gloves, a small hat, vintage jewelry.

Style of a vintage final dress has to correspond to type of a figure and tone of skin.

can Find

a stylish final dress in shops of vintage clothes, the Internet - shops, on online - auctions and in catalogs of the auction companies.

needs to pay special attention to the size: the dress has to be ideally suited on a figure.

the Vintage final dress can be modernized by means of a stylish combination old and new.

a Number of the companies is engaged in production of copies of vintage dresses from modern fabrics; such final dress will cost far cheaper, than original vintage models.

Vintage cocktail dresses

a Variety of vintage cocktail dresses does not concede

to the choice of modern models on style, design, color schemes in anything. Even the classical black cocktail dress sewed several decades ago possesses a special charm of vintage style. The most popular fabrics of vintage cocktail dresses - a crepe, chiffon, silk, a velvet with flower patterns or finishing by lace. The majority of such dresses is suitable not only for a cocktail party, but also for business clothes.


Choosing a vintage cocktail dress, you should not give preference classical black - a variety of color schemes allows to choose ideally suitable model. Both the corresponding vintage accessories, and jewelry in modern style will approach a cocktail dress in vintage style.

Before to buy a vintage cocktail dress, it is necessary to check its state: wear of fabric, existence of spots, convenience of a cut.